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The Story of My Blog's Journey Until it Was Approved by Google Adsense

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hi friends, how are you? 😊

By the way, I'm very happy now.

What's the cause?

Because of my AdSense registered accepted by Google. 😁

I started going into the world of blogging since the beginning of January 2017. And I have submitted a blog to Google Adsense three times. After being rejected three times, at the fourth submission, finally, my blog was approved as Google AdSense ads publisher.

The Story of My Blog's Journey Until it Was Approved by Google Adsense

So if you count the time until this article written, more or less it has been running for two years I being into blogger.

Actually, the world of writing is not new to me, even I have been accustomed to writing since a school first.

Yup! I really like writing!

And I plunged into the world of blogging actually because of an accidental factor, aka never planned at all before. 

The story is like this; 

In the past, there were so many of my writings. The writing was scattered in the form of spontaneous scribbles in each part of the back of my school notebook. The writing is in the form of opinions, anecdotes, poetry, to short stories.

Writing activities continued when I started playing Facebook in 2010. When that was, the first time I knew the world of the internet. After getting to know Facebook, then the old writings that scattered in the school book notes, then I move it to Facebook records.

So how about the story until it finally I continue (by accidentally) to the world of blogging? I have written the full story in this article: The Advantage Of Being A Blogger (From Hobby to Money)

Alright ... I will tell a story about the process of my journey being to blogger until accepted by Google Adsense. 

But before I tell you more, let's move for a moment from the main topic. I want to review first something that is quite intriguing and often complained about by beginner bloggers.

So, here it is; 

I often pay attention, an issue about the registration to become a Google Adsense ad publisher, is a hot topic and often complained by fellow bloggers. 

Just look at in the group Indonesian Blogger. 

Every day there is a thread of complaints about the registration of ads that are always rejected by Google. Of all the claims, I noticed that there was one thing in common, that among bloggers' friends, they were too ambitious and obsessed with being accepted as a Google Adsense publisher. 

Well because it's too ambitious and wants to be quickly accepted, making some of the blogger just busy thinking about how the fastest way to received by Google Adsense. 

Unfortunately, there are some who use the wrong method. 

The point is this; because they want to quickly catch up to the target (so that the articles on his blog become numerous in a short time), so they use shortcuts by copying articles of others. 

And ... the result is fatal!

Google expressly states in its policy guidelines that are highly anti-content violates copyright. This requirement will also always be listed on every Adsense reject email. Google hinted that it was the main factor, and must fulfill on a blog that volunteered to become a Google Adsense publisher. 

What are the main requirements to be accepted as a Google Adsense publisher? 

Namely a blog that contains original, unique and quality articles.

What are the characteristics of quality articles? 

In general, what is meant by quality articles is an informative article, the contents of which are explained in full, traceable and structured. So it's easy to understand and can provide benefits to every audience. The reader finally feels satisfied. 

Well, because the audience (reader) is satisfied so that in the future the reader will likely come back to get the next quality information. 

Google often mentions quality articles with the term User Experience. And blogs that fulfill articles like this have a great chance of being accepted by Google Adsense. 

Well,,,, if a blog indicates too many articles containing copies or re-write, then their submission will indeed always be rejected. In an email (the reject), Google always mentions the term 'a reject because of inadequate content.' 

This definition of 'inadequate content' can also include articles whose content is too short (few words / less than 400 words). It can also mean as content that contains only a lot of images with minimal words. But I think the most significant factor that makes Google refuse many times is if a blog includes too much non-original content. 
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That's why I recommend to all blogger colleagues, try always to write articles about your work. 

Although the results may not be perfect, you can have pride and satisfaction. What is the cause? Because it is the results of your thoughts and hard work. And if we are consistent about learning to write, over time, we will also be able to become reliable writers. Believe me! 

That's above a little recommend from me. What I say, is solely for our common good. For to be a Google Adsense publisher in the long run, of course, we must obey the rules of 'territory owner.' 

And please don't be offended first, because what I mentioned above also reflects on myself. He-he-he. ☺☺☺ 

I, when in the first months of playing a blog, is also behavior was like that (copy paste). Wkwkwk 😂

Understandably, his name is still a new child (newbie). hehe 😁

There is only a slight difference; that is, I have never committed copyright infringement. Because what I copy is my article from another source. ☺ 

So the story is like this; 

In the past when I first played a blog, the source of my article was from the result of copying the Facebook record (that has been I told you in the initial paragraph above). So I copied all the notes from Facebook, then posted them to the blogger. And ... Publish! 

Do I edit that note and 'clean it up' first? Oh no ... I immediately published it!☺ 

As a result, the appearance of the writing becomes mottled. There are those whose writing has a black background. Some are striped underneath until there are letters that partially shaped in large part, some are small in size. 

The cause is because the Facebook HTML code is also exposed to copy when copying articles. 

With the condition of the contents of the article whose writing is dappled, then I immediately registered myself to Google Adsense. This is the first time registration. 

As a result, rejected! xixixixixi ☺☺☺ 

In the email mentioned three leading causes of rejection, namely: 
  1. Inadequate content (too few words).
  2. Blogs must provide unique and relevant content so that it can bring significant organic traffic.
  3. Navigation is difficult.
After reading the information on the e-mail above, I immediately fix it. The article from copying Facebook notes (that make the writing mottled black), I correct it using a tool called HTMLword.

Then, I enrich its contents articles by adding sub-discussion. So almost all the materials that I copy, I update the contents (read: upgrade). The article that previously only contained 500 words, I perfected it to 1,500 - 3000 words!

Almost all of the articles by copy paste are corrected one by one! 

Totally 40 articles!

"Are you tired, bro?" 

Oh my god ... don't ask again! Hehehe 😂

In the first three months, I built this blog; it was a tough moment! Often I stay up most nights to perfect the articles one by one. To the extent that at that time my wife often complained. 

"At noon all day trading at the store, the night still work stays up late! When will you rest!" Said my wife's (scolding). He-he-he. ☺ 

But, for the sake of to produce the best quality blog, I decided not to be half-hearted. All aspects related to this blog must be taken seriously. Even in the most detailed part. So, this blog becomes more professional. 

Moreover, my blog is a business niche blog that is synonymous with 'serious' things. Also, the primary target is indeed business people who like to think seriously. (hehe ☺). 

After the first rejection, then I tried my luck by trying to register a blog via youtube Adsense account. 

At that time it was still easy to get a YouTube Adsense account. In just a matter of hours, the submission of the YouTube Adsense account can be active. 

Well, at that time I did the trick by registering a blog via the YouTube Adsense account (changing it from the hosted account to non-hosted / upgraded). 

Is this second registration accepted? Oooow it turns out I'm still not lucky ...,, hehe ☺ My is in uncertainty for four months. No accepted, not rejected too. Hhhhhhhhh! 

Finally, because there was no exact answer (for too long), I deleted that Adsense youtube account (cancel account). 
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After the second submission rejected, I finally tried registering again for the third time.

I continue to make improvements and improvements to all the copy articles from that Facebook note. Apart from that, when writing the latest article, I always wrote it in full and detailed. 

After making improvements to old articles (that from Facebook), and always serious writing on new materials, I finally became more confident when making the third registration to Google Adsense. 

The time range from the second rejection to the third time registration is approximately within a month. 

Is this third submission finally accepted? 

Not! hehe ☺☺ ☺ 

What is the reason? 

Is it because the article is still inadequate? 

Is it because of there black letters in an article because of the copy-paste?

Is it because there are still articles with too few words? 

Not because of all of the above cause. Because there is no cause like that the mentioned in this second email rejection, and besides, all the articles have improved and refined as well as possible before submitting this second registration. So I think there are no more problems with article content.

So what is the cause ?? 

Oh, it turns out,,,,, the cause is,,,,,,; "The account you registered is not approved/rejected." Thus written on the income section (on dashboard my blog). 

At first, I was confused, what and how does this?  How come the account is rejected? (What do you mean Mr. google?).

I got confused for a few days and searched all the tutorials on a google search to get the answer. 

After investigated; finally, I found the answer! 

It turns the email account was rejected because I ever associated this email with a previous e-mail account that I have been deleted/canceled (that I ever use to register YouTube Adsense account before). 

Later I learned that if an Adsense registration canceled, then forever the email could not be used again to register for Google Adsense.

My experience above can be valuable information for you all. So, never use another email that you ever have canceled when registered Adsense account. Or ever been associated with a canceled email because your Google Adsense registration will be rejected by Google.

Well, because my submission has rejected three times, I finally decided to focus on writing a quality article. I intend to re-register Google Adsense next year, i.e., after my blog is even three years old. I want to focus on improving the quality of my blog first.

Calculated from the last rejection time, I keep focusing and seriously wrote articles that were weighty. Slowly but surely, organic visitors started to come to my blog. 

But there are colleagues and fellow bloggers who recommend that I re-register again with Google Adsense. The reason; it's okay to try registering again. "Who knows, this time it works." Said them. ☺

After I think about it, it's also true what they say. 

Finally, at the end of February 2019, I re-registered this blog to Google Adsense. I use a new email account, and for recovery emails, I use an email account from Yahoo. 

This fourth registration can be said to be a just 'fad submission. 

It's meaning; If it is accepted, it's okay, if it's rejected, it's fine too. hehe ☺ 

And it turns out the results?? 

Finally received!!! He-he-he ☺☺☺ 

Only in 10 days since registration, I received a full email approve from Google Adsense. 

That's my struggle for can becoming a Google Adsense ads publisher. 
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Is the struggle be over? 

Owh, not yet bro! 

This just the first step; the struggle ahead is much harder and challenging! And I must be ready to face it! 

Likewise with you my friend! Let's prove that we can successfully become a Google Adsense publisher and as a blogger! ☺ 

Keep the spirit! 
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