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My Business Journey Is Like David Versus Goliath

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

"Like David VS Goliath?"

Hmmmh ,,,, undoubtedly many of you wich will are wondering: "What is the connection  between the two popular figures in the story of that ancient Israel with the business??"

The connection exists, that is, as a parable in my business journey.

Well so you will not be curious, here I will tell the story.

So, here it is,,,

In 2011, it was running for one year; I opened a toy store business with the nameplate "Toko Serba Murah."

My toy store in 2014

But at that moment I felt a bit 'surprised' and always wondered in my heart: "why is my store still quiet?"

Some prospective buyers come to visit my toy store, but most of them just looking around. Only a few of them buy toys.

Then I tried to analyze and think: "actually what causes my shop no buyers?"

After several days of analyzing, I finally found a causal factor that made my toy shop less attractive to buyers. 

The reason is that my toy store does not have the complete type, model and type of toy. So that many of my customers finally switched shopping to my competitors (the competitor's store is not too far from my store.

Indeed at that time, my toy store did not have many types and choices of goods. (due to limited business capital).

Well, what about the competitor's store? How complete is that toy store contents?

A parable like this: My toy shop is like a small ship that contains only a few items. Whereas my competitor's shop is like a giant warship filled with various complete facilities in it.

So, this business battle is like a classic story of David fighting with Goliath!.

What can I do it for this problem?

I do not lose my mind.

Here are some tricks and strategies that I do to balance the strength of those competitors.

I am very aware that I will not be able to fight the competitors in a frontal way (capital strength) because I will lose. That is why I am against it by 'guerrilla' tactics, which is to 'build muscle in another way'.

Where is the other way? That is:

# 1. Search for customers and build buyer networks through social media.

How to?

I searched and contacted my old friends (schoolmates) through social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media. All those old friends, I add as a friend on my social media account.

Well, how do we promote and 'capture' these old friends to become store customers, but do not disturb their privacy and comfort?. I.e., do a soft selling promotion.

Soft selling. What is it?

The answer: Selling, "but not like a selling".

How to?

Begin communication by first asking them what they are doing, what their activities, work or business are at the moment. Well, after the chat is running warm, then start we say that we also already have a company, that is a toy business. Offer your friends to visit your shop (when they have free time).

Well, what would happen if they actually visited your store? 

In my experience, when my old friend came to my toy store, most of them would buy toys for their children. What does it mean? GOAL! Sales succeed! That's called soft selling :)

Oh yeah,,,, there is one other important thing. Join as a member of your school alumni group. And when there is a reunion show, then go with them.

What is the benefit of the reunion event for your business? Because of the fact we can use as a powerful promotional tool to introduce the existence of your toy store.

How to? Namely, provide a business card that contains information about the address information and your toy store profile to those old friends.

One time, when they have free time, surely they will visit and shop at your store! (this trick is mighty, and I have proved it).

# 2. Create an 'inducement trick' for your customers so they want to promote your business.

Here's how: Give your customers special bonuses. With the condition, if they can invite others to go shopping at your store.

What will the bonus? Up to you. You can give a bonus in the form of discounts, or it could be a bonus in the form of free battery, a gift in the form of toys, and others.

What's the bonus value to be given?

Up to you.

But in my own experience, I gave the amount of bonus depending on how many people he invite to go shopping to my store. The more people he brings, the higher a bonus value I will give.

# 3. Give a gift that may be of little value, but it will be memorable for the buyer who receives it. 

For example, I always provide services a gift for free. And if any of the buyers who buy the type of toy that is operated using the battery, then I give the bonus battery for free to the buyer. Well, this trick is to captivate the buyers so that always to be faithful to shop to your toy store.

Especially for point # 3 above, I want to give a 'special note'. 

So like this: there is an action done by some toy store owner. And that act, in my opinion, is a mistake. 

What are they doing? 

I.e., they make a banner containing a rule in front of his shop. The rules reads: "Items purchased cannot be exchanged or returned!".

In my opinion, rules like this are not quite right, because the result will make customers disappointed. I am always willing if any of my customers who want to exchange goods that have been purchased with special requirements, that is the maximum time to make the exchange valid for 1 x 24 hours.

So if any of my customers who buy toys in the morning, then he can exchange toys with other types of toys in the afternoon or evening. So on the next day, it can no longer do the exchange.

With the way and the rules that I apply it, the customers in my toy store are quite satisfied. They feel that's fair enough.

This may seem trivial to some toy shop owners, when in fact this issue is crucial, which concerns about service and customer satisfaction. Maybe we as a trader will feel the loss because sometimes the product is exchanged has been slightly scratched. But this is rare if the exchange limit is only for 1 x 24 hours.

Usually, the condition of goods is still smooth, and the causal factors that make buyers want to swap the toy product are generally because the toy suddenly cannot turn on the off-off button is jammed or loose. And other causes are usually due to technical problems/factory setting errors. And that toys can you exchange it again to your suppliers.

So in my opinion, in fact, toy merchants do not loss if there are buyers who switch their toy products due to errors of the manufacturer.

Usually, the main factor that causes some toy traders refuse to receive return goods from customers because they do not want to bother. If they can think further, he losses will become more prominent when refused the product exchanged.

What is the cause?

Because if your customer already feels disappointed, it is likely that the customer will never want to shop at your store again. The cause is trivial, but the result is fatal!

So you want to choose which one? Receive your product exchanged/returned, or you lose customers? 😊

# 4. For the development of your toy business can grow faster, then try to trade in various business events. 

For example: in bazaar (night market). This is a powerful way to grow your business. What is the cause? Because of your efforts have two sources of income, i.e., from buyers in your toy store, and also from every event bazaar/night market that you follow.

Maybe you would ask: "If I trade in the bazaar/night market, then who will take care of my toy store?"

So, I will reply: "Certainly can be taken care of by your wife :)

Because I also used to apply this way when beginning to set up my toy store. :)

Well, if later your business has been growing, the contents of your products also have started complete, then you can be more focused to take care of your toy store business. And now you are ready to compete with competitors around the place of your business! 

That is the trick and strategy that I have been lived when pioneering and building my toy store business. 

So what conclusions can be drawn from all the descriptions I have written above?

The conclusion is: A business that only has minimal capital will still be able to compete with competitors who have stronger money. With one condition==> you have to be creative, able to arrange strategy, and smart in looking for opportunity. 

In that article, I have told you in detail that I can finally balance the strength of my rival toy store (after entering the third year). Even there in certain parts, my store is superior to competitors (explanation details, please refer to the links above articles).

All of success can be achieved after I apply all the tricks and strategies I have written above.

It has been widely proven in history, the little will be able to defeat that bigger. With agility and a mature strategy.

Illustration of David against Goliath.

Just as the young David King was able to defeat the giant Jalut only by armed with catapults, because of speed and agility in motion. When at the right moment, David shoots his slingshot to Goliath and strikes his forehead. Goliath was falling, on the occasion that David with quick lightning slashed his sword toward his neck. Jalut finally died, and David came out as the winner in the duel!

That is the story of David, an ancient Israelite King and also a glorified Prophet in the religion of Islam.

That's my story, about my business journey is like David fighting Goliath.

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Hopefully, this story can be useful for you all.

Success is always for you.
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