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Parental Love Along The Way, While Child Love Just Along The Lines

"Parental love along the way, while child love just along the lines."

(Note: The sentence in the title above comes from an Indonesian proverb. The verdict is meaningful about parental love almost unlimited, while the affection of a child is limited).

Friends all,,,, let me brainstorm and discuss for a moment with you.

Especially those of you who are already married. Or for those of you who are now being away from parents, (because it is being wandered like me -the author).

Try to remember:

When is the last time we have visited both our parents? How significant is our attention to both our parents? Do we routinely send money for both our parents?

Inexplicably, in the article this time arose a strong desire on my mind to write on this issue.

Perhaps one of the triggers is because there is a case on one of my neighbors who hardly ever pay attention to his parents in the village.

I get this news from my wife, and my wife is getting this story from his friend (who is, in fact, his sister that person).

That my wife's friend tells (vent to my wife), she says she felt annoyed at his brother. Her elder brother was rarely paying attention to their parents (caused by being too submissive to his wife). She barely ever send money to his parents. Even if any are given, should have to be forced first by her younger sister.

Very concerned. 😖

Indeed this matter (it is usually) much going after someone got married. Sometimes some people tend to ignore both his parents.

What are his signs?

The signs are: indifferent and hardly ever pay attention to the needs of both parents.

What causes all that to happen?

There are happen due to (make a mistake/forget) unintentionally. There is also happening with the conscious (usually occurs due to the influence of a third person (his wife).

A lot of factors that make us unknowingly has ' ignored ' our parents. These factors include:

  • Because of the vast distances from parents (is going abroad). 
  • It could also be because we are too busy with our work and Family Affairs (the wife). So parents matter forgotten.
  • There is also due to a third party, namely the influence of his wife (who has terrible character/stingy). His wife is too suspicious and fearful of her husband's possessions too much given to both parents. And unfortunately, the husband is too submissive to his wife.
There is even a man that all salaries, important papers until the bank card and credit card was given to his wife. As a result, when there are family or his parents who need help (and fees), she could not do anything because all his assets have been controlled by his wife.

Even though he knows in the teachings of Islam: If the parents (father) want to take away his property, then, in fact, the father is entitled to the wealth of his child.

(Note: That person is a Muslim. We are the Indonesian people, is a majority of whom are Muslims).

So the father is could (if he wants) took the property his son. This is based on the evidence/theorem of the hadith of the prophet:

أَنْتَ وَمَالُكَ لِوَالِدِكَ إِنَّ أَوْلاَدَكُمْ مِنْ أَطْيَبِ كَسْبِكُمْ فَكُلُوا مِنْ كَسْبِ أَوْلاَدِكُمْ

"You and your treasure belong to your parents. Verily, your sons are the best the result from yourselves. Eat from the results of your children's efforts."

Note: Narrated by Abu Dawood, no. 3530; Ahmad, 2:214. Al-Haafiz Abu Thahir said this Hadith isnaad is 'Hasan (good/legitimate). Shaykh Al-Shuayb Arnauth stated that this hadeeth is Saheeh lighairihi, "If the isnaad is 'Hasan.
But although may (taking his son's possessions), certainly more all by parents like to if the treasure obtained because it was given by his son. Because, in this way will more certainly appease them, because this is where it will be seen there is the attention the children against him.

Parents do not expect abundant wealth from their children. They only hope attention and affection. After all, in general, they no longer care about money. After all, they are old, so for what else are they overthinking about money problems?

People who are elderly need more attention from their children. 

Unfortunately, there are some people who are reluctant to set aside a little treasure for their parents. As if the very reluctant gave money (even though just for the cost of buying the rice and side dishes) to his parents.

If our parents are still active, yes they will not expect the giving of his children. There are even some parents who finally impose themselves on working hard. Though the work was already not worth, they do (in the age as old as it is). But to survive, they must eventually work their lives too.


Try to pay attention to photo illustration above. If our parents already that old, do we have the heart let them still work hard like that? Where is of our conscience? Don't you want us to repay all their love when you were kids?

But so, it turned out that there is still a small percentage of people who dare to let his parents in such conditions. Like the Indonesian proverb:

"Parental love along the way, while child love just along the lines."

The love of a child can be in the measure, while the love of parents almost without limit.

All parents will be willing to make sacrifices for the sake of her children. Whatever will be ready to do for the sake of the happiness of her children. They want to Drudge and work hard to be able to finance their children (school up to college). The hope may his son much more successful than they are.

There are also parents who are desperately struggling, even willing to withstand hunger for the sake of her children. This ever happened on my mother and father (author) in ' 97-' 98. When the monetary crisis hit, Indonesia is. The economy was paralyzed instantly, the value of the currency falling and prices of primary commodities skyrocket ride.

Then, for the sake of earning money to buy rice, my father tries very hard looking for and offering stitches order (my father works as a tailor). Often my father around looking for order in the empty stomach condition (haven't had breakfast). But it must be done, for the sake of all his children.

And my mother also never lose his 'fight' in life. My mother never let dad struggling alone, and my mom is willing to work hard by trading.

Either how many types of businesses that have done by my mother. Starting from trade cassava chips, cake sale, selling fruit, up to trade toys in an overhang. Thanks to her hard work over the years, finally now my mothers successful in having four toy shop and a clothing store. It's finally become the family business, and I was one of those toy store owners.

My mother is the business foundering and all his children who developed that business. Now my mother already got the results of her hard work. Every month my mother receives the net income from all the stores managed by her children.

I have written the story of his struggle in the following article: MY MOTHER, A SUPERWOMAN AND A VERY PERSISTENT MERCHANT.

Thank God we (me and all my younger sisters) very much in love with our parents. If used to be mom and dad fighting tooth and nail for the sake of the future of his children, so now it's our turn to make them happy.

Therefore, to all my friends, let us love and regard for both our parents especially if they are elderly and already unable to work hard again. Try setting aside a little money for them. At least enough to make ends meet anyway. If our income is still mediocre, then give it as we can.

And other things are much larger in value than it is, that is a genuine concern of ours. Therefore, if there is free time, try calling them. Though ask news, it also can be pleasing to both of our parents.

The point is: so that we do not become people who regret having because ever ignored them.

May we all always given inspiration by God to still love our parents.

Hopefully, this article can be useful.
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