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Monetizing YouTube Channels In 2018 Is Much More Difficult (What's The Solution?)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hi, friends. ☺

I did not intend to write an article on this topic. The reason? Because of this content (about Youtube), including outside a niche this blog.

But because I see this phenomenon is very 'hot,' finally made me intrigued to make an article about it.

What phenomenon? That's about Youtube monetization.


And finally I started to write this article, with a title is quite provocative: "MONETIZING YOUTUBE CHANNELS IN 2018 IS MUCH MORE DIFFICULT (What is The Solution?)".

By the way, in the past, I was also a YouTubers (before finally decided to move to be a blogger).

What are the factors that make me decide to move to be a blogger? Anyway, I will explain it later, in the middle part of this article. We will focus first on the current hot issue now. Yup! In recent months there was an incident that made 'panic' all the friends in the community youtube.

What happened?

That is a surprising decision from youtube that sets very tough new rules and terms to creator content (video).

Terms are:

- To be able to monetize a video, all youtube channels must reach (at least) 4.000 watch time.

- Must have at least 1.000 subscribe.

In addition to the above two conditions, there are other additional terms, namely:

For new channels, 4,000 watch times and 1,000 must be met by users within 12 months.

If more than the specified time limit (the number of watch time and the subscriber does not meet the minimum requirements), then the channel cannot be reviewed/monetized.

And for the old YouTube channel (before the issuance of this latest regulation) which has been monetized (monetization has been active), the deadline is until February 20, 2018, to fulfill all the requirements above. If it does not meet the rules until the time limit specified, then monetization will become inactive.

What is more poignant, if the conditions are as follows:

For old youtube channels whose monetization has been active, but:

# Number of subscribers have collected a lot, but the watch time is still less (not yet reached 4.000 hours).


# It has been over 4.000 hours of watch time, but unfortunately, the number of subscribers is still less than 1.000.

Sorry for YouTubers colleagues who experienced the conditions as above.

Well! This new monetization system applied simultaneously to all youtube channels on February 20, 2018.

Finally now revealed all the puzzles that many been questioned by the beginner YouTubers some time ago. The question like this: "Why is youtube monetization review so long and no answer?".

Youtube is drafting new rules and is getting tighter than the rules of previous years.

Perhaps a question will arise in the minds of us all: why have youtube lately changed? The rules are like 'killing' a beginner YouTubers. In fact, in the era before 2016, it is still straightforward to monetize youtube channel.

I still remember, when in mid-2016, Google immediately agreed to activate a monetization of my youtube channel. Monetization submissions are received instantly in just one day. His condition is very different from now.

Before we discuss further, let's flashback to some time ago.

Signs youtube will increasingly tighten the rules, already begun to be seen since early 2017 ago. It was many YouTubers say that ads on the youtube channels suddenly do not show up.

At that time all the youtube got confused and wondered: "actually what happen it? Why the ads do not appear?"

Not long after, sounded rumors that advertisers are stopped their ads from youtube. The root cause is because they are protesting against certain channels containing video content smelling of terrorism.

Advertisers are not willing if their ads appear on the channels (which they assume) contain radical video content, and that's channel gets paid by their advertising.

So, to filter the channel that categorized a radical, youtube finally began to tighten its rules in April 2017 out the latest regulations from youtube. The contents of the newest regulations include: for new YouTubers, must meet the requirements of at least 10,000 views, for the ad to show (monetize) on their channel.

Since then, youtube has looked more 'fierce' and 'killer' for the beginner YouTubers.

By the end of 2017 more and more 'weirdness' on the youtube channel. Like many youtube videos that are 'tagged' with yellow dollar icons.

What does it mean when a youtube video channel is tagged with a yellow dollar?

That means the video is considered unsuitable for all advertisers. It's possible that the video can still display ads, but it's scarce the ads appear, even more often not appear at all. Among the causes are because youtube is getting increasingly selective to inappropriate video content. Like misleading titles and thumbnails (clickbait and thumbnail images are different from video content) and video content with sensitive categories.

About that this yellow dollar came up because many advertisers are protesting. They do not want their ads to appear on video content 'low quality' and irrelevant. This (if ads they appear on irrelevant channels) is judged could to degrade their 'prestige' and branding value. Especially for the big and famous brand. Also, ad serving on low-quality channels is considered ineffective, tends not to generate goals (read: conversions).

Furthermore, from November to December 2017, we more heard a variety of questions about YouTube.

The question much expressed on various youtube forums.

Same questions as follows:

"Why does not youtube monetization submit an answer?"

"Google said: 'the review time was in a week', but why it's been a month more I have not to get the answer?"

And other similar questions.

Such is the flashback and barrage of striking changes to youtube policy. Changes become more visible since a few months ago (as I have explained above).

And now it's finally clear. That is the new regulations that feel bitter and very surprising for the YouTubers.

Lots of YouTubers who think that this latest rule will complicate the small content creator (video). There is even extreme opinion, which says that this newest regulation was deliberately made to 'get rid' the channel and content creator small that — especially the Youtube channel a many categorized as re-uploader.

The above opinion is right (on the one hand). Because a rule from this youtube is burdensome, so impressed not siding with the small YouTubers. The impression is like 'killing' them on slowly. What is the reason? Okay, let us review that rules in more depth.

#1. Terms minimum of 1.000 subscribers ~

To collect up to 1,000 subscribers is not an easy matter. Especially if done by using the desired method by the youtube. Youtube wants subscribers to come naturally. That means they (users) want to become customers because liked the content of your video.

Hhhhhhh! Frankly, I say: this requirement is complicated!

What is the reason?

Because to be 'netted' the natural subscriber, we should be able to present original and quality video content. And creating quality video content like that is not an easy matter; it takes skill and a high level of creativity.

Dilemma! Yeah! All Youtuber will admit that creative content will be able to bring in many subscribers naturally.

But the problem is: That way is tough!

The easiest way is to create a video re-uploaded. But the problem: This way is high risk (can be sanctioned or complaints of copyright infringement).

Also, if your video sourced from re-uploader, especially if too many tricks are misleading (irrelevant thumbnail, click bait, etc.) it will be more difficult to get subscriber naturally. What is the cause? Because the audience is now getting smarter in choosing content. They can already distinguish between interesting and that low-quality content.

That's why many of the YouTubers are outsmarting in other ways. Namely, capture customers by creating artificial subscriber (Sub4Sub). That is a subscriber exchange between channel one with other channels. So there is already some agreement between them, more or less dialogue like this: "Please subscribe My channel, I'll bet I will Subscribe back.

Unfortunately, this method is strictly prohibited by the youtube community guidelines.

As shown in the screenshot photo below.


Why is this Sub4Sub technique banned by youtube?

Because youtube know very well: if the customer is obtained by artificial means, then they are not the loyal audience type!

It could be that the artificial subscriber will only stop by once on a channel, which is when requesting subs back. After the subs back they get, then they will never come again to the channel that.

Well, why is youtube opposing this Sub4Sub technique? Yes, because they are not the type of customer and loyal audience. And it will harm the advertisers (who show their ads on the youtube channel). Because the ad is served to an 'unlucky audience.' And this type of audience is usually considered difficult to produce a goal (read: conversion) to the ad.

So everything is for one reason: BUSINESS!

And youtube is entirely a business! 

Right or not? ☺

#2. Terms minimum 4.000 hours ~

The second condition is not less 'sadistic' with the first condition (1,000 subs) above. It is not easy for a channel (especially a new channel) to collect 4,000 hours of broadcast. Moreover, time is only limited to 12 months (1 year).

It is really like a nightmare for small channels and a beginner YouTubers.

To be able to get 4,000 hours of airing, of course, they should be able to create quality video content (and engaging). To attract many spectators. But creating video content with such criteria is not easy for beginners.

Skill for making high-quality videos is quite complicated for beginners. It is not easy to learn the craft of video editing. That's just to one field (publishing). Not to mention the need for high skill to arrange 'scenario' and the plot of the video so that finally can produce exciting video content. It is true that all can be learned, but will require a long process.

Also, to have a high running hour, a channel must also have a lot of customers loyal!

Well, (the problem again) to get the loyal subscribers is not an easy matter!

There is an easy way, i.e., the artificial technique (Sub4Sub). But we all already know that it will not be able to capture loyal customers. And after all, this way is prohibited by youtube.


Bitter! Hopefully, this nightmare is over! 😢

Yeah! This fact is very bitter!

Although I (as author) at this time is not a YouTubers anymore, I can understand how the feelings of all YouTubers.

Oh yes, at the opening of the above article I have promised to tell you, what is the causes me to migrate to blogger (and is no longer active to be YouTubers. The reason is not that of the increasingly strict rules (of youtube). No, not that. Because I backed away from youtube and turned into a blogger when the youtube regulations still in easy.

I migrated from youtube to blogger in early 2017 (January month). The reason is that of technical problems, that is because I am almost no free time to create video content.

As I have mentioned on the 'About Me' page this blog, that I am a toy business practitioner. And my daily business is as a toy shop dealer. And frankly, I say, that it's tough for me to be able to create a video content if done while trading.

What is the cause?

Just imagine: when I just started 'shooting', CUT suddenly! 'shooting' activities were immediately stopped.

What caused it?

The reason is that there are toy buyers who come to my store hehe.

It often happens like that.

So, try to think: when will you finish making the video? ☺

I always do 'shooting' in my toy store. That's why almost all my videos are located in a toy store. My youtube channel still exists until now., and it has been filled about 20 videos — the channel name: Bang Izal Toys.

So, because it is no longer possible for me to become a YouTubers, I finally decided to move to become a blogger.

Well, because the blog content just the form of writing, so the writing activity I can do while waiting for the buyer.

That's a bit my story that migrated from a YouTubers, and then to being a blogger. Now we will continue the core topic of discussion, that is about the best solution and way to deal with this youtube issue.

Some solutions (and 'wisdom') of this phenomenon.

The most important thing we must try to understand: youtube is a business!

They work together with content creator (videos) through their youtube channel. Well through this is it channel, advertisers 'entrust' their ads to be seen by the channel's audience.

The problems that much have occurred (as I have mentioned above in length), as more and more videos appear of re-uploader video, inappropriate video content (clickbait and misleading thumbnails), violent video content, and more.

Also, YouTube does not like video content that is very lacking in creativity (such as video content sourced from news and TV shows, or taken from footage of soccer games). And videos are made from other sources that are inappropriate to watch (such as the case of Paul Logan that shows videos of people who committed suicide in Japan).

All of the above is not only happening in My country Indonesia but also increasingly rampant on youtube channels around the world. Youtube termed these people as 'Bad Actors'.

Finally, the youtube started getting 'hot'!

Because all these things can interfere with 'good ecosystem on youtube'. And indeed, youtube finally really feel annoyed. As more and more threat from advertisers who will leave youtube, if not firm and do not immediately take anticipatory steps to eradicate all the 'Bad actors' has mentioned above.

So remember: business remains business!

Youtube obviously will not be able to 'live' if there are no advertisers!

And youtube Indeed is entitled to set the rules, because: 'he has the area'. We all as content creators, (inevitably) must be obedient to all the requirements set by youtube. Right or not friends? ☺

(As the best advice), it would be better if we try to see it from the positive side. Given this new rule, it will indirectly 'force' us to be much more creative. So, (if likened to), this condition is like a person who is undergoing school, and this latest regulation is like a test so that we (the content creator) can become more qualified.

And for channels that have 'passed the exam', that's what will get a decent place on youtube.

And in the end, in the future only the channel of choice (creative) that will meet every youtube video screen.

Understanding the above (looking at it from the positive side) will make us lighter to 'accept' this new rule. Maybe at first, it will be hard, but sure finally we will do it!

Do not you want to have a great channel like the famous YouTubers channel Bayu Skak? Or like YouTubers creative Agung Hapsah? (note: this is specific to the Indonesian level youtube).

Or do not want to reach a higher level again? Like Pew Die Pie, Smosh, or like YouTubers lady Rosanna Pansino?

They are all super creative people. And proved they could make it!. Even able to become a favorite channel and famous.

The logic is simple:

If they are can, why I should not?! That's right? hehe ☺

So the central pillar is high will and hard work ethos.

Once again I affirm: rest assured, if there is a will, You can do it!

Well, I want to give some ideas and suggestions, hopefully, can help alleviate the problems that are being experienced by these YouTubers.

Some of the following ideas and suggestion:

# For YouTuber who does not have a blog, then start to create a blog from now!

What is the purpose?

The goal is to add an 'ammunition' and 'combat equipment.' To be able to reach 4,000 watch time and 1,000 subscribers.

The explanation is as follows:

Choose a quality video on your channel, then try to do reviews about that video on your blog. And create a video embed tag on the page of that article. (Note: make sure to target the same keywords, to be judged relevant by google).

By way of the above, it will make our video has a greater chance to be found on youtube and also in the google search engine.

By doing the above trick, hopefully, will give a little convenience for our channel to meet the terms and regulations of youtube.

# Suggestions for YouTuber, do not promote your channels on forums that do not allow commenting or create posts with 'live links.' What is the reason? Because it will make the situation worse (because of that action).

What is the cause?

Because if you make promotions, comment, and share in 'blindly' on community forums that do not allow live links, then the forum members or moderators will report your youtube channel as a spammer to google.

And if this happens often, then obviously will further aggravate the image of your youtube channel in the 'eyes' of Google. Well, what happens if the track records of a youtube channel have gone wrong? Yes, will automatically complicate the process of reviewing that channel.

Oh yes, there is one more critical info, (luckily I still remember hehe☺), so when youtube channels meet the target of at least 4,000 watch time and 1,000 subscribers, that does not mean the ads will immediately appear on your channel. Not like that. But must go through the final process in advance, i.e., a review of the youtube.

Well, is that's why, if you want to do a promotion on a youtube forum (to pursue the target watch time and subscribers), take the moment to look at the rules of that community forum. Does that forum allow or disallow to put live links?

If it is prohibited, then do not share a live link there. Look for other community forums that allow promotions using live links. Is not that there still many community forums that would enable live links?

Maybe this seems trivial, so much ignored by some YouTubers. So they smoothly continue to share live links to various community forums, even though that forum have banned them.

And the consequences will be fatal!

Especially a for the youtube channel that is entering the review period. Because every spam report indeed is recorded in the google system. Well, the impact, your youtube channel review is always rejected, as a result of various that spam reports.

So for your good, keep in mind all the above suggestions, for the sake of fluency process of review youtube channel you all.

Maybe there will be among you who say (to me): "I'm sorry, the latest requirement of this youtube is very hard for me because of demanding seriousness, totality and full-time quality, while all that requirements are not possible to do because I do not have spare time. What about the solution? "

(Here's my answer): Hhhhhhhhh! If it had been so, "obviously has finished his story". The Indonesian phrase says: "there is no more medicine".

The solution is: we must be smart looking for other opportunities. (As has been told in my own story above).  ☺

And I write the story about the migrated from YouTubers then switch to blogger, it is not without intent and purpose. But I deliberately told the story as a 'final solution' (and an explicit answer) to friends who experience the same conditions as me above. ☺☺

This article I wrote explicitly for YouTuber colleagues. Hopefully, the contents can help you.

If you feel this article is useful, please re-shared, I hope it is helpful for your other peers.

Best regards.
Bang izal
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