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Tips On How To Write Good Articles And Liked By Google


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Since yesterday, an idea came up in my mind to write articles on blogging topics. Mainly deals with how to write excellent and accurate articles (liked by Google). And finally the idea I pour into this article.

The trigger that idea is to answer some questions from some fellow bloggers in the 'Indonesian Adsense Publisher Discussion' group (usually abbreviated to IAPD). This Group is a forum discussion all bloggers and YouTubers from all Indonesia. To date, that group has more than 102,482 members. And I am one of the very active contributors in that group.

There are some questions.

The first question: "How is the method of writing a good and right article that?"

The second question: "Is it true that the characteristics of a good article should be up to 2,000-3000 words? I have tried to make an article that is long, but why is it still quiet visitors?"

The third question: "Is it true that an SEO friendly article should contain many repetitive keywords in it?"

#Wow, the problem is quite a lot too yes hehe. ☺

Well, I will try to answer all the above questions in detail.

Note: By the way, I am also still in the stage of learning to write. This article I write only as a means to share views and experiences. I also learn a lot from other blogger writings.

Okay, I'll try to answer the first part question.

"How is the method of writing a good and right article that?"

The answer:

#1. Determine the topic of clear and specific articles. The more specific the subject, the easier it will be for the reader to understand the contents.

This means that if you have found a specific theme, then it is easier to develop the content of the topic from the article into the next sub-topic (which is still related to the main problem).

By creating articles that are coherent, intertwined and structured well, it will make the reader more easy to understand the entire contents of your report.


I once wrote an article that about of opportunity and toy business prospects.

In writing this article, I divide into 4 parts of the article with different titles, but the contents of each article are related to each other. The article written the very first time it covers the ins and outs of the toy business widely. Examples such as about the primacy of the toy business compared with other types of businesses, about the prospects, and others. Here's an example the article: REVIEW OF TOYS BUSINESS, PROSPECTS, AND VARIOUS THE BENEFITS

After that, in succession the next day back I write some advanced articles whose contents are still associated with the above article. The difference in this advanced article topic/discussion, i.e., increasingly more specific. For example topics on how to find a strategic location, how to organize a good store display, how to promote right, how to optimize customer service, and others. Here's an example of that follow-up article.


Below is an advanced article.


And below is an advanced article.



Using the techniques and methods of writing articles as above, then the readers will be easier to understand what I convey in all the materials. What is the cause? Because the writing of the article I packed in a coherent, detailed and structured!

That's above one of the techniques or methods of writing articles that are good and true.

Oh yes, there is one other important point. What is that? Try you click and read the example above link article, what things can you catch?

Perhaps you will answer: "That article is written in specific and detailed."

Yes! That is indeed true!

But there are other important points. That is, I deliberately pack articles that are closely related to my own business experience. Well, did you know what my goal is to do that?

The goal is for the readers to be sure and believe. Because what I write is based on facts, because there is real evidence of my own business. (Aside from being a blogger, my background is also a toy business practitioner).

Well, what next happens if the readers have been confident with the contents of the articles I write?

The effect is: Readers become more enthusiastic and seriously apply all the tips, methods and business strategies that I have written with a very complete and detailed it. If the readers have been convinced of every suggestion I give and practice it seriously, then chances are they will also successfully. Is not triggers factors success a belief and confidence? Right or not?

And what is the next effect if the readers have successfully implemented all the tips I write it? (so that their toys business become more advanced).

The effect is like a snowball. I.e., articles and even your blog will become viral because it is reshared them. Also, the name of your blog will spread from mouth to mouth, recommended to friends and their brothers. In short your blog eventually became famous on that topic or niche!

This has been proven in one of my business blogs that speak Indonesian, with the blog address:

Try to note the amount of share in the home page and each page of the article, amazing! Though the blog was newly established for one year. But that's the result if you're always serious about making quality content :)

Oh yes, there is one other important thing. It is recommended to install internal links to other related articles. So it will be easier for readers in finding associated items.

If you have been able to meet all the above points in your article, then the readers will get the information intact, complete, and USEFUL.

The combination of useful articles (the reader is continues reading on your blog) and the number of shares is very much; then it will be 'captured' as a signal by Google that your articles and blogs are very qualified. Well, this is what makes your articles and blogs loved by Google so that it will get a respectable place, the top position SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

#2. Note proper  grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

There are some errors that most often occur in novice blogger writers.


2a. An irregular grammatical arrangement.

The language feels weird to read by the reader. To find out if your article's grammar is correct, then try reading (by issuing the voice) repeatedly on each paragraph that has been written.

Try to repeat read three times.

What do you feel?

- Do you feel awkward when you say the sentence?

- Are there any strange phrases or combinations of sentences?

If the above two traits are contained in the paragraph, then immediately correct them. Look for synonym words that match and also comfortable to read, hear and understand.

Note: the above '2a' is in the context of writing your native language. For example, as I am a native of Indonesia, then I am trying to create an article with proper Indonesian grammar on my blog. So not in the context of writing in a foreign language like my English blog this. Because I am very aware that there are still many grammar mistakes in this blog. Therefore friend, please give me tolerance. But I promise to keep learning and keep improving it :)

2b. Punctuation missing or cluttered.

The most common mistake of a novice writer is not disciplined in giving punctuation marks like coma, point, and two quotation marks. The most often missed is the two-part quotes (quotes).

For example in writing a conversation or dialogue. In Indonesian lessons (when I was in school) was taught to give quotation marks to the conversation sentence.


A greeting dialogue: "Hallo izal, how are you?"
Dialogue answers: "Hi, I'm fine".

Well, a punctuation ''quotation'' this is often missed by some bloggers. Maybe this does not have any impact on SEO (Search Engine Optimation), but it would be better if your articles are written neatly until the punctuation. Readers will also be able to judge that you are serious about making an article. So the credibility of the report, even your blog will look more professional.

2c. Typo.


Typo, placement of the letter upside down, the letters writing are lacking, and so forth are also still often I see in the article some blogger. Therefore, many times I stress that it is essential to re-check again, so you can know if there is a typo in each paragraph.

Or, if you do not want to bother, you may complete the writing of the article until the end. And typo checking will be done later (on the whole).

Check for grammatical errors, punctuation or typing errors. Repeat the examination, at least twice.

I at every article is always re-check up to three times. Until I believe everything is written correctly.

2d. Making a paragraph that contains too long / too dense writing.

Errors in making paragraphs that are too long are also still done a lot by beginner bloggers. Including myself also do anything like that (at the beginning of being a blogger), namely on one of my blogs that speak Indonesian.

Paragraphs that are too long will make the reader's eyes become tired or can make your article becomes less comfortable views.

For comparison, consider the two photo below:


Seen in the photo above the paragraph is very tight, almost without any spaces between section.


Seen in the photo above, the paragraph looks neat, organized, and spaces are also comfortable to view.

Well,,, how do you think? Which part is more comfortable to read between the two photos above?

Yes, it is true! The bottom photo is much more comfortable to see and read :)

I can know all of these writing methods and techniques because often read and learn from other more experienced bloggers.

Once I understand their method, then I immediately practice to my blog. And it turns out the results are very satisfactory. So now it's my turn to share that method with you all through this article.

Friends,,, that's the benefit of being a blogger, among others we can share each other. ☺

Well, the first part question has answered with a very detailed explanation.

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Now it's the turn to answer the second part question:

"Is it true that the characteristics of a good article should be up to 2,000-3000 words? I tried to make an article that is long, but why is it still quiet?"

Before I answer the second part of this question, please try to check and review your the article long but lonely visitors that.

Try to be analyzed and answered honestly:

- Are the contents of the article deliberately lengthened to 2,000-3000 words just because you want the article in good value by Google's engine?

- Is the topic just repeated by replicating unnecessary words or phrases? (the material to be impressed rambling).

Remember! The actual reader of your article is human, not a Google bot engine.

Okay, let's assume in Google's bot machine judgment that the article is 'good' (because it qualifies in word count). But if humans who as real readers consider the article rambling, boring and unbeneficial (unrealistic), then, as long forever that article will remain 'dead', still quite like a grave!


#3. Make it an article with the techniques and methods as I have explained in the opening of this article (part point number 1 above).

I.e., articles with are specific topics; their contents are structured, a detailed description / complete, and pay attention to grammar and punctuation. And its content must also be useful for many people! (realistic and practical). So, even if the article is long enough and consists of thousands of words, the reader will never be bored to read to the end of the article, because they can feel the benefits of the contents of your report!

Now it's time to answer the last part of the question above.

"Is it true that an SEO friendly article should contain many repetitive keywords in it?"

Hmmm,,,,, Actually, in this case, many bloggers are mistaken, especially some beginner bloggers.

Keywords do need to be placed in an article, but the portion should not be excessive.

What is the cause?

Because if it is excessive, it will be considered spam by Google's bot engine. Surely you already know that Google hates all types of spam. And if your blog has been labeled as a spammer, then penalties such as the sandbox to the most massive sanctions (banned) is ready coming for you.

Very creepy is not it?

Therefore, in order not to be labeled as a spammer, then place a reasonable number of keywords. Put some main keywords in the beginning, in the middle and at the end of the post. Also, insert the main keyword in the description section of the article.

This way will be much safer than stuffing the keywords in all posts. (keyword stuffing spam).

Well, I think all of the above questions have been answered with detailed, coherent and detailed answers.

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Best regards.
Yunita Saya seorang ibu rumah tangga yang gemar menulis.

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