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The Story Of Sultan With 4 Wife


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Once upon a time, in a kingdom, there is a sultan (ruler) whose power was considerable. The Sultan has four wives. He very loved his 4th wife (his young wife). Love that deeply penetrated his soul, even he kept trying to get the pleasure of his young wife.

The 3rd wife's he loved too. But he always felt worried, because this 3rd wife was not loyal. She has the potential to betray, leave it, and turn to other men.

The second of sultan wife is the place to solve problems on all this time when the sultan is in a state of sadness and confused — this second wife who is faithful enough to pay attention and serve her husband.

The opposite is very different from the first wife. This oldest wife often ignored by the sultan. He never cared for and always ignored her rights even though this first wife is the only who loves her husband the most and has a maximum role in looking after the sultan and his kingdom.

At one point the Sultan suddenly fell ill and felt that his death was near.

He pondered and said to himself: "I have four wives. I do not want to die alone and put into a tomb in a state of loneliness".

And the sultan said to his 4th wife: "You are my youngest wife, and that I love the most compared to all my wives. All this time I've always fulfilled all your wishes and requests. Now, may I ask you to accompany me in the grave and as my comforter in the face of death, are you willing?"

The 4th wife immediately replied: "Impossible your request I do !!" 

The youngest wife immediately left the sultan and never cared to him.

Then the sultan called his third wife and said: "During the time I have always guarded and loved you all my life. Now, will you turn guard and accompany me in my grave?"

The third wife replied: "Oooh can't ... and surely I will never want to! The life of the world is too beautiful to be abandoned. After you die, I will soon marry another man ..." 

Hearing the words of his two young wives, it very hurt the sultan's feelings. All the attention and love that had so far devoted to the two young wives finally returned with tubal water. When approaching his death, two of his wives never cared about him anymore.

While feeling depressed and half desperate, the sultan still hopes for his 3rd wife's. Then the king called his wife and said: "I always leaned on and relied on you in times of trouble. And you are always willing to help and even sacrifice for me. Now, will you sacrifice for the last time by accompanying me to my grave?"

With sad feelings, his 3rd wife's replied: "Please forgive me, I really can't accompany you. However, I will accompany and deliver you to get to your grave." The most I can do is always pray for you." 

Hearing this 3rd wife's words, made the sultan feel very sad. He had lost all hope because he thought all his wives had betrayed and disobeyed him,,,,,

Suddenly a soft voice came from a distance, and said: "I will faithfully accompany you in your grave ..., and I will always come with you, wherever you will go ... ... ..."

Such is the story of the sultan with his four wives.

O friends,,, actually in life in this world we all have 'four wives.' 

The "4th wife" is an illustration of our own body. No matter how we always pay attention to it, and always obey his will, surely he will surely leave us soon after we die.

The "third wife" is an illustration of the assets we have in the world. When we die, he will surely go and change hands to the other owner (heir).

The "second wife" is an illustration of the family and all friends. No matter how much attention they give us during our lives, then when we die, they can only deliver us to the grave. The maximum help that we can get is a prayer from our children. And even then if we have succeeded in educating them, so they become pious children who always pray for their parents.
While the "first wife" is an illustration of charity us.

Sometimes we forget and negligent with the life of the world. We are too chasing world treasures and spending too much time making fun. So that we forget to worship and charity, as a provision after we die. Though only our deeds of virtue are the only ones that will help and accompany us in the grave to reach the hereafter.

Friend ... If your deeds from the past to the present depicted in human form, how about the situation? Is it thin, sick and neglected? Or is it fresh and maintained?

While there is still a chance and the rest of the life, then let us hasten in doing charity, for our provision in the hereafter later ... ... before everything is too late like the story of the Sultan above.

~All humans when they die do not bring anything, except to only bring good deeds and virtues while living in the world~

Hopefully, it can be useful for you all.
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