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Wandering To The City Of Padang (My Story)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres dari artikel ini

The photo below is a memory when I am working and 'wandering' to the city of Padang.

I am working in the workshop belongs to my uncle. Year period 2007-2009.

Me and My Uncle.

This job is tough.

To get the wages of 50.000,- Rupiah per day I have to work patching and installing all types of vehicle tires. As the truck, cars, public transport, motorcycle, and bicycle.

The work starts from 08.00 am to 19.00 o'clock in the night.

When a lot of work, I can get overtime money 50.000,- Rupiah (About 3 Dollars more). (Note: Exchange Rate 1 Dollar = 14,000 Rupiah).

So total income will I get 100.000,- Rupiah per day. Working nonstop from 08.00 till 10.00 o'clock in the night!!

Income 100.000,- Rupiah it will I earn if the workshop many jobs (order).

If the work (order) a little then I only get a salary worth about 30,000,- Rupiah per day. Sometimes I get a wage of 25,000,- Rupiah per day.

The wages that I get it is from the results for profit. So I would get fee depending on the amount of work (order/servicing). When the order (servicing) a lot, so will many salaries I got. Conversely, when servicing just a little, I earn a small wage.

This work is at high risk.

What is the cause?

Because the large vehicles (trucks) using high wind pressure.

So the mechanic at this workshop should be careful when filling tires vehicle (truck). A mechanic must know the size of the wind pressure on a tire of a car.

A mechanic should also carefully check the condition of the tires of the vehicle before it mounted to the rim.

Make sure the condition of the vehicle's tires is safe to install.

Check also whether the vehicle tires are still viable is used or not. Because there is a tires vehicle (fiber) yarn inside has severed, so dangerous if exp0sed to high pressure.

If not careful then the vehicle tire's going to changed the function like a B0mb, if exp0sed to high wind pressure. Bh000m! Expl0de!

Spooky!! Dangerous!

Uncle once told me. Before I worked in his workshop, there is a mechanic that is flawed because his eyes are exp0sed to large vehicle tire debris.

The cause of the incident due to a mechanic that's not careful when adding the wind pressure of the tires of the vehicle. The mechanic is adding tire wind pressure (using a compressor engine). And he did not check the condition of the tire.

It turns out that yarn fiber in tires of the vehicle it has been fragile. Alloy wheels of the car are also already rusted.

So, when charging with the wind, suddenly Bh0000m!!!

The large tires expl0ded!

The expl0si0n hit the mechanic's eyes and bleeding. The mechanic that eventually become blind.

Since the incident, he (mechanic) already can no longer work in my uncle's workshop.

In addition to high risk, the work in the workshop of tires this vehicle is also hard.

If anyone among you has ever traveled as tourists to Indonesia, maybe you've seen tire workshop (for large vehicles, bus/truck).

If you ever saw it, then surely you'll understand how difficult this job.
The hardest part was the opening and installed the tire truck Fuse/Bus.

Why difficult?

Due to the nature of vehicle tires that ' attached ' to the plate/alloy wheels. So it should be 'chiseled ' (so the tire is dislodged from the plate).

Well, the process ' sculpt ' the plate wheel here's the hardest part of this job.
Moreover, if the work was done amid the scorching heat of the Sun, sweat profusely! And will wetting the entire outfit of the mechanic.

This job is like the struggle of people 'living in the time of war'. ☺☺☺

I worked in the workshop of Uncle for three years. And all the money wages (salary) I save every day consistently.

In 2010 I went back to Jakarta.

After arriving in Jakarta, I unpacking the savings . It turns out that the total amount of money 15 million,- Rupiah. That money I use to set up a toy store business. It turns out my toy shop is thriving because located in a strategic area. Three years later I was able to open several branches of the toy store.

I say praise to God. ☺

That's my struggle when it wandered into the city of Padang.

I had to go through various processes and difficulties at first. After that, success came up to me. ☺

There is a quote person Indonesia: "the results will not betray the effort".

Hopefully, we can all succeed.

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