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Opportunities And Advantages Of Online Business

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hello friends.

For this time I will try to discuss the opportunity of online business.

We can see in the span of the last five years, almost all small and medium businesses have had an online store. Both the online store site itself, and those who sell in e-commerce.


The online business attack was 'so awful,' that it made quite offline shops (physical stores) is 'shocked.' 

It is undeniable that the continuous 'invasion' of the online store is enough to shake the existence of physical shops. Including, is my store. Later, I will write an exclusive article, about why I finally opened an online to store (besides a physical store).

Now, let's flashback for a moment to the era ten years ago.

In the past, the online store was not yet famous. Among the causes:

#1. Shopping security issues.

This condition (shopping security issues) is one of the biggest causes that makes the average person at that time unsure of shopping at an online store. Many cases of fraud heard by people. Like this; after the money transferred, the seller disappeared without a trace.

Previously, (in 2010), e-commerce was not as popular as it is now and some have not even been there. Bukalapak (one of the biggest e-commerce in Indonesia) just established in 2010. At that time most online businesses were from the web or personal accounts like Facebook.

However, the rampant fraud cases have undermined public trust. If trust is not guaranteed, it is difficult for people to shop online.

#2. Not familiar.

Also in the past, under the year 2010, the online store was still something foreign. The average person always used to shop at physical shops. At that time if someone heard the term online store as if it were foreign words that were rarely heard in his ears, not yet familiar!

Why not familiar then?

The reasons are many, including; because at that time the supporting technology was not as sophisticated as it is now.

When it was, a reasonably sophisticated cellphone (in its day) like the blackberry, the price was still high. Even though only that cellphone is the most advanced feature to access the internet (at that time). While most people at that time were still many who used older versions of mobile phones such as Nokia and Sony Ericson whose technology was still limited (not yet supporting the internet).

As a result, only a handful of people are familiar and can access the internet (online shop) at that time, especially people who live in urban areas.

#3. Internet access is still difficult and expensive.

In the past, (under the year 2010) if a person wants to be able to access the internet, yes the choice must be to the internet cafes. Because (to my knowledge), if you're want to install internet from the provider company personally at home, the cost is quite expensive. Only certain people can subscribe to the internet at that time.

What about at the moment?

All cellular telecommunication operator companies (includes in Indonesia) are increasingly vying to pamper their customers with various cheap internet packages.

Not to be outdone, now all provider companies that used to be expensive, are also competing to offer cheap internet promo packages.

The point is, nowadays all levels of society have been 'spoiled' and accustomed to the internet.

Maybe at the next five years, the need for internet will equal the demand for electricity. Especially for urban communities. (Based on personal experience, I, if the internet network at home is breaking up, it feels like it there is something that is lacking in the heart of Hehee).

Back to topic!

So, the point?

Look, friends, nowadays even a garbage man in my place is used to using Android!

This means that all the supporting technology, including the internet, today is not already strange for everyone!

Okay, friends, I think the flashback is enough.

Now we focus on the main topic of discussion.

That is above three very sharp differences and very rapid changes in the development of internet technology.

With all the technological changes and the ease of internet access that is fast at this time, then it opens up extensive opportunities for you to try fortune in the field of online business.

Why do I say this online business is a tremendous opportunity?

Next, I try to explain the reasons in full.


Online Business The market is extensive.

If a physical store is only able to reach customers within a few kilometers, the online store can reach all regions in one country, even internationally!

What a vast market!

Now many SMEs, small and home industries rely on their marketing in the online business. See an online store in e-commerce Bukalapak, Tokopedia, eBay, Alibaba, Amazon, and others. How many users have been helped by this online marketplace?

An online business provides opportunities for everyone. Start from people have large capitals, are 'half-capitalized' or have no money at all.

The online store is very much different from a physical store (offline store).

The offline store requires significant capital for its operations. Physical stores must too rent a shop. In Jakarta for a 3 x 5-meter shop, the cheapest rent is 15 million rupiahs per year. Include the cost of a product, making displays, shelves, storefronts, or various other store equipment. It all requires not a small amount of money. So not everyone can open a physical store / offline store. It takes a long time and process.

So what are the advantages of an online business compared to an offline business?

Yup! In online business, the first capital is much cheaper! You only need to pay the cost internet or buy a cheap internet quota promo. Another cost is the money to buy a camera (for a photograph of the product). You don't have to have to have an LSDR camera that is expensive. Even old-school Go Pro cameras can do that too. The vital thing can photograph the product!

Maybe you ask me: "But if I don't have a product, Is there still any online selling opportunities for me,,..?"

Why can't you, bro, buddy? ☺

If you don't have a product yet, or you don't have business capital at all, then you can be selling other people's products. You can help sell other people's products on e-commerce such as eBay, Amazon, Alibaba, etc. But before, you had to ask permission first with the owner of the product to promote their items in your online store.

The selling price a little raised (for your profits later). Don't over raised the price, because it can cause the product to be difficult to sell. (The price competition in the online business is very tight, bro☺).

The above method is called dropshipping.

Or it could be way selling products from physical/offline stores owned by your friends.

So this is the way: you photograph all the products in the offline store your friend and post them in your online store. Later, after buyer orders and transfers the money, you immediately come to buy the product to your friend physical store. Next, you send that product to the buyer in your online shop.

A method above widely adopted by beginner online traders.

Well, it true in online business, everyone has a chance? Yes, sure! ☺

Online business is not time bound and you can control anywhere.

Very much different from offline stores that have to stand by in your store. In online business, we can do it while doing other work. Some of the young mothers who have one child can still undergo this business for additional income. After letting the child fall asleep, the activities of the online store can resume.

Above condition is very different to me - when managing an offline store. Even though I have employees, I still have to standby in the shop (to oversee the sales and all kinds of things). You can't just leave it behind; because it can result in bookkeeping a mess because there is no owner/supervisor in there.

Very different when I started to open an online store. In the online store, I can process all the orders while taking working or while relaxing at home. That's the big difference between online shops and physical/offline stores!

The time to work in online stores too flexible. There are no ties. You are the king. ☺

It means: If you want to work 24 hours online, please. If you want a day or half day work, please. Is not at all tied to work time such in as physical stores. ☺

Many people are successful and become millionaires because they focus and find their passion for online businesses.

Many people who start from internet technology-based businesses have become millionaires and wealthy. At the national level (my country, Indonesia), there are several examples such as Achmad Zaky (CEO Bukalapak), Nadiem Makarim (CEO of Gojek), Andrew Darwis (CEO of Kaskus), Hendrik Tio (CEO of Bhinneka), etc.

The above is a company level online businessman.

There are also owner online businesses personal/individual who enjoy success. Among them are Faisal adlan (CEO of ical toys).

Faisal adlan when selling at the bazaar Hotwheels.

Faisal adlan business originally started from a childhood hobby. Namely of miniature toys models (hot wheels toy/die-cast metal models) from various collections.

At one time (if not mistaken at a gathering of fellow die-cast hobbyists) he idly participated in displaying some (or all, I somewhat forgot to remember his story) his childhood collection. Not unexpectedly it turns out that the collection is selling well and is all sold out!

From there, Faisal adlan started to get excited to start up a die-cast, and hot wheels toy online business until now. By utilizing internet technology, teamwork, and qualified human resources, Ical Toy and friends have enjoyed the success. Fyi; The Faisal adlan online store has been running for almost ten years.

At present, in one auction process, Faisal can sell up to thousands of pcs of hot wheels toy with total turnover reaching hundreds of millions of rupiah. You can read the full story about it here: The Story of Faisal Adlan (icalToys Hotwheels), A Successful Online Businessman in Indonesia (Part #1)

Do you also want to succeed like them? Yes surely! I wish you too! ☺☺☺

Thus, an online business provides an opportunity for everyone to achieve success.

See you again,

Send regards for success! ☺
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