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I'm Almost CRAZY! (A Short story)

 I'm Almost CRAZY! (A Short story)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Arrrrggghhhh !!!! My screams were blaring in my room.

Yesterday has failed my engagement with Andi. It turned out that my fiancee had an affair and impregnated my own best friend.

And I never believed, why my best friend also betrayed me. Why did all this have to happen to me? Why??

I, Andi and Rini are three best friends.

The three of us have been best friends since high school.

After graduating from school, Rini then continued her studies in Australia.

While me and Andi received at one of the top universities in Jakarta.

Andi is quite handsome.
Secretly, I've fallen in love with him since high school.

And when I noticed from the gesture of the body Rini and her gaze to Andi, implying a sign that Rini also likes Andi.

In high school Andi quite popular.
Besides being handsome, he was also athletic and basketball champion. A charm that can conquer the hearts of all teenage girls.

When in high school, the three of us were just friends. There was some unwritten rule between the three of us. Each of we assumes that friendship can be broken because of the romantic relationship.


Although we were determined to be friends, often accidentally I see Andi was watching me, sometimes he also often noticed Rini. Likewise with Rini and I also often secretly look at Andi.

For the affairs of the heart sometimes humans are hypocritical. The eye gesture and body gesture between us implies a sign.

A love triangle!

During college my relationship with Andi more familiar.

Suddenly, in the third year of college Andi expressed his love for me.

I cannot refuse it. 

After we finished college, Andi came to my house. He went to my mother and immediately proposed to me.

My father had died a year ago because of illness.

My mother immediately accepted Andi's as her son-in-law. Just as I that could not refuse the declaration of his love, so did my mother who had no reason to reject Andi's. Because, in addition to having long enough to know Andi, my mother also has long hoped that I immediately get a mate.

I'm 27 years old, deserved to get for married. So when I get a mate, it can be a little lighten my mother's as single parents. Mother can be more focused to take care of Ridho, my young brother who was seven years old.

Suddenly I got a phone call from my old friend, Rini!

Rini has returned to Indonesia because her studies in Australia have been completed. She asked me to hold a reunion. 

I was very happy to hear it and immediately tell to Andi.

The reunion was held at my house.

At that time Rini came to bring gifts souvenier, drinks, and chocolate from Australia. All those prizes were placed in the guest room.

The three of us chatted in the middle room, remembering back to the past when we were in high school.

"Assalamualaikuuum,,,,," came the voice of greeting from my little brother.

As usual, in the middle of the day, the times my little brother came home from school.

"Waalaikum salam" the three of us answered the greeting in unison.

"Eeeeeh Ridho already is back from school huh! Well, you're a big boy now! "Rini cheers as she hugged my young brothers.

Ridho is just grinning. 

"Oh yeah,  I bring a souvenir from Australia for you. Wait a minute!" Rini exclaimed as she hurried to the living room.

Not long afterward Rini returned with a look of wonder and asked, "why this souvenir is open huh? It looks like someone has already eaten it? ".

I immediately turned to look at my younger brother who suddenly disappeared and sprinted.

"Ridhoooo! Your bad habits still never change! Embarrassing! ".

Rini just smiled at the sight of my little brother behavior.

The atmosphere on that day we passed with great fun.

But somehow, since that time I see, there is an odd between Andi and Rini.

When I went to visit Andi's house or Rini's house, I always see them both.

Andi is seeing me less and less, making the atmosphere even more strange. Lately, his attitude has changed considerably. Andi is very cold to me. I begin to suspect.

It turned out that my suspicions were right!

Three months later Rini suddenly came to my house. She said frankly while prostrating apologetically to me. She has been pregnant by Andi. And Andi has disappeared!

Like was struck by lightning in broad daylight, I stood transfixed with lips and hand shivering. I do not know what to say. Between anger, hate, resentment, and sadness, it all mixed up inside me.

Since then, I've often locked myself. Feeling depressed, I became lazy work. I also usually do not go into the office; eventually, I fired from a job.

The world feels crumbling for me.

My mothers were lately more silent. It implied a deep sadness on her face because of the failure of my engagement. Seeing the mother's condition, made my heart more sad and worse.

Only Ridho, my little brother the only one who often cheer me up with his cheerfulness. Ridho is the one who usually accompanies me into the room. He's also the one who knocks on my door if I wake up late.

Time goes on and a year has passed. Nothing has changed. Everything is still bleak to me.

My mother has offered me another prospective husband many times. As a replacement for Andi. But,,,, I don't know why,,, the more be introduced a man, even make my heart more closed.

The trauma was too massive and very gripping into my soul.

I'm afraid!!

Uncertainty about the future is like a ghost that is so scary in my mind. I'm afraid my future husband would not be able to accept me like this. I'm depressed, and that's what always haunt me.

My mother the more sadness see my situation,,,,,,,,,,,,......,,,,...,,,,,,

I started to consume secretly (,,,,,,,,,,,). (Note: If u know what I mean, I can't write it because it is prohibited by Google - Author).

But the serenity is only for a moment. After the effects (,,,,,,,,,,,) were gone, the scary specter and of that shadow past came back again to me; I was almost crazy !!!

"Sister,,,,, you why the hell,,,,?" Asked my little brother with a sorrowful face.

I can only stare at him blankly. With a thin smile, I reach my favorite younger brother's hand and hug tightly, "I'm still okay Ridho,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

Two years went by,,,,,,.

I have been treated regularly by a psychiatrist. Incidentally, that psychiatrist was my mother's friend. Every week that psychiatrist always come to manage and provide therapy to me.

I'm getting increasingly drowned in my room.

Sometimes, I feel like I'm in another world. I begin to think often to immediately to 'finish' my crumbling life, but I always remembered my little brother and mother. I'm confused and getting almost insane!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Arrrrggghhhh !!!! I could not stand anymore! My screams were blaring in my room.

I have poured a liquid into a cup. The liquid that can remove all my life burden in just a few minutes. I want to go forever,,,,,,,, .....,. ,,. ,,,,

I sat in a chair. Elbows rest on a small table near my room door. The base of palms restrained chin. I sat for a long time staring at the contents of the glass.

It was 12:30 noon.

Every time I want to reach the glass, I thought back to my mother and brother. If I go, then will who take care of my mother who is old, and also who will take care of my little brother who is still a child???

Quite a long time I was pensive. I then decided to move slowly and away from that table and the glass. Then slammed my body into the mattress with the position of the body face down. My tears flowed very swiftly, crying silently.

"Sister Tina,,,,,,,,,,,,,"

Suddenly there was a voice that I have known very well!

Very quickly I gasp because suddenly there was something I remembered.

I turned quickly.

,,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,, ,,,

There was a staggering figure with trembling lips and a pale face holding a glass.

Ridhooooooooo !!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Short story, by Izal.
Bang izal
Bang izal Saya Seorang Praktisi Bisnis Mainan. Sangat hobi menulis dan suka berdiskusi. Saya ingin sekali saling berbagi ilmu, dan pengalaman, dengan teman-teman semua melalui blog ini.

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