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Why A Good Person Often Deceived And Hurt?

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Mr. Rahmat is a middle-aged man. His job as a fruit merchant in the area of Kampong Makassar (Indonesia). He was for 25 years of trade there. In a very simple fruit stall, made of wooden buildings, walls of plywood, and a roof of palm leaves.

There is some unique nature of Mr. Rahmat. If there are any remaining merchandise the fruit quite a lot (and very ripe), he often gives it to someone else. Fruit that has been perfectly ripe it most often he gave to the beggar who was passing in front of the stalls.


He is known as a generous man, patient and good-hearted.

Almost all residents in Kampong Makassar that recognize the figure of Mr. Rahmat. Residents there feel amazed with the height of morals and integrity of Mr. Rahmat's heart. Amid its economic conditions are difficult, and the burden of a big responsibility to his wife and two children's, Mr. Rahmat still but giving charity and helping others.

But unfortunately, his kindness is often misused by others.

Because they know about a kindness Mr. Rahmat, even utilized for deceiving him. Some people need the help of Mr. Rahmat (to loan some money), with reason his son was very sick (need money for treatment). But after a loan of money by Mr. Rahmat, that people who borrowed money were as if no longer knew him. There are also some other people who borrowed money, but after that even disappeared somehow went where.

And did you know what a response by Mr. Rahmat? Is very wonderful! He just said: "Let it be,,,, may God give replace and reply to me a much better".

Mr. Rahmat is indeed very popular in Kampong Makassar it, but surely he is not a native man in there. He was the indigenous inhabitants from the across the island, namely kampong Sungai Sariak in sub-district Padang Pariaman (West Sumatra).

A long story if you want to know why he finally could be stranded in the Kampong Makassar it. But I will try to tell me her story in brief:

In the past Mr. Rahmat including from among people rich in his hometown. His parents have a legacy of land and fields. But it's miserable fate, Mr. Rahmat destined it born as an only son. She doesn't have a sister.

According to the custom and culture of the people of Minang (Note: Minang is one of the tribes in Indonesia), if a parent dies, then the authority (which regulates) the inheritance of switching to 'mamak' (maternal uncle) so that the uncle functions as a substitute for father (for his niece).

But, unfortunate for Mr. Rahmat, because his uncle was an unfair person. His uncle was a lot more wear from his parents ' legacy to provide for his sons (a cousin of Mr. Rahmat). That's is the trigger, cause of why Mr. Rahmat has finally gone away from his hometown. He preferred to wander and go away from his hometown. (Note: For the sake of avoiding conflict with his uncle).

Such was the fate of the right people.

The cause is:

Because the good guys always arrange the heart (sincere) in doing anything, often relent, and still worry (if) make mistakes on others (read: don't want to hurt others).

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He always assumes everyone was good, and seldom prejudge other people (about one's good or bad intentions). She was still thinking of other people's feelings and position.

Good people are usually vulnerable to being deceived and hurt. (because it was betrayed the other people)

All of that could happen is not the fault of the good guys, not also because good people that stupid. But because the good guys prefer to budge, and they hope may God alone that reply to all his kindness. Verily, God loves the people who like to do good.

But remember ..!! Don't once in a while; you hurt good people!

When you hurt good people, he will not reply to hurt you. He is just away from you, and will no want longer be in touch with you ...!!

Therefore, keep your friendship, never becoming a traitor!

Be it friendship between friends, love between a fellow employee or affection between relatives, teachers, and students. Never hurt other people, let alone do persecution. Don't let us be sick people.

Hopefully, we can do our best in our lives.

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