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Being Friendly with Successful People Can Improve Your Mindset

 Being Friendly with Successful People Can Improve Your Mindset

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hello friends. ☺

After successively in the previous articles, I wrote a business topic, this time I wanted to write about self-development.

The topic that I will raise is about the influence of successful friend to our thinking patterns.

There is a saying: "we can see a person's character and mindset, from who his friend is."

If someone is friends with drunks, lazy people, unemployed, criminals, and the peoples who have other evil characters, of course, their ways and mindset will influence him.

Therefore, stay away from friends or an adverse social environment, because will not benefit our future.

Sorry friends, this article does not mean to 'patronize' you ... because the writing in this article is also for the reminder to myself.

When I was a teenager (in the 90s), I hang out and make friends with various people characters. Including getting along with school gang kids.

The activity of drinking liquor, using illegal drugs, and extorting others have become commonplace for them. And their actions also affected me.

At the era of the 90s, among young people in Jakarta, there was the term 'ngebetak,'. That is the action of intercepting other school children in certain places and asking for their money by force. Usually, the bullying tool that we use is an iron ruler that has sharpened to sharp.

The bad influence continued until I finished high school in 1998.

Even after graduating from school, my 'stupidity' was getting worse. When it, my 'routine ritual' with friends of the gang is booze liquor and rolling mariju@na. For 'make a push,' combined with a few sed@tive pills.

My 'getting lost' period to continue until the end of 2001.

Entering the beginning of 2002 I began to think,,,,,,;
  • "How long should I continue like this?"
  • "I think I have to take a stand and decide to leave this."
  • " I am not a rich man; my brothers and sisters are many and still small!"
  • "I am the oldest child in the family, and my younger siblings need my attention and support. If I continue like this, then all their hopes will have vanished."
  • "I have to start discipline and change my mindset!"
Since then, I started going to Pandeglang city and leaving all relationships and environment bad in my teen years. 

At the beginning of career, I was still geeky and a beginner. 

If in illustration, then at that time I was like someone from the mountain who had just gone to town. More or less like that my situation at that Pandeglang market. Hehe ☺

At that time I was not good at speaking (public speaking), not good at speculating, let alone the skills to play intrigue (when trading), I still very ignorantly of that.

Whereas it has become commonplace, that in certain markets, there is a lot of intrigue among traders. This intrigue arises because of intense competition. 'Playing to shift' other people's stalls, it has become commonplace in that Pandeglang market. (That is to say, if there is a shop where is crowded, then there are competitors who contact the market manager, and requested that shop given to him. He is willing to pay a higher store rental fee for that).

Well, If we are not smart, and are not good at playing intrigue, then be prepared to be 'preyed' by other traders. The law that applies here is the law of the jungle. Whoever is bright and has influence, he will win the competition.
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After six months in the Pandeglang market, I began to learn to adapt.

Finally, I found the most effective way. Namely to try to approach and take sympathy from the most influential people in that market. He was an old trader who had been successful and highly respected in that market.

How do I attract the sympathy of influential people? One of them is by helping all of his business (that I can help). Give gifts (parcel) at certain moments (Eid), and always participate in every meeting held by that influential people. Do it all of these approaches reasonably and sustainably.

If the most influential person in there already best friends with me, of course, all of my business (in that market) becomes easier right? Besides that, I become safer from other traders disorders because I get received protection from this influential person. ☺

Besides being protected, I can also learn a lot about trading techniques from that person because he is also one of the successful traders in there. This my mentors when the beginning of career becoming a trader. Since in that market, I have gained a lot of knowledge in the field of business.

In addition to having friends from influential people, also, prioritize find the friends who are more successful than us.

Why do we have to prioritize finding friends who are more successful than us?

Yes, logically, if we look for close friends whose knowledge is not better than us, then what kind will our get from it? Skill? Experience? Nothing!

Even though your enemy. BUT! If his knowledge is better than yours, then you must be able to 'steal it!' (their skills and strategies).

I once succeeded in 'stealing' skill and business strategy from my own "nemesis," didn't believe it? Here is the story: My Competitors Is My Inspiration!

Please do not misunderstand this. The statement above does not mean I forbid you to get along with other people. We can be friends with anyone, as long as he is good and useful.

I mean in this article is to find more priority friends (close friends). Namely, friends who have succeeded and have knowledge that qualified in their fields so that we can learn and get mentoring from them.

Throughout career, I have changed my business a dozen times. My friends and mentor are quite a lot. Among my mentors are:

- My father: who taught me the science of sewing.

- My mother: who taught me the skill and essential in trading.

- Sutan Ramli: this was a mentor for me in the market of the Pandeglang. (What I have told you before is above).

- Iwan: This is my best friend while trading in the night market. He also taught me the techniques of trading during the night market. 

- Mr. Pen and the late Mak Enek. This the other both of my teachers, they taught me how to make and mix the satay seasoning.

Fyi, I also ever traded Padang satay in 2005. (Later I will write this story in the next article).

- Mr. Amaik: who taught me the skill of tire repair to advanced.

Until now, this tire repair skill never lost from me. If you have problems with the tires and license plate, right now I can still fix it. I'm not joking, guys ... I'm serious!☺

Those above are some of my mentors.

What about now?

Do I still look for other knowledgeable friends?

Oh, of course, it's sure! Next friends and mentors who always inspired me, ie., Faisal Adlan.

He is the owner of the online store; icalToys.

This online store sells the die-cast toy, Hot Wheels toy, and others. Faisal Adlan an expert in their field, who has managed his online store for about ten years. What attracted me, was his neat and organized working system.

He is smart a take advantage of technological advancements to support his business operations.

Try you imagine!

In once auctioning Hotwheels toys, he can successfully sell 10.000 up to 15.000 pcs of Hotwheels product. Extraordinary!

Being Friendly with Successful People Can Improve Your Mindset
Hotwheels toy products from IcalToys are ready to be sent to buyers.

All sales processes can be successful because Faisal Adlan has a solid work team.

Each of his groups is a person who is an expert in their respective fields. This means that people in the packing section are very skilled in packaging products. The customer service person is also very competent and friendly to serve/answer any questions from the buyer. Likewise other specialist sections. They have mastered their respective expertise. Therefore, this online store owned by Faisal Adlan (icalToys), is one of the biggest sellers of Hotwheels in Indonesia.

Being Friendly with Successful People Can Improve Your Mindset
The icalToys team is busy working.

Well, Faisal is one of my mentors in the field of online stores. Even though he was much younger than me, it was not a problem for me. I don't need to feel 'down on prestige.' For me, learning can be on anyone. Even to those who are younger, but if he is more knowledgeable than me, then I will not hesitate to study to him.

Since 2013, I started to open an online store. And one of my sources of reference in online trading techniques is from Faisal Adlan.
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And since the beginning of 2017, I have started to become a blogger!

In the field of blogging, I learned a lot from other bloggers. That is by reading tutorial articles from the master bloggers. Both from my country's master blogger (Indonesia), as well as from a blogging master who is already famous in the world.

And this world of blogging I do it casually but also seriously. I say relax because I never felt burdened when writing. Because I like writing. But I also call it serious, because I never played when writing. I am among those who prioritize the quality of writing while writing.

For me, it's better not to write if it only produces poor quality articles. Therefore, if I am not in the mood to write, then I don't write. I prefer like that. If forced, finally the results are not satisfactory. And I don't like that.

Well, if the mood of my writing has reappeared, and new ideas have come back, then my fingers start dancing again on the keyboard keys. ☺☺

Until here, sharing in this article. Hopefully, the experience that I tell you can benefit for you all.

  • Never stop looking for knowledge until you die.
  • The most useful people are knowledgeable people, and their knowledge can be beneficial for others.
  • If other people are more knowledgeable and more experienced than us, don't feel reluctant to learn from him. And vice versa, if other people are more ordinary than us, don't be stingy to give us the knowledge we have.
Such is the influence of knowledgeable people on our thinking patterns. And being friends with successful people can improve your mindset.

One thing is sure: Having a successful and knowledgeable friend will tend to lead us towards progress! Believe me!


Because they will surely bring a positive aura, which is to make us always inspired and want to follow in their footsteps!

Good luck always for all of you.

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