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Samson Story In Islamic Perspective

 Samson Story in Islamic perspective

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Have you ever watched a classic Hollywood film called Samson and Delilah?

If ever, then the characters in the film are not the result of fiction or fairy tales. But the figure exists and is believed to be by three divine religions, namely Jews, Christians, and Islam.

This figure in Hebrew is called Simson. In Arabic, is called Syam'un, and according to the tongue of the west (English), the name changes to Samson.

According to the Islamic perspective, Samson is a prophet.

Samson is one of the 124,000 prophets that Allah Ta'ala sent. He came from the Children of Israel and was sent to preach to his people. According to some historians, he was also sent to teach to Roman territory.

Samson was the third judge at the time of the judges of the children of Israel. He lived after the time of the Prophet Musa (Moses) and Yu'sya (Joshua) bin nun alaihi salam.

The story of the prophet Samson / Syam'un not mentioned in the Qur'an. But the story of this mighty prophet is found in the book of Qisasul Al Anbiya (The stories of the prophets by Imam Ibn Kathir).

In the book, it told that when the prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alayhi Wa Sallam was gathering in the month of Ramadan with his companions. At that time he suddenly smiled himself.

Seeing this, his friends asked: "What makes you smile, O Messenger of Allah?

The Prophet then replied: "Allah showed me about the atmosphere of the last day when all humans gathered in the Mahsyar field. And I saw a prophet who was walking with a sword. He walked alone to heaven without any followers. He was the prophet Syam'un / Samson ".

Prophet Samson / Syam'un was blessed with extraordinary power by Allah Ta'ala.

Among other things, he was able to soften the iron with his hands, fight wild animals, lift the building's pillar and knock it down. 

This Prophet Samson has a special sword made of the jaw bone of a donkey. He used the sword to fight the infidels. His extraordinary strength made the prophet Samson able to fight infidels from his people (the Children of Israel), as well as against the Romans was alone.

He was genuinely invincible, so all the infidels were confused to fight it.

At that time the Children of Israel were ordered by a king who was wrong and denied Allah. Finally, the king and all the infidels from the Children of Israel and the Romans later conspired. To find a way to defeat the prophet, Samson.

Then they found a way to find the weakness of the prophet Samson. Namely by influencing his wife (Delilah). The King of the Children of Israel then lured the wife of the prophet Samson with sufficient assets, on condition that he could divulge what his husband's weaknesses were.

Finally, the prophet Samson's wife tempted by the king's offer. Then seduce her husband to tell him what his weaknesses are. Because of his affection and love for his wife, and also because the prophet Samson thought that it was impossible for his wife to do evil to him, he finally mentioned his weaknesses.

Samson said to his wife: "If you want to find me in a helpless state, tie I'm using my haircut." 

Finally, the wife of the prophet Samson cut her hair (when she was sleeping), then tied her hands with the hair.

It turned out that it was true what he said. When he woke up, suddenly his body drooped helplessly with the condition of both hands tied with his hair. At that time he did not expect if his wife had the heart to betray him.

Then his treacherous wife told the king that the prophet Samson was helpless. Not long after, came the royal warriors carrying the prophet Samson to the palace.

Arriving at the palace, the prophet Samson received extraordinary torture. He was hit, whipped and pry both of his eyes. After that, the prophet Samson was forced to do all the heavy work in the king's palace.

Because of the cruel torture he received, finally the prophet Samson prayed that God would give him help.

Samson began his prayer by repenting to Allah and begging forgiveness for being deceived by his wife.

Finally, Allah granted the prayer of the prophet Samson and returned his strength as before. With that power, then the prophet Samson demolished the king's palace building. And the unjust king of the Children of Israel was destroyed along with all his people who denied, including the wife of Prophet Samson himself.

After that, the prophet Samson promised Allah to jihad against all unbelievers for 1,000 months.
When hearing the story of the Apostle about the prophet Samson who fought by jihad fi sabilillah (fighting in the way of God) for up to 1,000 months, one friend then said:

"O Messenger of Allah, we also want to worship, whose reward is the same as 1,000 months of jihad."

Hearing the friend's words, then the apostle silent for a moment.

Not long after the angel Gabriel came to meet the Messenger of Allah. Gabriel then revealed to the prophet, that in the month of Ramadan there was one night whose value was better than 1,000 months.

That night came to be known as the night name Lailatul Qadar. 

Such is the story of the prophet Samson / Simson / Syam'un. And asbabun nuzul (cause) of the existence of Lailatul Qadar worship in the Islamic religion, originated from the narrators of the Prophet about the story of Samson.

Hopefully, this story of Prophet Samson / Syam'un can add to our faith. Aammiin.

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