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The 5 Most Common Factors That Be Inhibiting Your Success


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hello friends, meet again with me. ☺

This time I want to discuss some factors that can be a barrier one to achieve success.

If you ask everyone: "do you want to succeed?" Surely they would all say in unison: "Yes!"

However, to achieve success, the process is not as easy as speech out of their mouths. To can be successful, certain factors must fulfilled. These factors are among the hardest because they involve self-control. And hardly anyone person can afford to endure it, unless there is if a strong will from within the self.

Well, what are the factors?

I will outline some of the essential points. I.e., is the five most common factors that be inhibiting your success.

Among is:

#1. Much wasted time in youth.

It is at this stage that so many people fail. Youth is indeed the most beautiful moments, but it is precisely this period of the most vulnerable. What is the cause? Because this is the time, that many people are lulled, and waste a lot of time!

Characteristic of teenagers is to want always to be the center of attention. Want still to be a star among his friends.

Various ways they try to do (for considered exist) and to influence his friends. Note: in fact, this is still reasonable, as long as within certain limits (because the author also had experienced adolescence and even 'naughty'  hehe). Please read my youth story here: YOU WANT TO SUCCEED? TRY TO GO WANDER!

But unfortunately, some teenagers lose control, forget the limit and forget of the priority scale. Such a young man acts as if time never spins. The pattern of thinking is like a 'little boy.' The activities of his youth were spent so much in vain and seemed to keep spinning there, just like being trapped in a labyrinth!

Yes! His youth too much time relaxing!

Time in the young this is the most productive period. Golden Era for someone to excel and work! But unfortunately, this golden period is concise. Some opinions say that adolescence was calculated since the age of 13-17 years. There is also another opinion that states that puberty begins from the age range of 18-25 years.

The age range of 13-17 years is considered as early adolescence.

And the age of 18-25 years is considered as the final stage of adolescence, the transition to adulthood.

In children aged 13-17 years old can still be tolerated in their circumstances. It does not matter if they enjoy the beauty of their youth. In this period it is still natural for them to enjoy their adolescence as long as it is within certain limits of rules. The condition they must be able to organize and balance between playing and learning time.

Well, things will change into the warning phase when the age of someone has entered the age of 18-25 years. At this time they should begin to reduce the nature of the previous childish (which is identical to the labile period).

Then it would be a significant loss if someone does not take the attitude to change his character when entering this transition period.

It would be a loss significant if a person still spends a lot of time on things that are in vain. He never prepared himself for useful things, such as adding knowledge/insight, sharpening skills/experience, and never trying to find what the passion, never see what talent.

His life is stagnant and circling in a place like a labyrinth! What a loss was significant for a person like this!

Adolescence often turns into a paradox after entering adulthood. This happens a lot in reality!

Let's take an example, a student of about 23 years old. Upon entering the severe phase of the transition of adolescence, he has had an emotional intelligence. He has been able to control himself; he has been able to decide to choose to think far ahead. Yes! He is more busy preparing himself, continually looking for experience, and continues to hone talent and passion that he has found.


Students are smart like this, sometimes even mocked geeky and old-fashioned by he friends on the campus! Over time, it turns out 15 years later, a mocked most geeky, had successfully become chief of a famous company. And his old friend who was so proud to be a campus star and often taunted him could only become one of his company employees!

The geek is succeeded in becoming a big boss, while the slang child can only be a subordinate. 


Thus, many teenagers forget, that all the preoccupation and 'fame' in that youth, will soon leave them. That CERTAINLY!

And they do not realize that the adult phase is a LIFE !. And when it comes to adulthood with all its problems, then they are surprised! And they are unprepared for it!


At that moment they realize and regret. They wonder if they can go back to the past and improve on all the opportunities that have been thrown away in vain. But unfortunately,,,,, time will never get back again!

#2. Too many plans but the execution of zero big aka 'NATO' ---> No Action Talk Only.

How many people to plans and too many theories in starting a business. Because too many methods he ends up being afraid of being wrong. And for fear of wrong, finally, no one of his theories is to be realized!

Remember one thing: If we ever make a mistake when beginning a business, it is a very natural thing. His name is also a beginner. That's where we can learn to correct every error.

If there are people who want all life processes to run smoothly and never make mistakes, then:

What will it fix?
What will he learn?
What is the benchmark?

Precisely with ever made mistakes can be a lesson and make us more careful in the future.

The best teacher is a life experience!

#3. Lazy and too much prestige.

There will never be a success for a slacker and too much prestige. Lazy people usually do not want to 'fight' in life, and people who are too big prestige he felt inferior when struggling.

Life is a struggle. And the person existence will be recognized if he can face the trials of life. One of the tests in one's life is the struggle to change the standard of living and prepare for the future to become better (success).

It is impossible for a person could to succeed easy, like a man that get gold that falls from the sky. Once again, that impossible!

Except if he's a descendant of the rich. Suppose his parents have an oil refinery in the middle east. That's another story, not included in the discussion here.

Well, if we only come from among ordinary people, not children of the rich, conglomerate or a high official, then we should be willing to fight to change the standard of living.

So, do not be lazy and do not be too big of prestige! Do not be incorporated into you both the bad qualities.

Lazy + Too big prestige? Oops!
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#4. Too scared to get out of comfort zone.

If someone is too afraid to get out of his comfort zone, well, it's hard for him to get ahead. Even to be able to grow, that will be difficult. Indeed, to try new things, it would undoubtedly risk, namely the risk of failure. So we must be able to measure our ability, should be able to train and continue to hone our skills in that new field.

The term trial and error.

So you have to be optimistic and sure that you can!

Someone who is brave and observant in looking for new opportunities, and he has the intelligence in processing and analyze it, then usually this type of person who will have a great chance to achieve success in life!

#5. Always depend on the parents and do not want to wander.

If we are always in the 'armpit of parents', then success will be difficult to achieve. Why? Because our life becomes no challenge!

By 'escape/go' from parents, then from there, we will be able to learn the meaning of life. In the process of wandering, we it, becomes becoming aware of how valuable time is. So that's where our place to learn independently and more responsible. So, in the end, we can become a person more able to survive in life!

All of the above we will never get if we are still dependent on the parents. The duty of our parents is only until you marry. Once we get married, then our future becomes our responsibility. That is where we are tested, can we live the rigors of life and become a real human!

So, friends, that is the five most common factors that be inhibiting your success.
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In this article, I give a lot of criticism, but at the same time I describe the solution on each point, fair enough is not it? 😊

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Best regards.
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