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The Advantage Of Being A Blogger (From Hobby to Money)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hi, my friends.

In this article, I feel intensely interested in reviewing the ins and outs of the world of blogging.

I am trying to be a blogger, and unexpectedly it makes me instantly addicted and falling in love with the blogging world! ☺☺☺

I started to become a blogger a year ago. My first blog is an Indonesian-language blog with a domain address:

My initial intention was to want to collect writing that previously many 'scattered' in the posts a Facebook account.

Yeah! I've been writing for a long time. (Since 25 years ago)

Formerly quite a lot of my writing.

I was ranging from short stories to opinions that written randomly (in the middle of my notebook). Well, after getting to know Facebook (in 2010), some of that writing then I wrote back to the notes Facebook.

Because Facebook placement is not neat, finally I started to make a blog about a year ago. The purpose of creating this blog is to collect and rewrite all the existing posts on Facebook. From then on I became a maniac blogger.☺

What are the causal factors that make me addicted to writing and instantly fall in love with the blogging world?

Because becoming a blogger is very much useful for us!

Well, what are the advantages of being a blogger?

The advantage of being a blogger is very much. And in this article, we will discuss the benefits in outline only, including:

#1. Advantages of intellectually.

-1a. Make us become careful reading.

One condition for a blogger to become a quality publisher, then he must be diligent in reading various references.

Because to be able to produce good writing (in quality), a blogger must have reference source.

Well, where does the reference source? And how do I get it?

Of course, will be obtained by reading books and all existing media (such as Google).

To master all the material of his writing, a blogger must say diligent reading. So, interpretation is the source of 'fuel' for the contents of a blogger's write.

Therefore, the main characteristic of a blogger will never be separated from reading habits.

-1b. Be good at writing.

Being a blogger is the most potent means for practicing writing skills.

People who are not talented writes, but if he is always consistent writing his work, over time will surely be honed to become a reliable writer and qualified!

The logical explanation is this:

1. When a blogger is always consistent reading, it will make all the information ever read will continue to be absorbed into the memory and his subconscious.

2. When always consistent writing, it will make all the information that has been absorbed it will continue to 'poured' into each a blogger's writings. And over time will be able to produce quality on a blogger!

-1c. Become proficient in internet technology, especially programming/coding/Html.

Frankly, I say, before creating a blog, I am a person who is 'blind' to the world of coding.

Yes! I used to not understand the programming language code Html, CSS, Javascript, etc.

Well, since I create a blog and use the default template from blogger, it turns out many parts of the template code Html has not been designed correctly, especially on the part of the code structure.

Like the default blogger template: 'Notable' (I use for this blog). Before I fix it, the leading template speed score was only 67/100 (tested using page speed insight tools). And the SEO score is only 59% (Chkme tools version). And very many errors in the data structure. If not mistaken, reach 850 items with error! ☺

Well, after I fix up to a month (with all the struggle), finally the default template blogger was successful also I fix it self-taught.

So now the score is much better, almost matching the premium template scores. Namely error data structure leaving only two items with error, score 85/100 speed, and SEO score scored perfectly 100%.

Even though I had to experience the trouble to fix it, I often became not sleeping at night, (so my wife so often grumble). But the result now I have started to understand a lot about the science of coding (programming).

Therefore, for newbie bloggers who plunge into the world of blogging, I suggest that fix the templates on self-taught because it can serve as a means of training for us to be able to understand and master the science of programming (coding) and SEO.

#2. The advantage of psychological satisfaction.

-2a. Joy because the results of our writing can be useful for many people.

Frankly, I say that the greatest satisfaction for me is when many internet users read my writing.

Especially if the contents of my writing it can also be useful, helping others and become the inspiration for the people. I'm very so glad. ☺

As if being 'paid off' all the tiredness I feel during writing articles. Like the waist that feels stiff from sitting too long, and the eyes are exhausted because too long to see the computer screen.

I need at least 5 hours when writing articles. If I'm writing a featured article, it can take up to 3 days to complete.

There are even some articles that take up to a week to complete, quite exhausting. But when many people read all my writing, all my struggle like 'paid off'!

-2b. We become better known by many people / have fans.

I want to emphasize in advance that in this section I do not intend to show off, but only as motivation only, so that grow the spirit we to become a blogger.

So here's the story:

Before I create a blog, the follower on my personal Facebook account is only about 50 people. After I started blogging, in just six months my follower's number has reached more than 700 people! ☺

The same thing happened to my Instagram account. Before I became a blogger, the number of follower on my Instagram account is only about 300 people. But now the followers have booming more than 2.000 people.

The spike in the number of followers has occurred since I routinely share articles to all social media accounts.

Take a look!

A blogger will get a network of friends faster on social media! 

If the contents of our writing are useful and able to be an inspiration for the people, then they (the loyal readers) will always come back to our blog!

There are among loyal readers who want to get acquainted, wants to consult, and there are also those who offer business cooperation. That's the advantage if we become a blogger!

We become having a connection/network of friends, known to many people, and POPULAR! ☺

#3. The advantage of financial (material/money).

(This third part is still closely related to the second point above).


If only within six months I have been able to get 700 followers in Facebook and more 2.000 followers on Instagram, then how about the estimated follower that I will get in the next 2, 3, and even five years? ☺☺☺

Back to topics!

Friends, I want to divulge a 'secret'.

So, here it is,

One of the goals I create a blog is to build a brand.

What brand is that?

That is my online store brand: Bang Izal Toy.

And the domain name of my blog that speaks Indonesian ( deliberately I make the same as my online store brand.

Yup! It is the brand name of my online store!

Among them are:
  • Online Shop Bang Izal Toy on Bukalapak e-commerce.
  • Bang Izal Toy online store at e-commerce site in Tokopedia.
  • Bang Izal Toy online store on the Facebook fan page.
  • Online Shop Bang Izal Toy in the Instagram account.
So if any of the loyal users my blog that comes from Indonesia type keyword 'bang izal toy', then the Google search page will appear bang izal toy blog address, and also all the address of my online store site.

Do not believe??

Try to test the keyword 'bang izal toy' in search google now.☺

So one of my blogging strategies is to build BUSINESS BRAND and long-term BUSINESS NETWORKS! ☺

So if later followers in all of my blog this can reach tens of thousands. (hopefully)
Followers on my Instagram account (and Facebook page) have also reached dozens of thousands (hopefully).
Followers on my personal Facebook account have also reached dozens of thousands (hopefully).

So, what are the opportunities and advantages that I can use to raise my online store brand (later)? There are so many benefits!

Why not? Because I can invite, encourage and direct all followers and loyal users of my blog to shop at my online store!

That's my long-term strategy! ☺

Perhaps some of you are asking: "What about being a Google Adsense publisher? Is not it for most people; it's also their goal to blog?"

Ooh of course! That is one of my goals, that is to be a Google Adsense publisher.

And thank God I say to God because Google has approved my blog since five months ago. So the ads have been aired on my blog that speaks Indonesian and also this English-language blog.

Now my most significant task is always to be ready to present useful information for all my blog users.

And all that will only be fulfilled if I always consistently write quality content.

Because all the valuable information that is in our content is the only factor that will be able to make the users want to come back to our blog!

So, That's the advantage of being a blogger! And I enjoy it.

Yup! Although my legs are often tingling, my hands and fingers are also often stiff for typing too long, but I am still happy to live it.

All the science and experience that I have poured on each of my blogs, I give sincerely. And thanks to God, it turns out that reciprocity was coming in droves by itself.

All readers and loyal users on my blog can use information, and the other side I also get lots of friends, lots of connections, and a full business network. And finally all boils down to profit (money).

Mutualist symbiosis!

So, that's an advantage of being a blogger, starting from the hobby until finally can make a lot of money.

Everything needs strategy, sincerity, consistency and careful planning.

I hope the contents of this article can be useful for you all. If you feel this article is helpful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be useful to your other colleagues.

Bang izal
Bang izal Saya Seorang Praktisi Bisnis Mainan. Sangat hobi menulis dan suka berdiskusi. Saya ingin sekali saling berbagi ilmu, dan pengalaman, dengan teman-teman semua melalui blog ini.

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