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How to Find the Best Niche Blog and How to Monetize it (Part Two)

Note: This article is the second part. If you have not read the first part of the article, please see HERE

How to Find a Niche Blog for Beginners?

How to Find the Best Niche Blog and How to Monetize it (Part Two)

After reading the previous description above, now, of course, you already know characteristic an excellent and promising niche blog. However, there may be some people who feel they are not suitable for the chosen topic/niche blog. This can happen because it tempted by a high CPC (cost-per-click) ads on a particular niche. Finally, he forced himself to choose the niche, even though he was not an expert in that field. So often have difficulty every time to write an article.

Now, what are the tips for finding and choosing the right niche blog?

Here are some tips for determining niche blogs, especially for beginner bloggers.

1. Determine Blog Type.

Try to think for a moment before creating a blog. Are you ready to create a niche blog that fits your expertise or not? If it turns out that there is no type of niche blog that matches your skills, then my advice is to try to create a mixed blog topic first. If later you have been proficient in blogging and are good at finding references, then you may decide to create a niche blog.

To determine what niche blog you will choose, you should adjust your skills and interests. For example, you are a trader, and interested in everything about the business, then create a niche business blog. (like me hehe). ☺

But there is to remember. If you have created a niche blog, then don't let the topic of the article over time widen. Because if you don't control the topic that will be written, your blog will turn out to be a mixed blog topic eventually. 😅

So if you intend to create a semi-niche blog, then make some writing categories that are still related to the main topic on your blog. For example, if your blog is a business niche, then take business topics for up to 5 categories. And each of these categories still has to do with business — for example the topic; insurance, online marketing, business opportunities, business management, and SMEs.

Well, do not let you enter the topic of travel or lifestyle to your niche blog. Because it is that your loyal visitors will be confused and say: "How come the topic of this blog is now off the mark?" 🤔

Many the disadvantage if you mix too many topics into your blog. Because the result can reduce the unique value of your niche blog, readers will feel confused and may not be interested anymore to your blog.

2. Adjust with expertise.

Once again, I remind you; Creating a niche blog that suits your expertise is very important. If you are imposing themselves to create content whose discussion is difficult for you to understand (for target high advertising CPC values), then one day you will feel bored yourself.

You feel complicated and tormented every time you create content.

Therefore, create a niche blog that suits your expertise so that it will be easy to make each article.

3. Don't Set Expectations Too High Like Successful Bloggers.

In creating a blog, you should not focus too much on seeing successful bloggers. Look for information on how complicated that successful blogger was when he started a become blogger. By knowing this, you can be realistic, that there is no instant way to become a successful blogger.

As a beginner, you must learn from simple things first. Like learning how to write excellent and correct articles. Because from there, you can find out where your weaknesses and strengths are in writing content.

Every successful blogger must also have experienced failure. Therefore, you should not be easily discouraged when you fail. Keep trying and don't give up easily.

The only thing that can be emulated from successful bloggers is the attitude of hard work, persistence, and consistency. Well, after trying hard, you should still be grateful for the results that you have got later. Because even though we 99% imitated the way other people, but sometimes the result cannot be the same as him. Only one reason makes the most sense in these conditions, namely: Each person's sustenance is different. ☺

4. Pay attention to trends.

If you are confused in determining the topic of discussion for your content, then there is an easy way. That is by seeing trends that are developing in the community. People tend to be interested in topics that are currently being talked about. Therefore, as a beginner, there is nothing wrong for you to take this opportunity.

Try selecting the trend that can last long. Because mostly the trend usually only for a while and is quickly forgotten. To make it easier to find a trend that is currently warm, you can search for it on google trends.

5. Use Eternal Niche.

Eternal niche is a niche that will never die, and will always people search for on Google search. This is an eternal niche undoubtedly favored by bloggers who use their blogs as fields for making money. The way to create a lasting niche is to search for enduring keywords, or sentence phrases that people are always looking for on the internet. Then you use these keywords in articles on your blog.

That way, the organic traffic of your niche blog will rise dramatically, especially if you are diligent in updating content that has perpetual niche keywords in it. Examples of enduring niche keywords are "how to." The point is this keyword eternal niche is a keyword about tips or ways. Now this phrase will continue to be sought by people on the internet.
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Ways to Monetize Niche Blogs with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is one of the ways to monetize your blog. By registering your blog to Google Adsense, then there will be passive income that is always generated by your blog.

There are, several other ways to monetize a blog. Namely through the collaboration of affiliates, Amazon, MGID, etc. But what will be discussed this time is how to monetize a blog with Google Adsense.

Google Adsense is already widely used by people to monetize their blogs. Even Google can pay up to thousands of dollars per month to blog owners if indeed the blog has reached its terms.

Some of the rules set by Google are; may not click on the ad itself, or cheat the reader to click on the ad. But the blog owner is still allowed by Google to adjust the color and position of the announcement, to make it more attractive and visible.

The first step to monetizing your niche blog is by registering it with Google Adsense. Please visit the official Google Adsense site; then you will be guided on how to log there. Next, you will get an email from Google, which tells you about whether your registration was accepted or rejected.

If you find that Google Adsense accepts your registration, then the next step is to pair the ad code into your blog.

Two types of Adsense ads are popular, namely, link text types and image ads.

Many senior bloggers consider that text ad is much better (in inviting clicks) when compared to the types of image ads. Readers who come to the blog will be more likely to click on text ads, for example, like link ads.

Text ads also have several rules, and the first is making a specific title to create an ad.

Secondly, for coloring ads to look similar to the links themselves. The point is not to let the blog owner trick the reader into clicking on the link, but rather to provide an attraction so that the reader will click on the link by itself.

Besides that, make different ad positions and sizes, so that ad performance can be aligned with the theme of the blog. Of course, the blog owner must have an excellent ability to determine the size and position that is appropriate for the ad that will be installed on the blog.

In specific niche blogs, the value of cost per click link ads is much higher than the type of display ad. I dare to say that because I have experienced it myself. In link unit ads I can get CPCs 1000 - 1500 rupiah per click. While the type of display advertisement, usually I only get 500 - 800 rupiah per click.

This assessment is subjective. Maybe the other niche blogs have smaller link unit CPC values. But if your blog is a type of business niche (like me), then there is nothing wrong for you to try installing more types of advertisement links on your blog. Who knows it fits. That's right? ☺

Such is the information and complete guide to niche blogs that I present to you.

Hopefully, it can be useful and meet again in the next article. Regards.

Author: Mr. izal.
Yunita Saya seorang ibu rumah tangga yang gemar menulis.

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