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Your Online Store Ideas and Strategies Emulated by Competitors? Don't Worry! Here 7 The Reasons

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hello friends.

I see some things are quite intriguing. In some business forums (the e-commerce community as well as the Facebook thread), some sellers often complained about the competitors that imitate their online store ideas and strategies. 

They feel anxious if their ideas, techniques, and strategies imitated so that it will threaten the existence and future of their online store.

Well,,,, if you are also an online businessman, and also happen to experience the same conditions as they are above, then:

What is the best attitude that you have to do to deal with this phenomenon? Should be faced with excessive anxiety?

In my opinion (author), if you experience the same conditions like that, then do not respond with to excessive anxiety.

What is the reason?

Because, if excessive anxiety continues, it will be detrimental to your own business. You are too anxious and always oversee the strategies implemented by your competitors. So you become no longer focused on managing and advancing your business.
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Therefore, if competitors copy your online store ideas and strategies, the most appropriate attitude you take is:

Your Online Store Ideas and Strategies Emulated by Competitors Don't Worry! Here The Seven Reasons.

If competitors copy your online store ideas and strategies, don't worry too much! Here 7 the reasons:

#1. The only person who can emulate 100% of your business ideas, techniques and strategies are yourselves.

Maybe other people can copy your business strategies and creative ideas, but they can't imitate up to 100%. The most they can imitate is only around 10% - 25%.

Why can't they copy everything?

Because the creative idea only produced from the essence of the experience of the seller himself. The results of from various experiment (self-taught learning).

So, if other sellers often imitate, then he only can imitate the 'outer skin' part. While the core part of an idea (and your creativity), will never be able to they emulate.

# 2. The core (most important) part of your business secrets and strategy, of course, only you know.

Actually, in the virtual world (internet) the affairs of copy paste, plagiarism, imitate, etc. will certainly always be there, in any field! Examples such as in the world of blogging.

Well so also with the world of online business, (usually) that is often imitated is a competitor's business strategy. And you cannot forbid your competition. 

What is the cause? 

Because the internet is a 'free zone.' After all, your ideas, strategies, and ways of doing business have not been 'patented' right? ☺

Except, if you have written that your idea and strategy into an article or e-book. And the article/e-book has patented to a competent institution protects digital copyright (DMCA premium).

Well, it turns out later, someone else copied without your permission and claimed that it was his work.  If this is the case, then you can sue the copyist to the digital work protection agency (DMCA) so that the claim deleted.

But what if the copycat steals your idea? Then, of course, you cannot sue it. Because he only imitates your methods and strategies.

As far as I know, there is no particular institution that 'protects' an idea. Do any of you know?

Why is there no 'protection' for idea?

Yes, of course, there is none, because the idea is abstract. After all, the most original idea lies only in our head (mind). Well, can other people imitate and know all the contents (concepts) in your head? of course not!

#3. So, don't worry! Because you are the original owners of original ideas! You have full control and can continue to develop them 'wildly.'

Friends, you can understand the point?

It's as simple as this,,,,, When the imitators were still busy observe the ideas you had created before. Meanwhile, you continue to move quickly to create other new ideas (which they don't know at all).

So that, until whenever imitators will never be able to compete or defeat you. This is like an expression; impossible be the same between 'genuine products with fake products.'

Next,,,,, when competitors are still busy imitating your old ways and strategies, you have quietly moved quickly to create new business techniques, methods, and approaches. You are developing wildly!

And,,,, when competitors begin to observe your new ways and strategies, then you have surpassed them even further. Of course, you are increasingly racing and moving forward with your latest other ideas and plans. And so on!

So their position (competitor) will never be equal to yours. Forever they will only become imitators! No creativity!

This discussion seems more and more interesting. To be more transparent and easier to understand, let's continue the conversation.

Keep looking at the scheme at the next point below.

#4. You must always continue to innovate without stopping.

Try it to think for a moment:

- Does the copycat have the same activities as you?

- Does the copycat have the same time, skill and capital as you?

- Does the copycat have the same level as you?

- Does the copycat have the same creativity as you?

As I said in point number two above==> that most understanding with the strategies and secrets of your business, of course only yourself. Yes! You are the best! And you have the full ability to continue to create the latest ideas/strategies!

Example; if there are your competitors who imitate (raw) ways in your online store. Are starting from the way you make product descriptions, your style of advertising, to the photos of your products. Must you be angry?

My advice is; let, ignore it!
Even if competitors copy almost all parts of your online store? What should be your attitude?

Again my advice; ignore it!


Yeah! Because you can't prevent all of that! This is a virtual world/internet bro. Hehe ☺

Remember one thing: A factor that makes competitors always imitate on your strategies and ways, in fact, because they are amazed by your ideas. Logically, if your idea isn't good, then it's impossible for them always to imitate and follow all of your ways. It makes sense, right? ☺

Now, how a smart way to deal with them?

The smart way to deal with it is:

Because the most original ideas stored in your head, then you always have full control to develop them wildly. So that they (the competitors) will still be behind your position.

The scheme is as below:

Indra created the idea of ​​'A.'

Then came Udin (the competitor) imitate the idea of ​​'A' created by Indra.

When Udin was still busy imitate the idea of ​​'A,' now Indra continued to move wildly creating new ideas 'B,' 'C,' 'D,' even to the idea of ​​'Z' which could not be overtaken by the Udin.

As a result, the initial idea of ​​'A' created by the Indra was outdated and left behind.

When Indra so quickly continued to make the latest ideas and strategies to 'Z,' the Udin was still busy struggling and circling in the long-stale 'A' idea.

Even though the Udin then 'realized' that there had been a 'B' idea, but he still found it difficult to catch up with Indra, because Indra had left him too far.

Therefore: imitators and copy makers will never be able to position themselves with original ideas!

Why is that?

Because; the original idea owner has full control of all the 'wild ideas' that continue to exist in his head! That is impossible for the alias imitator Udin to have!

#5. It is crucial to always have creativity in doing business online. Fresh and original ideas should still be in your head.

As I explained in the scheme above, the uniqueness of each Owner's idea is indeed the primary key to success in the online store that you manage.

It's okay if be inspired, but don't overdo it until you try to imitate others 'rawly.'

Because of what?

Because; the effect can be fatal! (turning off creativity).

In my (author) opinion; entrepreneurship is thinking art! Creativity!

Including in online business, try to create your ideas. Because if you are accustomed to training ourselves with creative ideas, then your business intuition will naturally be honed.

As millennial generation say now; Try to be a trendsetter, don't be a follower! Try to make pioneers, not imitators!

The pioneer; Sure! is always at the forefront. And imitators? Yes, the name is an imitator, of course, it's that his position is still/always behind. Right? ☺

So, which one do you want to choose? Yes! Of course, choose the pioneer! Hehe. ☺

#6. Let the competitors continue to imitate because it will make them always behind yours.

As I have repeatedly said above, the most understanding the strategies and secrets of your business, of course only yourself. So, let it be the imitators keep busy with their imitate. 

Did you know?

If competitors continue to imitate/observe every idea, way, and strategy of your business, then it will benefit you.

What is the cause?

Because it makes them (competitors) have no creative ideas (they always depend on your ideas). Besides, the pace of their business is slow, because their time has spent on overseeing your business. 

As I explained in the scheme above, when you creating the idea 'A,' then they come imitating it. When they haven't finished copying it, you have succeeded in creating the idea of 'B,' 'C,' 'D.'

When they (competitor) 'just' catch up and start imitating the idea of 'B,' you have succeeded in jumping further creating the idea of 'H,' I, 'J,' 'K,' 'L,' 'M.' And so on until 'Z.'

So, if you want your business to be always ahead, then let competitors imitate your business!! With the provision of==>> you must continue to move further with 'wild ideas,' and other your creativities. 

#7. In conclusion, the original strategies and ideas are the principal holders for success!

Let take an easy example: like seasoning in a Chinese restaurant. The types of ingredients maybe are the same, but the concoctions are different!

Well, the delicacy of taste in a Chinese restaurant depends on the expertise of the restaurant owner in concocting spices. Now, can anyone imitate the concocting? Of course not!

Another example is Padang restaurant. (Padang is one of the tribes in Indonesia that is famous for its taste of cuisine - author).

It is common knowledge that the first Owner (Haji Bustaman) from a famous Padang restaurant like the Simple Restaurant, not all concoction recipes are notified to the restaurant or franchise branch.

At most, only 75% of the spices concoction is who notified, the other 25% just the first owner who knows the mixture of the secret ingredients.

The most know about the secret details of spices at the Padang restaurant, only the owner. Namely the original owner of the Padang restaurant.

So, never worry if your online store ideas and strategies are copied and imitate by competitors.

Does anyone want to imitate? No need to worry? Hehe. ☺

Hopefully, it can always be useful for you all.

Yunita Saya seorang ibu rumah tangga yang gemar menulis.

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