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Mother, You Love Me Very Much, But You Also Really Let Me

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

One day there was a robbery at a bank the Middle Eastern city. The robbery happened in the middle of the day. A culprit is a young man around 35 years old.

This incident is very careless (reckless). Because robbery is only done alone. Armed with a revolver gun, the man threatened two bank security men and forced him to lock the entrance.

The robber also forced the bank's security to show the place of money.

All the money was then taken and put into the bag. Then he ordered one of security to bind all the bank employees.

One of the security personnel pressed the emergency button (as a sign of danger).

The sirens suddenly roared!

The robber panicked and was angry. Reflexively he shot the security officer until death!

About 15 minutes later, the police arrived in the bank.

The police tried to take a persuasive attitude and persuade that young man to give up.

But the young man is lost self-control.

Instead of giving up, he instead requested that all the police let him go. If not fulfilled, then he threatens to kill all the bank employees.

The police finally immediately devised a strategy to be able to arrest him.

After tracing, finally found a bank emergency lane that will be infiltrated to enter the bank building.
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Three fully armed police officers were then ordered to carry out infiltration.

Meanwhile, the robber to still inside the building (in a panic). He was brandishing a gun to the security officer.

The police had managed to get into the bank building, then slipped slowly towards the bank's main room. That young robber looked still screaming ask the police to go. His eye keeps staring towards the outside of the building which was bordered by a glass door.

The three policemen were moving slowly.

When the police and the robber were in the distance a few meters and were ready to hit him, the robber seems to know someone was 'sneaking' behind him. That's when the robber immediately turned around — coinciding with that three policemen as fast as lightning holding his hand and trying to grab the gun.

Very panicked because his weapon will be forcibly taken, that robber then shoots his gun blindly. The bullet's vomit was aiming here and there. One of the shots penetrated the left shoulder of one of the policeman.

Fortunately, that police were still safe and not killed.

Finally, the robber was arrested. And the drama is over.

Sometime later, that robber began to be tried in court. During the trial, it was revealed that the young robber had a lengthy criminal history (at the time before).

Some of the records of crime that he did when he was 15 years old, namely theft committed at his school.

Then when he was 17 years old, he also committed another crime, stealing his neighbor's bicycle. After that, there were still many other cases of theft he had done until the last most severe incident, namely the bank theft which was accompanied by the murder.

With all the dark history, it finally became a factor that weighed on him in court. The young man was then to a heavy sentence, namely beheaded.

After the hammer knock was dropped, the young man was decided to serve the death sentence three months later. For a while (until the execution time arrived), the young man stayed in prison.

During the imprisonment, the young man reflects on many things. He seemed to surrender. Very unusual, in the remaining age of only three months, he turned into a gentle and polite person. He also seemed diligent in worshiping and praying at night, a thing he had never done before in his life.
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And finally, when the punishment came ...


Before he faced the executioner, the young man asked for a pen and a piece of paper.

And he then began writing:

Dear mother ...

If the law is a fair, of course now, you are also here, sitting next to me waiting for this beheading. But because the law was blind, I was found guilty of the mistakes are made together.

Mother ... do you still remember when your child was three years old? When I steal the sister candy?

At that time you didn't advise me. Mother never said that my actions were wrong, or said the things I did were not good.

I also remember well when I was five years old, that day I stole a neighbor's toy and hid it at home (and you know that). But you told them; "the toy is not at my home."

Mother ... when I was 12 years old, you knew I was hiding my cousin ball in the garage when she came to play at home. But you told my cousin instead; "Mother did see it before that ball disappeared.

Mother, do you still remember the day I was expelled from school At the age of 15 years? Because of a case of theft of school equipment that I did?

At that time father wanted to punish me, but you strictly forbade. And that day you had a massive fight with Daddy, just because you want to defend me. Mother said I was young. Mother also said that the teachers were wrong because they said I stole in class. Mother is very defensive, and mother always says it's not a time for me to know that I'm wrong. Mother said I was right. Even though you knew I was wrong.

Mother, you must also remember when you saw me steal a neighbor's bicycle when I was 17 years old. But mom never reported that I had sold that bicycle. You just kept quiet.

Mother loves me very much, yes ... Mother loves me so much. But mom, why is your love a barrier to educating me? Mother never corrected me. You spoil me.

Mother,,,,...,, you love me very much, but you also really let me.

That's how it all started ... and finished slowly until today when I will be punished for the robberies and murders I have committed.

Mother, I'm still a young, I need your protection so that you can educate me to be the right person. And when mom reads this letter, I am has been dead in the slaughterer's sword slash.

Greetings, from your dear child.

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~ A note for all parents ~ 

Moral message: The task of a mother is not just giving birth, but also educating her child.

Sometimes there is a mother who misunderstands the meaning of love. Is interpreted by not reprimanding or not scolding her child when making a mistake. Though such an attitude plunges his child because his child becomes difficult to distinguish which things are wrong and what is right.

And when the child has grown up, his character has already been damaged, and all he has realized is after everything has been too late.

Every parent who understands the meaning of educating and the importance of child character education certainly can capture the message of the narrative of the tragic story above.

Hopefully, it can be useful.
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