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A Polemic About The Criteria Of Quality Content And Branding Techniques (Promotion) Of A Blog

 The polemic is about the criteria of quality content and branding techniques (promotion) of a blog.

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Suddenly there appeared a kind of 'adrenaline' from within me to focus on writing as well as deepen knowledge about the world of blogging. The trigger is a discussion and a heated debate between one member of the IAPD and me some time ago.

IAPD is an acronym of Indonesian Adsense Publisher Discussion. That is a discussion community forum on Google plus. Up to the time this article was written, that forum has more than 102,807 members. So IAPD is one of the largest community forums in Indonesia. And I am one of the members who actively contributed in there.

Yes! Some time ago there was happening of debate between me with one of the bloggers in that forum. An intriguing discussion, which contains a polemic about the criteria of quality content and branding techniques (promotion) of a blog.

The hot debate triggered because that blogger has accused me with a very tendentious accusation.

He alleges that I have done the trick like an internet marketer, which features self-efficacy for the sake of building branding.

"The goal is nothing but to capture the traffic and the ends for personal gain (popularity)." Such was his accusation. An allegation that (tend to) smelled subjective.

I suspect the allegations made by that blogger are a kind of reaction to me. Perhaps the cause is because I am too active contribute to that forum.

I am indeed very active in that forum, and quite often make thread/post.

My thread generally contains various tips, methods, and strategies in the world of blogging. Uniquely almost all the threads I created, always get enthusiastic responses from the majority of the group members.

And this is what makes that blogger did not like me.

Probably the cause is because I'm an including the new member (have joined about a year), while that blogger includes senior members (for has many years) in that forum. Yeah, maybe he feels 'jealous' to me hehehe 😊

I have repeatedly admitted gentlemanly, that there is indeed a promotion side to all of my actions. But everything I say on that forum, based on experimentation and real success. So not a thread that contains just a theory let alone a boast.

The real success I have achieved is the success of the toy business. Also, I also get quite a glorious achievement in blogging, even though I include a newbie in this field.

Among the success I have achieved is quite high traffic (for beginner blogger sizes). Also, one of my main blogs that speak Indonesian ( also gets a lot of followers (about a year established).

Real evidence of business? It is apparent. If you want to get more proof, please search or type UNITOYS and RC Toys in Google map.

'UNITOYS' is my main toy store located at Batu Ampar Street, Condet area while RC Toys is one branch of my toy store located at Kalisari East Jakarta.

While the evidence of the success of branding technique (which is cynically denounced by that bloggers as a 'cheap trick internet marketing') is in the form of a sign, the sign is quite a lot, one of which is, ie, the continued increase of my follower so quickly.

If you do not believe it, please check the number of follower Google plus account, Facebook, FB Fan Page, along with my Instagram and Twitter account. The trick is to type the keyword 'bang izal toy' + name of social media. Then would appear all of my social media accounts in Google searches.

If totaled, then the number of my followers in all accounts, almost reached 10.000 people! And all of that I accomplished in about a year!

All that I can achieve, thanks to internet marketing technique experiments (promotion & branding) that I have tested with the best. That is by contributing actively in various groups and forums of the most popular community, both community forums blogging and business forums.

The trick is by always discussing actively and trying to answer each forum member's questions as thoroughly as possible (of course questions relevant to My capacity and knowledge).

So, when getting a complete answer (from me), make the member of forums feels that I very help them (because it has reached the answer completely). Well, this way is compelling in capturing follower!

Also, there is another powerful method. This method has also been successfully applied, namely the optimation of user experience (UX).
Well, all methods and branding techniques that, I explain (step by step) through the thread that I posted in that IAPD group.

On each thread, I always complete with screenshot photo proof. I.e., as proof of traffic statistics data, screenshots of the number of followers, and screenshot photos of the number of clicks AdSense ads whose always go up quite fast.

All that evidence, I intentionally attach, the purpose is as supporting data. So that forum members do not think I'm a liar.

Also, I do intend to share the results of experiments that I have successfully tested it. Hopefully, it can be useful and be a source of inspiration for fellow members in that IAPD forum. At least they can get new ideas and methods that may not have time to think about them before.

I have never forced members in that IAPD forum to follow my blogging techniques, methods and strategy. If any of them feel comfortable with my way, then please apply it. But if they think unsuitable, then please ignore it. Very simple actually.

So, it's okay, if any of those forum members disagree (with my method), provided the person does not criticize as blindly and do not offer subjective judgments based solely on unilateral assumptions. Such is the example of a fair attitude.

Right or not? :)

Eeeeh it turns out what happened then?

Appeared a blogger who so incessantly accused me with various accusations.

This the accusations:

1. I'm on the stamp like to make a post that stylish 'propaganda'. Namely posting with a sentence style 'such a merchant who is selling his wares' (connotes mocking, because my post style always lures people to comment).

2. About the narcissistic and arrogant stamp.

3. I am stamped promote myself (self-branding) for the sake of personal use by using cheap ways and tricks. Namely shows the success of the style of 'soy sauce' (meaning internet marketers).

Those are some of his allegations.

There are still some other allegations tendentious, but I think this article will be too long if I write it all here.

Almost all of the above allegations tend to be subjective and only based on unilateral assumptions alone. Subjectivity that person against me, the primary cause is because of the way of looking, judging and thinking a wrong.

Well, therefore, I need to straighten all the accusations against me that, one by one.

Starting from :

# 1. I'm on the stamp like to make a post that stylish 'propaganda'. Namely posting with a sentence style 'such a merchant who is selling his wares' (connotes mocking, because my post style is always luring people to comment).

Need to know, that until recently, I just walked about 15 months into a blogger. And in the past, no one a blogger even remembers me.

Therefore, since the early days of joining in that forums IAPD, I often create thread/post containing pro and cons. Or a more specific statement: I make a lot of 'bait' in the form of posts containing controversial topics (between parties who agree with those who disagree).

Issues that I often raised about:

- Quality content Versus Standard content.

- White hat SEO techniques VS blackhat SEO.

- Rely on VS share only focus on looking for backlinks.

- The time of writing three days - a week, to get the material, data and complete article source VS write per day finished 2-3 articles (with the article results perfunctory).

- And many more 'sensitive' blogging issues that I intentionally lift.

And all the 'bait' that, can be said to have been successful!

Most likely, at this time almost all members of the IAPD forum (that active throughout the year 2017-2018) have known who I am. At least they know by my name and also identify with my blog brand.

Well, how do you think? A branding technique that brilliant enough is not it? hehe ☺

If any of you who want to try branding techniques like this, you can try it.

But there is one important thing to remember!

If you want to apply this technique, then you must be an expert in preparing a logical argument and have a strong foundation (provable).

Because if you dare to create a thread/post that contains controversy as above, guaranteed you would  be 'attacked' all-out by the disagreeing party.

And if you are unable to provide a logical and robust argument (to defend your opinion), then your credibility will be at stake. You are maybe even will the stamp as a troublemaker :)
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#2. About the narcissistic and arrogant stamp.

Again, I almost can't believe this tendentious statement can be spoken (by that blogger). The cause of this blind statement can come out, is because of the wrong of perspective and mindset that person.

Previously above I have emphasized, that I was deliberately made a post that propaganda, and tended to lure members of that forum to comment.

Well, if there is a member of the forum that makes it another interpretation, it is very likely to raise the impression that I am a proud person/arrogant. And yet again I affirm: that is just a trick, i.e., some 'bait.'

If the blogger who cons against me it can get to know me closer, surely he will soon realize that I am including people who are low profile, like joking. Sometimes I can be silly and have a sense of humor.

So do not ever judge me outwardly, because maybe I am doing a particular strategy.☺

# 3. I am stamped promoting myself (self-branding) for the sake of personal use by using cheap ways and tricks. Namely shows the success of the style of 'soy sauce' (meaning internet marketers).

I have tried to interpret the content of the sentence above, and most likely meant by the blogger is on two things.

That is,

First possibility:

I write many articles whose content is always related to the success of my toy store business (such as containing store photos or travel stories of building a business).

Writing materials and topics typically contain business strategies, or there are also topics about tips for successfully establishing a toy business. Lots of my articles whose content is closely related to the store I'm living in.

Well because I always associate all the content of writing with my business, so he thinks I am a blogger 'who is selling his wares', so the 'buyers' can be interested, ('buyers' = readers).

Strictly speaking: In this case, it means I 'peddle' my business success (through photo and story media), so the users want to read my article.

Hhhhhhhhhhhh !!! Does he think the readers are stupid people ???!

If my article is not worth reading ('thin article'), even if I attach up to a thousand photos of a business and a story--->> but the content is not qualified, then the users will never want to read it!

You need to know, sir, that readers are now increasingly smart! They are not as stupid as you think!

Well, all the methods I use like above that's what he thinks like someone who is selling 'ketchup.' Because he considers, not necessarily what I write and convey it is a fact (possibly a fictitious story, like that which is in his mind). So because it is not necessarily true, then the writings ala internet marketer (which he accused) cannot be used as a reference source for my audience.

All statement above is an assumption that is built without a foundation so that the result is a prejudice that is without evidence.

And all prejudices without proof this, happen because there is a cause the factor.

What is that?

That is because he (that blogger) lacks accurate information about me.☺

Hence, by writing in this article, I challenge him to prove his statement!

Hi sir, please give me strong evidence that can support your three statements above (that I am a 'cheap soy sauce' internet marketer).

And give proof that everything I write on my blog is a lie. Please search (type in Google Map), or come directly to my offline toy store (UNITOYS and Rc Toys).

Below is a photo of my main toy store, with a signboard (UNI TOYS). Located in the area of ​​Condet, East Jakarta.

The polemic is about the criteria of quality content and branding techniques (promotion) of a blog.

The polemic is about the criteria of quality content and branding techniques (promotion) of a blog.
RC Toys.

And above is one branch of my toy store located in Kalisari area, East Jakarta. (RC Toys).

Try to prove all the data and information collected by the Google map on both my toy store is a big lie! (By the way, are you sure will accuse that Google is manipulating data? That is a serious allegation, do you know? Wkwkwkkkkkk). 😂😂😂

Other possible meanings of that blogger's statement are: I often show my ability in that IAPD forum by describing every result of the experiments I found in the blogging world. And I usually show valid proof of all the success I have gained (thanks to that experiment).


Well, my attitude describes all the experiments that I found it, he said as a 'cheap' branding technique ala internet marketer.

Now give me a chance to ask:

Where is my mistake, sir? 

A mistake if I share useful information in that forum? 

Even though the techniques I found in the experiment included pure whitehat SEO flow?

Yeah! The method I share is not a 'heresy' in the world of blogging. So, what's the problem?

Well, what's wrong whit you, sir? Hhhhhhh!!

After all, is quite a lot among members of the IAPD forum who accept and love the techniques and methods that My use.

Some members of the IAPD forum thanked directly in the discussion. That member admits feeling fit and successfully applied all the experimental methods I created.

An example is like one of the members of the IAPD forum below. (see photo below).

The polemic is about the criteria of quality content and branding techniques (promotion) of a blog.

I have seen in the photo above the expression of satisfaction from one member of the IPAD forum. The sentence shown in the picture is Indonesian (non-standard language).

If I try to translate into standard English, then the result as follows:

"It turns out to be true, just a week experimenting with a new Channel (YouTube) (guinea pig), the result is like this (note: that means good results). Moreover, if I diligently upload content, maybe the result will be more good. + bang izal toys (note: this is the name of my google plus account), thanks for all that you often share :) I already understand now :)

Many other members provide support to me, to always continue to share useful information to that IAPD forum. But I think, one photo screenshot above, it decidedly is bright enough to explain everything.

So the problem is simple indeed. The point is if you feel fit with the method I share, then please apply it. But if feel does not fit my way, the solution is straightforward: You ignore it!

Very easy is not it?
If any of the readers of this blog who also happens to members in that IAPD forums, try you answer honestly my question this:

"Have I ever forced the My methods and experimental?"

If you are honest, it will surely answer: "Never!"

All I do is create a thread/post, then explain the method of blogging that I build it.

And he (that blogger) also admits (in one of his comments in my post) that all his judgments against me are subjective.

For his honesty to acknowledge the side of subjectivity in his judgment of me, I can appreciate it. Means there is still left good nature inside of him.

Therefore, (for several weeks) I just let it and did not respond to his statement.

But because of his very subjective statement to me, it continues, even be written and gossiped specifically into his blog article, finally made me rethink not to keep silent.

Because if I continue to let it, it will be able to cause misunderstanding or misperception of other bloggers against me.

Hence, this clarification article I finally had to write.

In addition to 'attacking' me, that blogger is also a very aggressive 'attack' blog tutorials and internet marketing blog.

Blog tutorials he says are too 'patronize'. And internet marketing niche blog he says is more a lot of 'selling nonsense.'

The most heavily attacked is blog niche internet marketing. And the most often he 'attack' is the blog

Blogging methods and techniques that most he 'attack' such as:

- Oppose the suggestion to write quality articles.

Because according to him every article there must be readers, although the item is the worst content though. So (according to him) a blogger does not have to bother and dizzy to think about how to write quality articles.

I do not know what the reason underlying the person; he showed a counter attitude to the suggestion to create a quality article.

What's wrong with that?

Is not that a good suggestion?

And where is the fault?

A strange! Hhhhhh! 😕😕😕

Indeed there is a truth that he said, that all the writings will always have readers, even if 'thin' writing.

But if a blog is intended to earn revenue (AdSense), then the quality article is one crucial aspect that must be met. Because if you make a shallow article alone, impossible will be able to compete with millions of other bloggers who continue to try and fight to improve the quality of the material.

Except,,,, Yes! once again unless if you make a blog just for fun only.

Or just as a place of diary/just hobby, then it is true that is said by that blogger, that no need to worry too much about how to write quality articles.

Well, now try to answer and think for yourself ---> if you all make a blog, that for what? Is it just for fun, or want to earn income? Hehehehe ☺

- He assumes promotional actions (share) is an attempt to 'herding' te readers.

"People who do promotion is only 'intend to sell merchandise'. (meaning: so that many get readers of the article).

Try you read carefully (once again) the above statement. Above that is one of his opinions is quite strange.

As if we share articles, it means that gain unilateral benefits just for the blogger admin (because it gets the reader).

Really like that?

Are readers are only 'used'?

Like that?

What a strange thought! Hhhhhhh!

Again I affirm, sir, that today's internet readers are not fools! 

The reader/user is now getting smarter!

They already can tell which content is quality and which content is thin (not qualified).

So, no one a person that will be able to force the readers/users to want to read the contents of his blog, if the contents of the article are not qualified. Although share hundreds of times, will still be ignored by users. Instead of getting the reader, it could even be your blog will be stamped as a blog spammer.

Well, now it's time for me to straighten out this last piece. ☺
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So,,,, Writing quality article content is very important. And promoting a blog, it is also essential. And between the two must be mutually related to each other.

Do not be separated!

Because after I observe, analyze, study, then pondered deep (hyperbole a little hehe), actually the key to success in blogging there are 2, namely:

# 1. Quality content that can provide solutions to the most significant problems of users/readers.

# 2. Promotion!

The two key factors above are interrelated, inseparable.


Because if one factor is not met, it can cause inequality!

Especially if the blogger admin is still a beginner.

Inequality will occur if:

~ Only rely on quality content ~

If you only rely on quality content but without promoting, then how do people know that you have excellent article content?

You hope and wait for the article can appear on the main page of google (page one)?

Beuuuh !!! That's the field of hell, comrades! Very hard!! 😂😂😂

The average Google homepage is dominated by top bloggers, making it very difficult for beginners to be able to pair with them. Unless you have highly qualified and viral content. Then it is still possible to get there.

But very rarely are capable of such. Perhaps the number is only a handful of people, can be counted on the fingers.

Therefore, the most appropriate strategy is to conduct smart promotions (share without spam) to various social media. From there, users will be able to know that you have a good article. And if those users like it, then they then share again.

Now slowly but surely, eventually your article began popularly. And over time, finally, the article can also penetrate to position of one page Google.

~ Only rely on promotion (regardless of article quality) ~

Then the result will also be lame!

When you are very diligent in promoting (sharing) your articles to various social media, but without the support of a weighty material, then most likely the article will be ignored by the users.

And if this keeps happening, then at the climax point, your blog is at risk of being marked as a Spammer blog.

If that's the case, wah bother!

You might not be able to share your material again. Or if you still can share, but the results remain useless because your article can not appear in other people's news feed. (due to spam filter).

Very saaaad! :(

Therefore, the two factors above must be inter-related and complement each other.

Well, That's how I think. :)

Perhaps any of you want to add or give an opinion?

So,,,, this is a clarification article from me :)

And if you are more keep attention, then you will find among the contents of the article above, contain useful information.

Please take and apply as much.

Remember, all the above techniques are full of challenges, and must have high creativity to be able to apply them successfully.

I hope good luck is always for you. ☺

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be useful for your other colleagues.

Best regards.
Bang izal
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