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What Are The Types Of Online Business? And How To Get Income?


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hi, friend.

If you ask people who still lay with the internet world: "What is an online business?"

Well, what do you think about their answer?

Surely most of them will answer ---> online business is people who sell in e-commerce, Instagram or Facebook!

Surely their answer would be like that!

Why am I so sure they will answer like that? Because that is 'the picture' (in my mind) about online business when a few years ago hehe.☺

Yes! I used to be a layman about online business. Please be advised; I include still a beginner in this online business.

I started the online shop business for the last three years. I opened the online store in some e-commerce which has been popular in Indonesia, among others in Bukalapak, Lazada and Tokopedia. The result is pretty good as an additional income.

Before setting up the online store, I trade in the physical store only, that is offline store 'RC — toys' located in Kalisari area, East Jakarta. So, therefore, the first thing I understand about online business is people who sell in e-commerce and social media.

Apparently,,,, after three years of dabbling in online business (and learn all the ins and outs), then I realized that the online store is not as narrow as I thought. It turns out the type and scope of online business are more extensive than I ever imagined!

Well, let us discuss and discuss some of these online business types one by one (in more detail).

I will review some types of online business, as well as how to get income from every kind of online store.

Among the types of online businesses are:

#1. Selling products on your website or creating an online store on an e-commerce site.

This is the most popular and most widely known type of online business.

As I mentioned above, that in the mindset of most people, it had embedded the understanding that what is meant by an online business is selling products on social media and e-commerce sites. Therefore, this type of online marketing I place in the first discussion.

Well, how to earn and increase revenue in online business?

The answer: depends on the type of online business you choose because every kind of online store has different methods to increase revenue.

If you open an online store business on a personal website, or in social media like facebook account, Instagram and so on, then the most effective method to increase your income is by building high traffic!

If the amount of traffic or number of prospective buyers visit your website or online store is high, then, of course, you also have a chance to get more significant sales on your product.

Well, how to build traffic?

Build traffic can be by finding and contacting your old friends. Like your high school or junior high school friends. Well, you can introduce your website or online store to your friends.

Or it could by joining the forum community business/group sale and purchase in social media. Well, you can promote your product to it.

But there are important things to remember! You must join a group or community that is relevant to the topic/product you are selling.

What is the reason?

Because if you promote your product to an irrelevant group, your campaign will be useless. Surely your will be ignored by members of the group /community, and even you will likely be banned by them.

The other way is with the paid promotion method. That is, you can build your website traffic, or promote your products by encouraging through Facebook ads, Google Adwords, and so forth.

So, the formula's is the higher the website traffic of your online store = the more higher the sales opportunity.

How to get the most critical traffic is actually by building a good name and trust to every buyer who has been shopping in your online store. That is by providing excellent customer service, the speed of service and honesty!

If the three customer services above have you managed to wake up, (be naturally) your online store traffic will increase by itself. Well, what causes your online store traffic can increase? Because your online store has been promoted for free by your customer/buyer! They make recommendations about your online store to friends or his relatives. A word of mouth recommendation. 


Yes! If each buyer feels satisfaction when shopping in your online store, then most likely they will recommend your online store !. Well, starting from there, eventually your online store continues to grow and snowball. And begin to have significant income!

Maybe some of you ask: "If I have an online store on e-commerce sites, how to increase my online store income?"

So, I will answer:

How to get income from e-commerce sites use a method that is almost the same as personal websites or in social media. The primary key lies in customer satisfaction!

What is slightly different is: if we open an online store on e-commerce sites, then we must follow and adhere to the system set by e-commerce. And the method to build traffic in e-commerce is through feedback and favorable testimony from buyers of your online store (usually feedback and testimonials are listed in your shop on that e-commerce site).

The more and the better the favorable feedback/testimony provided by your customers, the higher the trust of other prospective buyers to your online store.

There may be more among you who ask: "I'm still a beginner in the online business world, and only have a minimum capital base, what kind of online business that suits me?"

Well, the answers to these questions will I continue on three other types of online business. Because the following types of online companies do not require significant capital, so it can be applied by people with minimal money.
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The types of that online businesses are:

#2. Dropship / Reseller / affiliate.

Online business opportunities are very open to everyone. So, if you only have minimum capital, even 'don't have' the money though, do not you feel discouraged! Because you have the same opportunity to do business like everyone else!

How to?

Let us both see.

You can still do business online by selling and promoting products owned by others.

That is by becoming a reseller, dropship or affiliate (online broker).

The trick is, you can find other products that are selling in the market. Then, try to promote that product to Facebook friends, Instagram, Twitter, and your other friends in social media accounts.

You do not need to spend money capital, because your 'capital base' is re-upload photos of other people's products and then market them again.

Choose the best products and have the best selling in the market. Then you sell the product with the price you set (the price is slightly raised from the original selling price) in your social media account or online store.

If there are people who order and want to buy that product, then your next task is to contact the first seller (owner of the product). The goal is to ascertain whether the stock of the product is still available.

If the product is still available, then you can contact the buyer and complete payment transactions with him.

Then you re-contact the original owner of the product and pay the price of the goods according to the price set (usually given a lower rate, because you are the reseller).

Next, the product owner sends the product by using your name as the sender. So the product is shipped on your behalf, but the real sender is the seller/owner of the original product.

In this way, you can earn income from the results 'services help sell' the product. That's called dropship; There are also people who provide the term reseller or affiliate on this type of online business. The meaning of the three terms above are almost the same, that is to become brokers of other people's products.

A little bit different to affiliate. In this affiliate type of online business, you promote a product. By making a review article about the advantages of that product, but you don't sell it directly.

Example: undoubtedly many of you (and others) who already know that my blog contains a topic (niche) about toy business. Well, therefore, I try to offer cooperation to the manufacturer of Hot Wheels rack product to make a review article about their products. Because of the reviews about Hot Wheels rack products I write as attractive as possible, thus creating a lot of readers who became interested in buying Hot Wheels rack products it.

Well if the reader / prospective buyers doing transactions through the link review articles on my blog, then I will get a fee (commission) of the results of every the sale. If many Hot Wheels rack products are successfully sold through my articles, then the more significant the commission that I will receive. That's what is called an affiliate. ☺
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#3. Types of online businesses by 'playing' Google AdSense.

Google AdSense? That mean, like what I'm doing now hehe.☺

Did you know?

The working principle of Google AdSense is as follows.

The first stage is you create a blog. Then start building your blog by writing a quality article. If you want to play google AdSense seriously, then the quality article is one of the essential points that you should be able to fulfill.

What is a quality article?

In general, the definition of quality articles is an article that contains complete information and is required by many people. Of course, the information you write should fit your skills, so you will find it easier to write.

Well, if your blog has started many to be visited by users/readers, then you can submit/register your blog to Google AdSense. If your submission is approved, then the ads start showing on your blog. And you will get a commission/income if any of the readers who click on ads on your blog.

Oh yes, why I say that a Google AdSense publisher should have quality articles? Because,,, that's the main factor that will make the user and your loyal readers want to recommend your articles and blogs to others. So that your blog visitors increasingly grow every day.

And what happens then?

If visitors to your blog more crowded, they would be increasingly increasing the chance of ads on your blog on click by the users! 

Right or not?

So, that's why I say: it's vital to write quality articles. :)

#4. Sell information.

This online business such as making as E-book, software, video, webinar, and others. This means everything that contains information/tutorials in the field of expertise that you mastered.

How to make the product:

Find the field you are most mastered with and write in an e-book, or record on video to then be marketed on the internet.

Find out what information matters most to the people, and provide the most appropriate solution in the e-book or video.

Try to build up your branding and capacity so that you can be widely known by the people. Because if people do not know who are you, and do not know what your ability, logically unlikely they will believe and to buy the product/information you offer it.

#5. Being a writer.

Being a writer is one type of online business with a promising opportunity.

The pay is big enough. In my country (Indonesia), a regular writer is paid 10,000 - 20,000 rupiah per hundred words (about 1.5 US Dollar).

And an article writer who has a good reputation can have an income average up to hundreds of dollars per month.

There are two types or levels of article writers.

- The first type: The pay is high.

This type of content writer is usually an article writer on an website or news portal. Because the fee is so high, so this type of writer is very concerned about the quality of the content he wrote.

- The second type: The pay is cheap.

This writer sells his content by only chasing a certain number of words, but less attention to terms of quality content. The cause factor is because they are paid based on word count. So they only give priority to the number of words and do not care about the quality.

Well, all the above are five types of online business. I have explained in great detail and complete. And finally, have entirely answered the question about: What are the kinds of online marketing? And how to get income?

You may choose one of the 5 online business types above. Choose what best fits your skills and passion.

Each of these online business types has an equally good prospect. And you have a chance to succeed in each type of online business. Provided you can meet its requirements, namely: Focus and persistence!

Success is always for you all.

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Best regards.
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