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Some The Right Promotional Strategy And Powerfull For Toy Business (Part 1)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

In the past week, I have succeeded to write three articles that contain the opportunity reviews, tips, and preparations needed when going to set up a toy store business.

Here are the articles:




Well, at this writing I will write a further discussion, which is about Some the right promotional strategy and powerful for toy business. (when beginning to set up a toy store business).

This topic will be discussed in detail and long enough. Therefore the article about the method and strategy of this promotion I will make into two parts. And this article that is being written is the first part.

Starting from:

Create discounted name boards or banners with sentence styles that catch the attention of potential buyers.

In my country (Indonesia) there is an old proverb: "Unknown, then-No Love." This proverb means that one can not know the nature (good or bad) of a person if do not know him closer.

The above proverb is more connotative about the relationship between human beings. But it can also relate to other things, for example in the business field of this toy store.

That is if you (as a toy store owner) do not actively try to introduce your store's profile to the public, of course, they (the community) will never know what your strengths and services in your shop — for about the cheap price, providing variations and types of complete toys, providing various bonuses/discounts, and others. If you have never promoted all that, then no triggering factor can make them interested in coming shop to your store.

Sure, although without promotion, over time people will also know about the existence of your store, it will take a long time.

And do you know? A business established without promotion, then it becomes a lousy value for the development of that business.

Why is that?

Because your competitors are more creative with various methods of promotion, therefore, if you have never promoted your business, then your business could be a 'dead' business because it is less competitive. What is the cause? Because consumers will tend to shop to your competitors because competitors have promotional and marketing strategies that attract more buyers than you.

You must have known that one of human nature is to have the kind of curiosity and likes to be interested in something horrendous.

Examples like the following:

People may glance at your glass shop when they see a promotional board like below:

"Beautiful glass of low price. Guaranteed!".

Well, try the above promotional sentences changed to: "Promotional, glass beautiful, buy two free 1."

The result? Surely people will be much more interested in promotional phrases like this. Guaranteed they are not just a glance but will make them more tempted to buy your glass products.

And did you know? One characteristic some people in Indonesian (especially in urban areas) is a "destructive nature" (especially among homemakers). They often can not bear it when seeing the DISCOUNT PRICE! Wkwkwkwkkkkkk ☺

"Destructive nature" of some housewives this, there is evidence, i.e., my wife! Hehe :)

My wife is often difficult to control the nature of consumptive if see there is a product that is discounted very cheap in a hypermart. Hhhhh!

Well, that's it, you know, the nature of women.☺

And I'm sure, "the destructive nature" of urban society like this, has been 'arrested' with a smart by one of the franchise is large enough, and branches are widely spread throughout Indonesia. The name of that franchise store is Idol Mart.

If any of you who ever go traveling as a tourist to Indonesia, you will understand my words. If are this franchise is promoting its products, so all the glass around that store be full of various writing the are very tempting every person who passes that shop.

Yes! Various styles of promotional writing done by that shop, but the most frequent is the style of writing as below:

30% DISCOUNT Only valid for five days only!


50% OFF, Only valid for one day only!

Take a look at the phrase: "This promotion is valid for 1-5 days only."

Is it really? Only valid for 1-5 days just? Oh of course not.

Because I often see the Idol Mart store put up a banner with such promotional style. And what happens? Until months later, a 'promotion flag' is still installed in front of that shop!

So what exactly is the purpose of that sentence?

The answer: Ie the promotional phrase that contains a 'veiled' strategy. And I have tried to analyze that promotional strategy, i.e., like this:

The promotion was deliberately written "valid for only five days," the goal is, so consumers (especially from housewives) rush to buy the product being promoted. Why are they rushing? Because the price of the product is considered very cheap, during the limited validity period. So expected the consumers immediately come shopping as possible to that store.

Sometime, to be able to attract customers as much as possible, even this Idol Mart store often do quite extreme promotional methods!

Maybe you will ask: "what does that mean?

So like this,,,, there are some of these franchise shops who dare to sell very cheap of its products to be able to attract customers as much as possible! Yes! they 'burn the money!'

How do they 'burn money?' I.e., by selling some particular toy and products very cheaply.

Usually, they make a discount price up to 70%. And on the front of his shop (glass-walled) mounted a large banner and striking with the writing as follows:


Usually, a product that is often used as a tool for promotion is a product that has been popular. Examples such as Hot wheels toys, pianika musical instruments, and various other popular products.

Try to imagine! The basic capital of Hot Wheels toy (which is still sealed) is 15.000 rupiah per piece. Well, do you know how much promotional price they charge for Hot Wheels products? Is only 1.750 rupiah per piece!

As for pianika products made from China whose capital is 65,000 per piece, they only sell for 75.000 rupiahs just!

So, they take prices of a 10% margin on each product they are promoting!

They are like experiencing a 'loss,' but why do they do that? Yes, that's exactly one of the promotional strategies. They dare to 'burn money' because they believed the money would (someday) be 'back' to them. When? That is after their customers are more and more, and that's when they sell the product at a reasonable price back.

Well, look at how many business fields that already have a system that is neat and strong capital, but they remain vigorous and creative in promoting their products. That's why franchising like this is very dominating everywhere. Because also supported by significant money, they also already have a secure business network.

That's it!

They are competitors who already have a big name.


Well, what about us?

What promotions have we done?

Have we done a promotion?


Are we just going to surrender to fate and never try to do any promotion?

Oops! Do not get that way!

Because, if we keep silent and give up like that, then: wait for the time to 'die and drown' amid the competition!

Because it is impossible a business can to grow without promotion, especially in the first year of business (toy shop) we stand.

I (the author) also had almost experienced the phase as above. Until finally there is a trigger factor that awakens me.

Formerly,,,, yes, a few years ago my toy store business too had almost 'drowned'! Because at that time I did not know much about the marketing strategy (promotion).

About seven years ago (2011) my toy store was getting a fierce competition. The competitor is a large toy shop owned by an Indonesian citizen descendant China. Until now, that big rival is still here. But unique, I even get the methods and techniques of promotion/marketing precisely from my 'enemy' that!

Yes! All the techniques and promotional strategies in the toy business precisely I get from my 'enemy' that.

Strange yes? 'Enemy' even become 'teacher'? Hehe. ☺ If you want to know the full story, please refer to the following article: MY COMPETITORS IS MY INSPIRATION!

Now let's see briefly my store photos below. I started to open a toy store business in early 2010 then.


Above is a photo of my toy store when the first year (2011).


The photo above is my shop after three years of standing (2013). It was at this point that I began to diligently conduct promotions (see promotional banners on the side walls of the store).

And take a look at this photo difference with the previous photo above. Far very difference is not it? Since doing the promotion, my store became crowded buyers. So the development and turnaround of my toy store product grow faster.

It's so incredible the effect of promotion in attracting and increasing My store sales.

Ever since I applied various methods and promotional techniques, my toy store has snowballed. I can open a new toy store branch in 2014.

See the photo below.


Well, in applying promotional techniques (by way of discounts) as above, it is 'common knowledge' that actual the price of the product already in raised first. But there is one thing to remember: Do not apply illogical promotional (discount) methods!

As it happened to the seller a market store (Indonesian) some time ago. They 'play' first at the price of their product reaches 90%, (the goal to provide a significant discount value). This method, I think not right. Because it is obvious to lie to consumers, so set a reasonable discount value, because it will seem more natural and acceptable to consumers.

Example like this:

A toy product has a necessary capital of 100,000 rupiahs, and the highest selling price range is around 225,000 rupiahs (market selling price in supermarkets).

Then, make the highest market price as a benchmark starting price. Or it could be priced initially lowered slightly to 200.000 rupiahs. Then, the price 200.000 rupiahs make is crossed out, and create a new amount at the bottoms; the value is 140,000 rupiah (30% Discount).

(Note: In this article, I create an example in the context and according to the currency value in Indonesia. However, you can customize it according to the currency value of your country).

So you should not apply the excessive discount method. For example, engineered a discount price up to 70% - 80%, because usually, such a way contains hidden elements of tricks. (the base price has been raised very high). This method of promotion is very deceiving the public (consumers). And lying is not good, because it can make our business is not a blessing. ☺

If you want, you can be using the high discount method but honestly. I.e., can be tricked way by selling your product that less salable by cheap. In Indonesia, these types of products are often referred to by the term 'dead goods.'

Well, the category of 'dead goods' this that you can use for promotional tools. You can set a high discount value, ranging from 50% - 70%.

Other exciting readings: THE REAL STORY ABOUT TOY BUSINESS (A Wrong Marketing Strategy Can Be Fatal To Your Business)

Perhaps there will be some of you who comment: 

"If I sell very cheaply (with honest way), do later I a loss?"

I will reply: Not like that,,, usually you will only get a necessary capital return from the sale of 'dead goods' is.

And this is not a problem, anyway from the sale of 'dead goods,' that money you can use to shop for new products. A product that is fresher and more scalable for sale.

Also, from the sale of the 'goods dead' is very cheap it, your store will get other benefits. i.e., your store will be better known because the price is considered very cheap by consumers.

(Continued to article parts # 2, coming soon).

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Best regards.
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