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Review Of Toys Business, Prospects, And Various The Benefits

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hello friends. How are you? I hope everything will be fine. Let's discuss the toy business, prospects, and various benefits.


This toy business I have been in for about eight years (since 2010). Therefore, I am quite aware of the ins and outs of this business.

This business opportunity is excellent, as evidenced by the proliferation of people who open this toy business everywhere, ranging from urban centers to the suburbs.

In my observations, currently in the buffer zone of Jakarta capital such as Tangerang, Serang, Pandeglang, Cibinong, Bogor and various other areas have opened new toy stores.

As the saying goes: "where there is sugar, there must be ants." Similarly, a field of business.

Logically, the phenomenon of increasingly mushrooming this toy business certainly have the reason, that is because more and more people who know about the good prospects of this toy business.

Yes! The toy business is an excellent business opportunity, and its development is also quite fast. 

If the toy business is not good prospects, it is unlikely many people are trying their luck in this line of business. Right or not?

Well, I will try to describe the advantages of this toy business in detail one by one.

The advantages of toy business include:

# 1. This business is 'immortal' all the time.

The primary market target for the toy business is obvious: the children ( from 3 - 10 years). And according to the birthrate data from the Central Bureau of Statistics, each year the birth rate of infants in Indonesia always rises on average in the range of 1.49%.

Until the end of 2015, as data from the page shows the number of births in Indonesia touched 4,880,951 people/year.

The high rate of baby birth (which will become the toddler), will undoubtedly be excellent market potential for this type of business.

At the stage when children are still toddlers, most parents tend to spoil their children, especially in couples who have only 1 - 2 children.

Mostly in young couples, very fond of shopping for their toddlers, the important thing is: their children are happy. (I take this conclusion based on the experience from my toy store customer). ☺

And do you know?

Target toy business market is not only children but also some adults. Try it you see in the group of collectors Hot wheels, Diecast metal and the Action figure (or other hobby-type toys) in social media. The average member is consists of adults. ☺

# 2. The toy business is never dead / expired.

Suppose my toy store has packed a lot of products today. And stock the product is stored in a time long enough to 5-10 years to come. Can you trust me? "That toys still can be sold!"

Even later, the price can be more expensive than the current price. What is the cause? Because the toy already changed into an antique toy!

That's the advantage of the toy business!

Very much different when compared to some other type of business. Examples such as clothing business, smartphone or all categories of goods that always follow the fashion and trend.

In the above three business examples, we can not put in too many products because it would be risky to be a product that is difficult to sell because it is outdated.

# 3. The percentage of profits is quite large.

Perhaps some of you are asking: "Why toy business profit can be bigger? And what differentiates it from other business types?".

Okay, so here's the explanation.

We can take a big margin/profit in this business because the toy business are very many types of the products. Model and variety of toys are also always changing at any time. Especially on toy production from China and local (made in Indonesia). Like the toy played manually.

Well, for toys like this, the type and model is very much. The various!

So, because of the type and model so much, so the buyers can not memorize ('mark') the standard price of a toy product. The toys traders in Indonesia often mention with the term: "blind price!". Well, therein lies the 'it's delicious.' hehe 😄

What is the cause? Because we can play the price. We can open a high price offer. So, even if there are among buyers who like to bargain with low rates, we can still get a pretty good margin, because the product has high bidding.

Which is more 'savory' again if we can have customers from among the rich. Usually, rich people do not like bargains that are too complicated. When shopping, they typically choose products, pay, and leave. If you can have many types of customers like this, whoaa steady! hehe :)

Maybe there will be more among you who ask: "What percentage is usually the margin taken in the toy business?"

Hmm, for now, I take a margin of about 50% - 75% on each product in my toy store.

So if the basic capital of a toy 100.000 Rupiah, then I make banderol about 175.000 rupiahs. If later there are buyers who bid, I can give the fitting price to 150.000 Rupiah.

There are exceptions to specific products, namely the type of toys that have been marketed. The characteristics of this product: usually, the product is well known, so the standard average price already many people know. One example is the collection of Hot wheels toys products.

Well on this type of Hot wheels toys cannot be 'played' anymore the price. What is the cause? Because the price market for that product is 'clear'!

Other examples are Gundam toys, Drone (camera), RC Helicopter, RC drift 4WD and others.

# 4. The development of toy business including fast.

Do you know the Asemka market?

If any of you who ever travel as a tourist to Indonesia, and then a visit to this Asemka market, then surely you already know that this market is one of the commercial centers of children's toys in Indonesia.

However, you may not know that Asemka market (now widely recognized as the most prominent wholesale center for children's toys), was once the wholesale center of textile products and stationeries.

But since the mid-90s, more and more textile and stationery traders have turned their profession into wholesale toys trader. Especially at this time, about 90% Asemka market area is already filled with a grocery store children's toys.

Textile and stationery wholesalers (which used to be ever prominent in the 80s) just a little left until now. But the location of the textile wholesalers has been displaced in the edge of Asemka market area.

Well, what factors are causing almost all traders there to switch profession into a toy businessperson? The answer already I have explained very clearly on the 3 points above! ☺

Just look at the other side of Jakarta, that is the market area of Gembrong Jakarta east. In the past, before the year '98, Gembrong market area is a home resident. Well, since there are residents there who started toy business (beginning in the 2000s), then the business of children's toys began to 'plague the region. And now the Gembrong market area has been turned into one of the commercial toy centers for east Jakarta area.

Sssttt ,,, Did you know?

In the past, under the 2000s, my family profession was just a tailor (father), and my mother's 'profession' was just as a housewife. But since the early 2000s, my mother tried her luck by selling a variety of children's toys on the street vendors, precisely in the parking lot of PB school foundations. General Soedirman, East Jakarta's Cijantung area.

That is where the beginning of the steps and success of My family business. My mother's toy business was very selling, so in 2007, mother's saving was enough to open a toy shop in Condet area of East Jakarta.

It turned out that my mother's toy store business was progressing so fast that 6 of her children (including me as the eldest) also chose the same profession, the toy store businessman until now.

So, I want to give you a little advice: if any of you are planning to open a business, then choose a toy business!

As long as the techniques and strategies of doing business are right, the information is quite adequate (such as information where cheap wholesale shopping), and also supported by skill/experience, chances are your toy business will succeed!

Well, that's some explanation of the various advantages and excellent prospects in the toy business. I have written so entirely and every detail in this article.

Until here first you friends, soon will undoubtedly connect with the latest article whose contents are still related to the topic of discussion in this article, Coming soon. ☺

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Good luck always for you all.
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