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17 Entrepreneurial Mindset And Business Logic (Part 2)

Note: This article is part 2. To be able to understand the content and topic of the article, I suggest that you first read the previous article. Section 1 article, click here: 17 ENTREPRENEURIAL MINDSET and BUSINESS LOGIC (Part #1)

For those who have read article part 1, let's just read the full section below.


It's useless that you invest a substantial business capital of up to 1 million dollars, but when the business is poorly managed, then that much money can 'evaporate' without a trace. It's not the success that will get, but on the contrary, namely loss. "Amsyong!" That's what the Chinese say.

Previous money totaling 1 million dollars could continue to shrink. And finally, there are only 100,000 dollars left.

On the other hand, some people start a business with capital worth 100,000 dollars. But because she was able to manage the business with proper management, (it could be) in 5-8 years later, the money of 100,000 dollars able to continue to grow to be 1 million dollars (maybe even more). This is not an impossible thing to happen, because there is evidence of real people who have managed to get through it. And I know exactly who the person is.

#7. Many people that have been had experience in the trade. Have a capital of 10 thousand dollars; they could create a profit of 2000 dollars every month. In other words, if it's got 100,000 dollars cashflows, then profit 20,000 dollars every month certainly ought can also be obtained. And so on.


If you deposit money to the bank in the amount of 100,000 dollars, then you will only get about 1 thousand dollars every month. Your money becomes worthless if you deposit planting rice that contains pulp.

Therefore, now are many people who are trying to find loopholes. They are looking for ways, to get the results to be far more than the deposit rate. What is the way? There is only one way, namely to become an entrepreneur!

#8. Many large companies, which make S1-S2 (bachelor/graduate) in Indonesia surrender. They are reluctant to become entrepreneurs because they feel they are unable to compete (losing competitiveness in terms of business capital with the big company), so they choose to become employees only.

Really pity, the idealism that must be left killed, or immediately give up.

However, if you are a real businessman, and see the other competitors had strong cash flow and capital, so don't get discouraged. Never forget the snowball phenomenon in business.

What is it?

The point is obvious. As I explained in the previous explanation above, that:

Even if you only have a capital of 1 thousand dollars though, will get a chance increase to 10 thousand dollars, with a record if you manage it correctly and adequately. Remember, the money (read: capital) is merely a tool; it will be able to increase or reduced depending on how you manage it. It all depends on you.

#9. Don't be too busy investigating how much capital your rival. Because that matter instead will make your competitor can beat you.

In fact, without they do it anything (to you).

What is the cause?

Because you're too busy looking at the see you rival, and forget to focus on 'rolling snowballs' (read: advancing/making success) your business.

Remember! Your business 'snowball' will only be able to continue to roll if it is driven by significant effort, focused, and race against time. With all that, your business snowball will be able to grow big and keep rolling fast.

#10. There are several examples of this 'business snowball' phenomenon in Indonesia.


Some people are selling the former newspaper if he is a serious result can ride the Hajj. There are also people who are selling porridge. He to sell diligently, to the extent that willingly open from 6 pm until 11 pm. The results will not betray the efforts. Thanks to tenacity, he could send his son to study to abroad.

There are also people who are selling chips, spicy snacks, munchies, the guy selling fried onions. They are now increasingly creative; their products are packaged into jar plastic, then in the supply to the stalls, cafes, even hotels.

There are also people selling wood shelves and rack for book display. They now supply its products to gramedia (one of the biggest bookstore franchises in Indonesia), supply products to toy stores, etc.

The point is: the more are traders, entrepreneurs, etc.

So, it all goes back to how you manage. Even if your product looks insignificantly, but if you mean it, focused and confident to handle it, then see the results a few years later. How the process of snowball (read: your business) at the beginning of the company only of small ball, finally has now turned into a massive meteor.

If the sale of unprofitable peanut snacks, then perhaps you will not be able to find the peanut snacks in supermarkets. But in fact, that 'insignificantly' products were strewn everywhere. Want to brand elephants, sunflowers, and more. Everything is available. So, selling the products do you,,,.,,? 😊

#11. Be creative (don't like to imitate others). How strongly do you want to be the same as your competitors?.

Do you think you are the same as a photocopy machine?

Even the date of birth, it's different. The shape of the face is also different. What's more about personality, it's much more complicated. Now, how can you 'copy and paste' other people to match you?

Every human has a mind, creativity, emotions, and ideas that are indeed different. Therefore, try to find and explore your potential and talents. Then you keep sharpening it so that finally you can have skills that are unique and not owned by your competitors.

How about being inspired?

Inspired of course it's okay, however, take part outline only. Grab the best, either side of the figure that you admire or from your competitors. Then you adaptation and develop by skill and your way.

#12. There are implied: if one business is a great success, then (tend to) 'turn off' 10 other business sectors (because not manage). Or on the contrary, if one is successful, then the additional ten also brought success.

Of course, if there is no conflict of interest that you met in it, then use just the way you are each in enlarging the snowball your business. Because the 'law is implied,' it is true there are, but there is an exception for people who are looking for a clever way. And he's smart and observant when searching for gaps between thick walls. Be Creative!

#13. Businessman/entrepreneur who is excellent it can survive of the Decade for the Decade.

So it's not assessed of what you have already showcased to people (from your efforts). There is no point in pacing around to and fro, but your business is a dairy cow to fulfill your glamorous lifestyle. Dare you guarantee, that your business will still exist in 10 years next? Are you sure?
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#14. You always shout that your capital is small, so you are not able to move. Still reasoned: "no capital," "lack of capital," etc. So you believe when you have significant capital, then automatically you will be successful as you imagine?

The capital increase means the addition on workload, increased working hours, increased effort, the addition of the bustle, the addition of customers, the addition of deposit, increased activity, etc. So better just completed your capital activities 10 thousand dollars first (example). Everything must be via a ladder of the process, stages, nothing is instant.

#15. You ever see the conglomerate, or the child large conglomerate when opening the business? Remember: don't make them as your standard.

They get used to direct pour out funds hundreds of millions, billions, maybe even tens to hundreds of billions. They already had experience. Don't forget; it could be that it is their 10th business branch. So already in the carefully estimate by their risk management. Even though if the failed project, they still have a remainder 9 'the bullet' again.

So, for those of you who still pioneer business 1st or 2nd, of course, you have to step in to take care of your business. Don't take part in using a method like a prominent tycoon/businessman, because that's not your capacity.

Because when the tycoon is already funding for 1 billion Dollars (example), so the business will able to roll the snowball. Can be such a worth increase to 5 billion Dollars even more (estimated). Thus they got dared to pay people to take into account everything. In order not to misstep, still the bottom line must continue to see the development, expansion, growth, and the enlargement of its business. And they have to calculate the interests as much detail as possible so that cash flow is not shrinking 1 millimeter even when the snowball begins to run.

#16. The essence of the entrepreneur, self-employed, or merchants, it's almost the same. That is to "try what before it does not exist, and they become available."

What is the meaning "to try what before it does not exist, then become available?"

Yeah! No need for further ado, because the answer is clear. That is cash flow and rounds of money in the 'flywheel' game of business, business, trade, and other buying and selling activities.

If at the beginning of setting up a business you 'played $ 1,000 worth of money, can it now grow to $ 10,000?

If you then start playing for $ 10,000, can you make the business capital continue to grow to $ 100,000?

Yes, it turns out you can.

Then you start playing for $ 100,000, can the next few years 'snowballing' of your business grow to $ 500,000?

That is soon.

Well, if you play 100 million cash flow, and you want to get a part of your business's work worth 10-20 million, agree? Yes! Deal ... !!! 😁

My self (author) is also a businessman. And it feels like I've never seen a businessman accustomed to playing at $ 100,000, suddenly he wants to play at $ 10,000.

If I had been used to playing at $ 100,000 since a long time ago, and until now still playing at the figure of $ 100,000, I am sure has felt a little stressed.

What is the cause?

Because what I experienced has violated the snowball law (which must continue to roll). In other words: my business is stagnant!

What's worse, if when you start a business worth $ 100,000, at the end of the company you enter into a $ 10,000 debt. What are you doing, man? 😂 Do you still believe in the 'law of snowball' in business?
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# 17. This is the final part of all the points above. No matter how hard you try, and no matter how sophisticated your business skills and knowledge are, then don't forget to 'trade' in your afterlife.

Set aside part of your assets by giving charity / social and humanitarian funding. Because that's what you will bring to the hereafter later.

If this final part has been successful you do it; then you have been lucky because you have succeeded in life in the world and also in the hereafter.

(Note: this last part is according to the perspective of a Muslim, but if you have another religion and also agree to this section, then I will accept it with pleasure).

Thus 17 Highly Recommended Business Mindset And Logic For Entrepreneurs.

Good luck to all of you.
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