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You Want to Succeed? Try To Go Wander!

Note: Tulisan ini terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

The person who is wearing a white t-shirt on the left (see photo), is my self in the year 2001. 

I was a troubled young man.

At that time I was often drunkenness, being members of the gang, and lots of time wasting (unemployed).

Almost every night I always hung out with friends at a nightclub.

This labile period started in 1998.

All my behavior at the time was to free mental stress. I am in a stress at that time.

The cause is because I (which is still a teenager) has been buffer the economy of family. Amid the pressures of life and family economic are conditions. Severe due to termination of employment. (monetary crisis Indonesia in the year 1998).

The burden of life when it is, it feels too hard for me that is still very young. All of it has made me stressful, so I'm looking for 'runaway' by way of drinking liquor.

Post-riot in May 1998, the Indonesian economy fell. The price of the goods and all other necessities soaring up to 5 times.

Severe conditions at the time. Made me be a 'rebel' and rogue.

However, I am grateful because 'dark period' does not continue to drag on.

Yeah! All periods of labile it I left off (in total) in mid-2002.

Because since that's when I started to 'wandering' into the Market area of Pandeglang Banten, West Java. My first business was selling VCD (Video Compact Disc).

In 2004 I returned to Jakarta. But I'm not living at home. I became a 'nomad' namely, trades that always move to different locations. At that time I followed a group of traders at night market.

There was entertainment on the night market: carousels, bath ball games, and various other entertainment rides.

Manager night markets usually rent a piece of land within a blank area. In that area, place lasts the night market event. Typically, this event lasts for two weeks. When a specific moment (Idul Fitri), then his show lasted longer, i.e., for one month.

These market most often opened in Jakarta. Besides in Jakarta, usually is too held in the Port of the Queen, the city of Cirebon, Banten, Lampung, and so on.

In 2005 I started to leave the show this night market. The cause is because of the competition that takes place between traders is not fair.

Traders began to mutually drop the price (price sold too cheap, thus resulting in 'fall' market price).

Because the market price has 'fallen', so trading in that night market is like a person who is forced labor in the Dutch colonial era. Meaning: we have been working hard during the business, whereas the results obtained are only enough to cover operating costs during the night market.

I finally decided to leave the market this evening.

In mid-2005, I had the opportunity to join the business of Satay Padang belongs to my uncle in the Sunday Market (South Jakarta). There I also learned how way preparing spices Satay Padang.

But a trade of this satay Padang only lasted six months. Because after I tried it, (then I know it) turns out to open that business was in desperate need of a work team.

So the business of Satay Padang is complicated if done alone. Because of the process of her work very long.

What process causes work is very long?

Imagine: the work began at 4.00 am, i.e., shopping meat, onions, chilies, and others to the market. After that, the next job is cooking spices and cut his flesh.

After the meat is cooked until cooked, then slice it into small pieces. Next, the meat slices are inserted into a little stick, which then becomes satay. The amount of this satay is very much, even reaching thousands of satay. Imagine, how long it will take to do the job.

And many more to do it. Like cooking spices, cut off the stick Satay, and various other jobs. After have finished all the work, next go to selling Satay Padang to the market. Usually, return home after 00.00 midnight. Later after 04.00 o'clock in the morning, returned go to the market (to shop for spices, meat, onion, and other ingredients).

Such is the process, every day!. Time to sleep only about 4 hours.

Try to think: Can we do all that alone? Impossible! ☺

Therefore business sate Padang this will only can be done if there is a team work, a minimum of three persons of workers.

So I can't continue the business of this Satay Padang because I do not have teamwork.

In 2006 I started going to wander to different areas. At that time I am selling a book, namely the type of picture books that serve to practice giving colors.

I joined a group of merchants. These traders often sell their wares in the hajj ritual training of kindergarten children.

Hajj ritual exercise for these kindergarten children is very much the number of participants. Achieve thousands of children in every ritual event. Colouring book highly in demand in the game of exercise Hajj rituals this kindergarten school. The even many stocks of that books it all sold out.

However, in 2007 began re-entering the hard times.

The cause?

Because of the events that I had ever experienced in the night market, is now repeating itself. Because the market price of a coloring book prices dropped dramatically. Competition is not healthy back happened because merchants mutual make a 'price war'. Finally, there is no longer the prospect of business this coloring book, because the margin obtained becomes very thin.

Well at the end of 2007, is the year I decided to wander further afield, namely, to Pekanbaru (Riau). Then in 2008, I went to the city of Padang. There I worked as a mechanic in the workshop belonged to my uncle until the year 2009. 

After expertise in the field of a mechanic I get, in 2010 I went back home to Jakarta. That time I had intended to open a business mechanic workshop in Jakarta. But I'm having trouble to find a location (no shop has a large parking area in Jakarta). While the efforts of the mechanic's workshop need a spacious parking lot (for cars), if there is no parking lot is undoubtedly very difficult for me to founded this business (because visitors become difficult to park his vehicle).

I finally decided to try out the toy shop business only (due to I is a trader). And it turns on this toy store is the beginning of my success — a sustenance form of God Almighty, gushing until now.

In conclusion: What Factors can finally change the mindset (in total) and my personality?

That is because to wander!

When we go to wandering, then a pattern of thought, insight and think we will continue to develop. Skill and experience we will also keep being honed. Because people who have been accustomed to going to wandering will make it able to adapt and solve the problem.

Supposing I formerly never 'wandered,' I probably would still be a bad boy! And my way of thinking, in the planning, drafting strategy (business, marketing) might can't be what it is today. hehe ☺

Sooo, if you want to get ahead?

Try to go to wander buddy!

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Best regards.
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