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Say Thanks To Your Detractors!

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

In this world, there are various traits and character of human, but in broad outline, there are two groups:

#First class.

Some people humble (low profile), likes to ease the affairs, a good prejudice, and do not want to complicate the problem/not wish to exaggerate the problem.

As for the problem / small error, he prefers to forgive it, not made convoluted.

If rebukes others, he uses gentle words.

In short, this first-class person is a person who likes to give apologize (tolerance and forgive) to others.

#The second class.


This second type is the person who likes to make complicated a problem.

He always anxious and want still to be considered. Prejudiced, tendentious (fussy) and likes to look for blame of others.

All the bad qualities of this person, there is a cause. That is the feeling the degree of himself above average than others (feel more knowledgeable, feel influential, etc.).

During the life of this world, I hope you are included in number # 1. Make yourself a positive person. And always busy preparing for your future success. Be you someone who has never been nosy to other people.

If you want to advise others, say it with gentle words.

Surely your life will always be full of luck.

Your soul will feel wider, your heart will be calm, and people will like you.

You do not have to worry whether others have shown respect for you or not. Because you know it will only waste your energy, time and mind alone. What is the cause? Because that respect cannot be forced on others. 

Respect is a gift!

And will be given by others depending on how your attitude and behavior.

So that if you beg for respect, others may become nauseated and lose their sense of respect for you. If you are someone who deserves respect, in your silence, anybody else will still respect you!

There is no need to ask the attention of others so that you are respected.

Have you known?

That other person not only have ears, but they also have eyes, thoughts, feelings, judgments, and calculations that also observe the compatibility between our speech and behavior.

Therefore, it (is recommended) that we do not have to talk a lot, a good speaking or keep silent.

Well, what if after you are busy fixing yourself. You have also been busy preparing for your future success. And you are a person who never nosy to others!

But (strangely enough) still some people like to criticize you. A criticism that based only on assumptions and prejudices.

Do not be sad! Precisely you should thank them!

The reason?

Because unknowingly the person has triggered you into a better person! So say 'thank you' for all 'his services'!

When he insults and demeans you without a basis/proof, it will still be right for you.


Because all these have made you busy to continue to improve yourself!

And because you are busy fixing yourself, so you no longer have time to look for someone else's fault. That is what ultimately makes you successful. Because naturally you no longer like to waste time on useless things.

There have been many examples and evidence, namely people who eventually became successful (because others very often mocking them). The ridicule becomes a whip for them to be better.

They are often considered to have no ability and have no future. But it's all a whip to be a challenge for them.

There is a story.

I have an old friend. His name is Andi.

Andi was formerly a poor people, even to eat alone cannot afford. Sometimes eat only once a day.

This friend was once a street vendor.

She is very diligent and loves to help her mother.

Andi has long aspired to succeed in his business.

He has attempted many to business. And he has often failed in business, but he never gave up. Although often fail, but he still keeps trying.

Andi is very diligent and hardworking. But he has constraints on the authorized capital of a business.

Yeah! He does not have significant capital because he is a poor man. Also, he also experienced many constraints of moral support. No one person supports him. They like to mock and demean him. Well as I mentioned in the opening of the article above, the Andi is often underestimated, considered incapable, considered to have no future, is supposed not going to be successful, and so forth.

But my friend was unyielding! All of that does not tear down his spirit. Precisely gets bigger and bigger! Increasingly underestimated, makes he feels challenged to prove his ability.

About the absence of capital does not make him lose his mind.

How does he do it?

He is very consistent collecting the money from his results business. That is the net money during trading in the night market. (Note: Andi is one of my colleagues when trading in the night market).

Because of the consistency and persistence, finally, several years later have successfully collected money from the savings. Well, results from the savings used for initial capital to open a business.

With full of enthusiasm and full of confidence he continues to develop his business.

The longer he the business increasingly grows.

Finally, after ten years, my friend succeeded in having several children's toy shops in the East Jakarta Condet area.

The ideals he had long dreamed of before, finally now really can be realized.

He's very successful!

Now he can help set up a house and shop for her mother. He also helped provide a capital loan for his siblings to open a toy business.

All that success he can achieve after a lot of insult, blemish, and ridicule from those who belittle him!

So what conclusions can we take?

People whose lives are always full of obstacles will make him far more creative than those whose lives are still always 'smooth and flat.'

Later on, Andi finally is grateful because it was all the bitterness that educated and galvanized him to be successful, independent, mature and qualified in his field!
So, do not forget: say 'thank you' to your detractors!

I hope this story can be useful. If you feel this article is helpful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be beneficial for your other colleagues.
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