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Defect (Short story)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

There was a young man who was looking for a perfect match.

The criteria set by that young man is: must a beautiful women and do not have the slightest defect.

One day the young man met an old man.

The old man then invited the young man to visit his home.

In the old man's house, there are three young women. They are Maya, Susi, and Rihana. But at that time there was only Maya and Susi at home. Rihana is not at home, she is rarely at home and more often spends time partying with her friends.

Maya is the oldest of them. She is a foster child and has been adopted by that old man since she was a baby.

While Susi is a nephew of the old man, she has been taken care of by that old man since was one year old. Susi is fostered by that old man because she has been an orphan since was still in the cradle. Both her biological parents have died in an accident.

And the youngest woman among them is Rihana. She is the only daughter of the old man's. Rihana was present in that little family after the old man wife finally got pregnant. The coveted child finally born after their 10th wedding anniversary.

Rihana was born when her adoptive sisters Maya and Susi have been aged 5 and four years.

Since childhood Rihana very pampered once by both parents. As a sign of affection to his biological daughter, that old man (and his wife) always obey all the wishes Rihana. She was hardly ever reprimanded or scolded, even though she made a fatal mistake.

Rihana also never helped the work of both the parents. All the homework is always done by two of her adoptive siblings.

Rihana's daily 'work' is just playing, preening, and stylish living freely with her friends.

Time goes by. The three women began to enter adulthood, and it is worth to marry. That's why the old man started thinking to find a match for his three daughters. 

Incidentally, the old man met the young man who was looking for a mate. That's why the old man invited the young man to visit his home.

DEFECT (Short story)

The young man was told to choose between the two women.

The first time the young man see Maya.

Maya is a diligent, courteous and very respectful woman to her adoptive parents. Maya is also beautiful, but unfortunately, in her hand, there are burn marks. The cause of this burn is because she was once scalded when helping her adoptive mother cook.

Because Maya has a scar, so she does not meet the requirements set by that youth. This means Maya is not a perfect woman, because it has a disability a body. And finally, the man was not voting her.

Then the young man turned to see Susi.

Susi is also a very devoted woman to her uncle. She is very diligent in helping all her uncle and aunt's work. Devotion given by this Susi, is as a sign of affection, for having been raised since childhood by her uncle.

Unfortunately, Susi also has a defect in her foot. Her feet are hollow and scaly due to skin diseases. The cause of the disease is because it is often exposed to soapy water when help her aunt wash clothes. Finally, that youth also failed to choose Susi.

The day it was late at night. After dinner, the young man intends to leave. He thanked the old man and his wife and his two adopted children for being so good at that day.

And the young man apologized profusely to the old man because his two adopted daughters did not meet the conditions he set.

When going to step foot to go home, Rihana suddenly appeared in front of the door! 

She had just returned from her friend's party event.

For a few seconds, the young man was transfixed and stunned when he saw Rihana. The beauty of the woman made him suddenly fascinated and amazed. Incredible beauty! As if there were no defects!

In addition to beautiful, Rihana also has a sexy body shape and skin white, clean, smooth.

Perfect! Without the slightest flaw!

The young man felt all the criteria had been fulfilled by Rihana. Without much thought again, the young man immediately proposed to her.

Long story short. Finally, the young man and Rihana get married. And not long after, Rihana is known to be pregnant.

When the child was born, the young man was confused. He was a wonder, why is there something that looks strange and different between his and that newborn baby?

Because a very curious, the young man finally asked: "Actually, what happens, old sir????"

"Rihana has been deformed a month before you come" replied the old man.
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