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Know Yourself, To Find Your Passion (For Success)


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini


When you want to find your identity and prepare for your future, then there are two essential things that you must pay attention to. Namely: "Who is yourself" and "What things can you try." 

Try Knowing yourself; surely you will find your passion (for success).

Maybe you have heard of a motivator who said something like this:

  • I can achieve what I want. 
  • I can achieve success, as long as I am confident in my abilities. 
  • If I can succeed, of course, you should also be able to reach (like me).
Did you know? Practice is often not as easy as saying (theory).

Not everyone can live life smoothly and following motivator's theory above. Not everyone can succeed because there are so many backgrounds and factors that influence it. 

Opportunities for each person are not the same. 

Because every person's opportunity is, of course, different, one of the factors is the background of the social strata / economic status of someone. These factors significantly affect a person's chances of achieving success. 

Therefore, some people are relatively more straightforward to achieve what they want/aspire to.


- There is someone who can study at the medical school until finally, he succeeds in graduating. He had the opportunity and had a great chance to become a doctor because his parents were able to pay for his studies. 

- Some people can open a gold shop or material shop because their parents are also entrepreneurs. He can get full capital and support from his parents, so he can easily set up his business.

- There people who can become a model, then play soap operas and finally succeed to become a prominent screen film artist. He is more to reach what he wants because it happens to be blessed with a beautiful/handsome face and is supported by excellent acting skills. 

What are the conclusions of the 3 examples above? Yeah! Background (economic/social factors / social strata) of a person greatly influences his chances of success. 

However ... the reality is, not everyone is lucky and has the same opportunity as the three people above. Yes, some people indeed are fortunate, so it is relatively more straightforward to achieve what they want. But many others are not as lucky as they are, and feel confused in determining the direction of their lives. Usually, those who experience periods of 'losing direction' like this are young people who are starting to grow up. Approximately between the ages of 25-30 years.

This period is a period of 'very confusion.'

What is the cause?

Because they are is not children anymore, if they are will be called adults, but their career status is still unclear. If you borrow an example from 3 people above, then the reverse story is more or less like the following:

- Intention to aspire to become a doctor, but what power does not have tuition fees.

- The intention of heart aspires to become an entrepreneur, but do not have business investment.

- They have dreams to become a movie star or a soap opera, but the face looks mediocre. And also can not act in front of the camera.

Well, when they felt did not have the same chance and luck as the previous three people above, sometimes they gave birth to feelings of despair and feelings of worthlessness. Even in more extreme cases, it can give birth to the belief that life is unfair.

They feel as if they are lost in this world. Like losing identity, confusion, and almost do not know what steps to do. They feel depressed. Life feels bulky and annoying.

If you happen to be experiencing a deadlock like the one above, what steps should you take?

Here are some solutions:

#1. Get up soon! And think: "what another way can I do to change my destiny and life."

My advice, if you experience confusion like the one above, then: Don't continue! Immediately throw away such thoughts! And try to get up soon!

What is the cause?

Because if you obey (such thoughts), it will only make your life worse! While the situation will never change.

You better try to think positively. Try changing your perspective a little, that God gives the situation on each person in different circumstances. That's natural law. And precisely therein lies the justice of God.

Think that in reality, it is impossible for everyone to become a boss. Because if everyone becomes a boss, then who will be the subordinate later? If you can understand this, God willing, your soul will be calm, and more positive in looking at life.

But even so, of course, you can 'choose' to be one of the people God will destine to become the boss.

Of course, it depends on how hard your effort is doing.
Indeed, not everyone will be a boss, but you can try to be one of the successful people. Right?

So, never blame the situation (fate), but think of "what you can do" to change your destiny and life.

If 'by default' you do not have the same opportunity as the three previous people above (who can become doctors, entrepreneurs, and artists), then try to create that opportunity.

Are you creating opportunities? What is that?


- If you are constrained by costs when you want to go to medical school, then you can create that opportunity by trying to become an outstanding student. So that you can continue study (from the scholarship that you get).

- Or when you want to become a successful trader/entrepreneur, then you can pioneer by becoming a street vendor first. If you are diligent, confident and resilient, then you have the opportunity to become a successful entrepreneur. 

Everything I described above is not just a theory but has been proven in my biological mother. My mother started trading as a street vendor, and a dozen years later she succeeded. Now my mother already has four toy stores and one clothing store. Here's the story: MY MOTHER, A SUPERWOMAN AND A VERY PERSISTENT MERCHANT

- And if you aspire to become a famous soap opera artist/movie star but have a fair face, then create your other potential. Many of actresses/actors the face looks 'mediocre,' but they can become famous movie stars for their extraordinary acting skills.

But if all of that turns out to be still beyond your control and ability, then immediately switch and look for other opportunities. Move on! Life must go on! Do not lament failure on one thing, because there are still many other opportunities.

By doing this, you will be able to focus more on managing your life and future. Don't lament fate, and don't waste time thinking about things that are useless to think about (example: assuming life is unfair, God chooses to love, etc.).

#2. Let your career run like water. Don't expect too high, but don't be too pessimistic. 

Just enjoy it!

Try to remember your memory (when you were a child). When your dreams 'reach the sky'.

You dream of becoming a president, astronauts, scientists, doctors, famous artists, even be YouTuber. (the last one is just kidding) 😀

Rare to hear of a child who aspires to be a lawyer or accountant. Same with you when you were little. That's right? However, when someone starts to mature, reality and the journey of fate sometimes force us to more realistic.

But there is one lesson that can be taken, namely to learn from your childhood.

What does it mean?

Here's the explanation:

When you were little, you have ambition and don't care about reality. When at that time you enjoyed your dreams, and at that time you were never afraid to dream.

So what is the connection with your time now?

The point is straightforward. Now search, find and choose the passion you like the most. And then enjoy that passion, as you past enjoyed. Is like your dreams in childhood!
  • Look for what passion you have always loved, then find and live.
  • Don't do too much analysis, and don't overthink whether your choice will work or not.
  • Don't overthink about whether this will make a lot of money or not.
  • Don't think about things like that!
Because if you think about all that, it can weaken your spirit. Just live your passion like water, flowing as it is (but sure). Imagine as if you were in your childhood (like playing). Flow without load!

Do not be too hasty to take what you are doing seriously, because this problem is not a matter of choice of life or death. Just find your passion and enjoy the process. After all, success will come to you, with a note if you have a desire for your choice.

You indeed are familiar with the two wealthiest people in the world, namely Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg.

When Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates made a computer program at the beginning career, I wasn't sure at that time they were doing business analysis or thinking of looking for profit from there. I am sure (at that time) they did everything just because they liked it. Because what they do is really because of their passion.

Now, imagine you do it like in your childhood, that is, the times when you enjoyed life. Like a child who seems to be without burden, living what he likes, because he is happy doing it.

#3. Never despair; try again ... again ... and again!

If indeed you don't know for sure what choice is most appropriate for your career and future, then the last method you can do is to keep trying. Try new things that you have never done before. Try as much as possible. 

If you fail, then try another. If you fail again, then try again, again and again. Have you ever read the story of Owner KFC (Colonel Sanders), Thomas Alfa Edison or legendary comedy actor Charlie Chaplin? Before finally achieving great success, they have failed repeatedly. 

Before success, Colonel Sanders had changed jobs several times, including being a parking attendant and becoming a soldier. And coincidentally, Colonel Sanders has a passion aka his natural talent since he was a child, namely the expert in baking spices. Armed with his expertise, then he mixes fried chicken spices and offers them to restaurants. 

Is the offer received immediately? Owh of course not! Even the proposal was rejected up to 1009 times! 

But Colonel Sanders never gave up! 

And finally after the 1009th rejection, thanks to all of his hard efforts and determination, finally his offer was accepted and fruitful of great success! 

Similarly, the story of Charlie Caplin's struggle. He must experience suffering and failure even in his childhood. His childhood is harrowing. He has a mother who is depressed. Because of the massive economic problems, and not being able to bear the burden of life. Finally, his mother went crazy! 

But the pain in his childhood did not dampen Charlie Chaplin's intention to continue fighting. And he managed to find his passion and talent since childhood, namely being a comedian and mime actor. Armed with this talent, he finally succeeded in delivering him to become the most prominent director, producer and comedy actor in the 20th century. 

Thus ... every time they fail, they still keep trying again, again and again, and again. Their persistence is so extraordinary that it seems as though beyond reason and ability. Example: when experimenting to create incandescent lights, Thomas Alfa Edison even failed repeatedly to test 9,998 times! The 9,999 trials were successful. 

Now, can you try to have the perseverance like Thomas Alfa Edison? ☺ 

Based on the example I gave above, 'it is not fitting' for you to be too sad and despair when experiencing 1, 2 or 3 failures. If it's still failing multiple times in one field, then try switching to another domain. Try a new area that you have never worked and done before.

And never be afraid of failure, because it is precisely from that failure that you can find out your mistakes, and learn from them.

Many people who finally succeed in their careers, or succeed in creating a big thing, precisely because they continue to learn from every failure. Look at the story of Thomas Edison, Charlie Chaplin or Colonel Sanders above. It is just from various shortcomings that they experience, making them more creative and resilient.

Do not get the opposite, afraid to try for reasons of fear of failure.

Sometimes. Some young people waste their youth just for fear of failure and fear of making mistakes.

Afraid to try new things for fear that they might be considered 'freaks' (felt they were considered different by the people around their environment). Example: some people are reluctant to become full-time bloggers because they are worried that they will be deemed to be earning money from the practice of 'black magic.' (This assumption often occurs in my country, Indonesia).

Note: In Indonesia, a successful full-time blogger is sometimes suspected of 'fellowship with Satan'. Because people often see him always at home (not working). But he has a lot of money and can buy houses, vehicles, etc. ☺

Why should you pay attention to other people's accusations? Don't listen to them!! Because it's all just a waste of your time.

So be sure of your choice, and prove that you can succeed with your decision.

Well, if the three steps and methods above still can't make you find the best choice in your life/career/ future, then at least you already have a little clue after reading the contents of this article.

This means that for those of you who already understand how to access the internet, have the opportunity to try many things.

Through the internet you can try to pursue a career to become:

- Bloggers (like me, writer).
- Youtuber.
- Online store.
- Internet marketers.
- Become a content writer.
- Selling e-books.
- Create and sell applications.
- Online programmer.
- Online Freelancer.
- SEO services
- Services to create a blog.
- Video editing services.
- Designer online.
- Etc. 

On the internet, you will have almost unlimited access to all the information you need. (Google, Bing, Yandex). And you will also get 'unlimited freedom' because you can try anything on the internet. Make sure you don't waste all that opportunity by becoming a troller (internet garbage). 

Today's young generation has opportunities and opportunities that our parents never experienced. So take advantage of all the opportunities as well as possible. The important thing is action! Do it! 

Try something new, even though you are not sure that it will bring you success. Just do it! Don't think about the results; the important thing is that you dare to try and enjoy it. Who knows that is your passion. And if that indeed turns out to be your passion, then, believe me, success will come to you soon! 


  • Do not wait to be motivated first to move, but immediately move, then surely the motivation will come alone. 
  • Do not wait for inspiration first and then write, but write, inevitably inspiration will flow itself in your writing. 
  • Don't wait, do it, if you dare to do it, surely you will can! 

A little secret of success: 

The people who were successful were not because they knew exactly what they had started. Often they begin aimlessly, initially just from trial and error. They usually begin without instructions. They do it self-taught! 

But from the beginning trying and repeatedly failing, they finally found the right choice and passion in the middle of their career. And when they have seen it, then they keep on racing to pursue that opportunity as soon as possible. And after succeeding, they then continue to expand to the next choice/opportunity! 

And now you have been knowing about this secret. Good luck! 
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