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The Airsoft Gun, Sports Toys, And Good Business, But Has Banned In Indonesia


(One of my Airsoft gun units)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

On 15/11 // 2015 hundreds of airsoft gun have been seized by a team of subdib jatanras ditreskrimun Regional Police Metro Jaya from several sellers.

According to the police, this seizure is done to anticipate the misuse of organic firearms. (source: media

Two years earlier (on 8/15/2013) police officers also seized airsoft gun. Among them are 33 of airsoft gun type barrel length, and 124 of revolver type.

Officers have also secured five suspects who are the owners of the airsoft gun shop.

Two of the suspects have an airsoft gun store located in modern shopping mall Senayan City, Central Jakarta.

While three other suspects have an airsoft gun store located in the city of Depok, West Java. (source: media

Thus the news quotes I took from 2 national media in Indonesia.

Yeah! Airsoftgun sports toys have been officially banned for public use in Indonesia. This toy should only be used in the shooting sports arena.

And the user of this sporting weapon must have an official firing license from the Indonesian Shooter Union (PERBAKIN). And the seller of this shooting sport should also have an official import license from the Indonesian state police!

This rule is bad news, especially for toy business entrepreneurs.

What is the cause?

Because in practice to conduct raids, the police generalize all kinds of airsoft toys. This means the type of airsoft gun spring toys (using the power from the wire) also seized though it's just a child's toy weapon and not included in the category of dangerous toys.

Well, what are the factors that trigger these raids?

Factors behind the raids and the prohibition of this sports weapon, triggered by the misuse of airgun by some people who are not responsible.

Airgun misuse occurred in 2013. At that time a branch head of BRI Bank in Central Sulawesi area was shot from close range by using an airgun. As a result, shooting victims had to be rushed to the hospital to treat her injuries.

Other incidents have also occurred in the area of ​​Depok, West Java. This incident stems from the occurrence of mutual racing on the highway of Depok area. One of the riders was annoyed and finally shot his opponent's windshield by using the airgun.

There were other incidents. Because feel annoyed his car was blocked by city transport, so a child entrepreneurs shoot the face of the city transport drivers using an airgun. He also pulls the glass of that city transport until it broke.

Well, because of all these incidents, finally trigger the enactment of the emergency law No. 12 / DRT / 1951 about the rules of ownership of firearms.

Since then, has been a lot of foreclosure of guns these shooting sports. Raids intensively conducted against toy stores that sell airsoft gun. Based on the information I quoted at the mass media, stores that are exposed to the confiscation of existing in Senen, Asemka and Depok areas.

However,,,,, there is a question that intrigued me, that is:

"Is the same between the airsoft gun with the airgun?!"

The answer: very much different!

But in the implementation of the raids, why is everything in the same level between the airsoft gun with an airgun?

In fact, in conducting raids, officers often confiscate everything. Officers do not want to know and do not care whether the weapon in it is indeed dangerous (airgun), or only airsoft gun toys that powered wire (per/spring) and the plastic bullet.

Everything is confiscated! 😨😩😤

The airgun is indeed dangerous, because the bullet is made of round metal, and its power source is CO2 gas. This gun can break a glass bottle and pierce the zinc plate.

I agree if this airgun is confiscated and disciplined. Because this weapon is quite dangerous and can hurt someone, and for those who abuse it (for criminal purposes), it is necessary to be followed up and given appropriate punishment.

However, please do not equate the airsoft gun with the airgun. Because the airsoft gun only works for entertainment for sports shooting enthusiasts. Generally, members of the shooting sports community are very obedient to the code of conduct and all the rules.

Thus, it is highly unlikely a member of the community/user of the airsoft gun misuses his or her sporting weapon. Because if there is who abuses, then that will be the bet is the name of the club/community. What are the consequences? Yes, it is certain the good name of their community to be wrong!

The Airsoft is very much different from its firepower with the airgun. Airsoft gun when fired from close range to someone, then only cause a bruise. But when the airgun is shot from close range, what happens? Very dangerous! Because the firepower can penetrate a person's skin!

That's the most striking difference between airsoft gun and airgun!

Therefore, it is shocking, if the officer generalizes the airsoft gun with the airgun. Moreover, if sentenced airsoft gun into a dangerous toy weapon and equalized with airgun or firearm. Hellowwww 💃 Are you kidding me?

But what can be done, I'm just a toy trader and the commoners. We must comply with the policy set by the authorities. They have the power to enact legislation. As for us, they are shooting enthusiasts, and toy merchants have no choice but to comply.

Thus,,,,,, inevitably, must be accepted, although the regulation is very bitter for us toy entrepreneurs.

What is the cause?

Because this airsoft gun sports is a good business and has an up-and-coming prospect!

What is the reason this airsoft gun business has good prospects?

Because this sporting weapon has vast margins and profits (I can set a margin of up to 100% for a rare edition airsoft gun).

Also, this sporting weapon is also very much the fans! So this product is very selling well in the market at that time, from 2010 until 2014 (before the prohibition regulations issued by the authorities in 2015).

My toy store business can 'snowball efect; one of the supporting factors is thanks to the result of the advantages of selling this airsoft gun toy. The vast profits I got during those four years. At that time my toy store can get an average turnover of 10 million to 15 million rupiahs per day, with a profit margin of 50-80%!

(Note: exchange rate 1 Dollar: 14,000 Rupiah)

What do you think? An up-and-coming business is not it?

However,,,, a thousand times dear, this sports toy has now been banned in Indonesia!

Yes,,,, all the sweet stories above, it now only memories,,,,,,,,,,

Currently, the rules on airsoft gun have been tight! Since two years ago none of the distributor and wholesalers dared to sell this airsoft gun toy again. They are afraid to provide and sell this product, as it will risk being seized by the authorities.

Hopefully someday this sports toy is allowed to circulate back. That's all my hope and all the other toy traders.

Thus writing this time I write, to share the experience with you all.

Good luck is always for you.
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