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A Contrasting Reality! (Social gap)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

At 14.30.

The daytime was very hot.
I was sitting relaxing in my shop.

As I turned to my side of the shop, suddenly my gaze fell on someone who was standing pensively.


The melancholy man turned out to be an artisan of the agate rings having a stall on the side of the road. His position is not too far from my shop.

(Note: Agate is a mineral or stone formed naturally from the results of geological procedures whose elements consist of one or several chemical components that have a high enough selling price on certain types. This stone is often made in the form of a ring by some people of Indonesia. - Izal).

I do not know for sure what the person was thinking.

His face looked pale.

At that time I think: "hmmm, it seems that this person is thinking about the problem of declining orders of agate in recent times".

Indeed, when this time agate business has begun to fade, the trend has started to run out.

This seasonal business is like a vast and barren land in the continent of Africa.

When the rainy season arrives then the water floods into the niche of the land and turns into a small lake, all the animals and the surrounding vegetation grow and thrive.

But when there came a dreadful long drought, all the animals and plants around it became dead. Until the next rainy season begins, so they can live again. That's the cycle.

Illustration: The Ring of Agate Stone.

That's what this agate business parable.

The agate phenomenon is indeed reasonable as like this because this business is a category of seasonal business types.

Usually when the season/trend has been exhausted, then this agate craftsman will switch to another business. Until then later the pattern is coming again, then they will return to pursue this type of activity.

But somehow with this 'agate man'. He persisted with the agate business, even though almost no one had made the stone ring. I do not know why he has not replaced his profession with other types of business.

And why does he look so dreamy? His eyes were so far away and empty. His face was pale.

I still watch that person carefully.

Suddenly the pensive man fell!

He fell in front of the clothing store located beside my toy shop.

And fainted!

Everyone immediately rushed to help him.

My wife and I came immediately rushed to help her.

After a little consciousness, he could only say softly with both hands still vibrating:

"Please, I have no power anymore." "

I then asked him:

"What's wrong with you sir?"

He replied: "I have unable to survive again because since the morning I have not eaten and no money to buy food".

I went on to ask: "Has your wife not delivered rice and food for you?

He replied: "no one is delivering food, my wife has died since a year ago, while my son is in the village. I'm just alone here."

Oh my God! (we all pause for a moment).

Such are the trials of life in the world.

So many people are in trouble, problems in their lives very hard.

Therefore we should always be grateful if we are getting the favors ease and sustenance.
And help them. Concern for fellow humans can grow because we often help them.

My wife then told me. The owner of warteg beside my toy store (note: warteg is a typical restaurant of Tegal area) had reminded the agate rings maker to have lunch (soon), but he did not want to.

"It seems he is embarrassed to be in debt again (for eat) because of his debts there is already in arrears. The total amount of his debt 131,000 Rupiah", said the owner of Warteg.

Finally, my wife took the initiative to pay off his debts, then buy him food for lunch.

I also advise that person to try another business. Because his current efforts are already exhausted the trend (because it is seasonal and temporary).

I can only be stunned.

Apparently, at this time there are still people to buy food, he not able.

It reminded me of the past when I was a teenager (monetary crisis of '97 - '98). Please read my story during the financial crisis here: YOU WANT TO SUCCEED? TRY TO GO WANDER!

At that time, to be able to buy rice, my father must wait for the arrival of stitches orders. (My father is a tailor).

If the sewing order came at 2:00 noon, then at 03.00 pm our family can eat.

If not come orders stitching, automatically in the whole day our family cannot eat!

The same experience as the agate maker!

In this country (Indonesia), the reality of life is harsh for most people, and (probably) too easy for some others.

At the same time (when the ring stone maker been starving), how many other places are the people who like to waste food? I once read a story in the online media, that it once happened to a private company that throws a lot of food (catering) for his employees.

Either because they don't like the cuisine or other reasons. I do not know for sure. But it is clear that a lot of rice and side dishes are left and wasted.

I think: rather than discarded food like that, it is better for the food to be collected and reprocessed (hygienically). It is then donated to foundations that can distribute it to poor people. I think that way will be more useful.

Not to mention, on the other hand, a lot of people who are given the gift of excess wealth by God, but he likes to splurge with his money. The forehead wrinkles if there are people who advise each other to each other. It is difficult for him to give charity to others.

That is the dynamics of life in this world.

A reality of life! (Social gap).

Therefore o my friends.

If we have an excess of sustenance, always remember to our brothers who can not afford.

Although there is little we can do to help, it means a lot to them.

Don't be too stingy and like to accumulate wealth, because when death comes, we will bring nothing. Only good deeds will be delivered.

The treasure that we leave will belong to the heirs. And sometimes fellow siblings can be hostile because of fighting for the inheritance.

So, use our money for life in this world, as long as not excessive. And do not forget the rights/parts of people who can not afford.

And give lots of charity and charity. Hopefully, we are always lucky!

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful in your other colleagues.

A reminder.
Bang izal
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