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How to Find the Best Niche Blog and Crowded Visitors (Plus How to Monetize it)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Maybe some people do not sufficiently know about niche blogs, especially for those who have not or are new to the world of blogging.

So the niche blog is a blog that addresses specific topics. For example, a blog with a health niche means that the blog discusses all things related to health. Or niche business blogs, so most of the contents of the article discuss business.

How to Find the Best Niche Blog and Crowded Visitors (Plus How to Monetize it)

The niche blog, in my own opinion, there are two types, namely:

1. A kind of niche blog that is specific about a particular topic (micro niche).

For example; health topic. The micro niche blog example is; like a blog that only talks about fertility, about heart health, or skin health, etc. Or in the business blog, the micro-niche example is; like a blog that exclusively discusses insurance, stock exchanges, business strategies, etc.

2. A semi-niche type of blog.

This means that most of the contents of the blog are dominant discussing a particular topic, but there are also other topics. Blog niche in my country (Indonesia), in general, is this second type. Examples include Maxmanroe blogs (for niche businesses), Mastimon blogs and Click mania (for niche blogging), etc.

But in general, what is meant by a niche blog is a website that only focuses on discussing specific topics.

Before starting to create a blog, you should first determine what type of blog you will make. Do you intend to create a niche blog or kind of a mixed blog topic? My advice, if you are expert on specific topics, you better make to create a niche blog.

Besides, it is also crucial for you to find out the topics that most people like (but are still relevant to the niche of your blog). That way, it will be easier for you to create content that fits your niche (while matching the trends/tastes of the reader).

What is the example?

This blog. My blog, including a business niche. Then I'm trying to find favorite topics and still related to business. For example, when Tobot toys were booming some time ago. Well, I also wrote an article about cheap Tobot toy distributors/suppliers — examples is like that.

Niche blogs are also considered more promising for monetizing compared to the kind of mixed blog topic. Therefore, before you start creating a blog, you should first explore some vital information about niche blogs. Includes about; Why are blog niches considered more promising to monetize? What topics the most crowded visitors on niche blogs? And how do you monetize a niche blog?

All of the above questions will be answered and described in full below. Let's look at it.
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Some Reasons Why Niche Blogs Are Considered More Promising.

A niche blog is a term for a blog whose content specifically made — explicitly starting from the topic of discussion, to the type of visitors targeted. Here are some reasons why niche blogs are considered more promising than other types of blogs.

1. Have a loyal reader.

Because niche blogs are usually (tend to) made seriously and discuss just one topic. Such blogs like this have the potential to captivate loyal readers. Because this blog presents content that matches the information that the user is looking for.

The reader immediately gets the information he is looking for through the blog. As a result, the reader is always looking forward to the publication of the latest article from the blog. And in the end, become loyal followers and readers of that blog.

The more specific the content, and the more in-depth the discussion, the higher the readers' trust to that blog. Now, if there are more loyal readers like this, then the higher a result of monetizing that blog. Because the Google system will usually display large-value ads on niche blogs that have high engagement levels, this is the reason that blog niche is considered more promising than the mixed type blog.

2. Building a Community.

People who gather are usually due to having the same tastes or interests. For example, the gaming community is a group of people who like games, likewise with the world of blogging. Sometimes readers who come to a blog not only want to read but want interaction with other readers.

Especially in niche blogs, usually, users/readers who have the same interests. So that these readers can discuss each other and share in the niche blog, now, niche blog owners can take advantage of this opportunity by creating a discussion forum on that niche blog. This is what will make the credibility of your niche blog will increase.

3. Opportunities to become a specialist.

One of the advantages of a niche blog that only focuses on discussing one topic, the effect will improve the quality of the blog, while honing your skills in the niche discussed. This is natural because you always write the skills that you have on the blog. Of course, over time, your expertise will be honed by itself. So at some point, you are finally an expert on that topic.

Besides, your blog content becomes a unique article (then be a reference material the other blogger).

So there will be many newcomer blogs that link your article as their reference.

If your niche blog has reached a level like this, then will a lot of benefits that you will get. Besides the authority of your blog to be higher by Google (because getting backlinks), your blog also has the opportunity to get new readers from the referral links (that embedded in other blogs).

4. Niche Blogs Can Build Credibility

Blogs that consistently discuss a topic specifically, it will make it a source of information that deserves reference (credible and trusted). The deeper the topic and discussion, the higher credibility.

5. Attract advertisers.

Advertising is one way to monetize a blog. If a managed blog contains a particular discussion and focused on just one topic, it will attract the attention of Google Adsense to put relevant ads on the niche blog. Any advertisements that appear will be more relevant to the content of your blog. The more relevant ads that appear on the niche blog, the higher the cost-per-click (CPC) will be obtained.

6. SEO Friendly (Off - Page).

As I have mentioned in the previous point above, a quality niche blog will be used as a reference by other bloggers. So that niche blogs like this will get a lot of natural and quality backlinks.

The effect certainly makes search engines (Google and others) prefer niche blogs like this. The result, of course, makes the ranking of niche blogs high in search engines (SERP).

7. Can explore the Author's Skill to be Deeper.

The point is; because it often discusses specific topics so that it will make it easier for writers to explore their skills. While continuing to sharpen their insights in depth.

If you always sincerely write with in-depth discussion, usually the reader becomes motivated after reading the results of your writing. So that makes you more excited to write the latest articles to your blog.

8. Potential Cooperation with Certain Brands.

Building a network is very important in creating a blog. Discussion of niche blogs that are very focused on just one study will be able to attract the attention of other communities (with similar interests and hobbies). The more quality content you write, the more becomes get references by other bloggers. Eventually, of course, your blog will become famous.

At a certain point, the big name of your niche blogs will be heard by certain brands. Usually, if it's like this, there must be among those who offer cooperation. The form of collaboration can vary. There is cooperation an affiliate, content placement, sponsored post. Etc.

9. Conversion Rate of Niche Blogs Tends to Be Higher.

If you intend to monetize your niche blog by selling products/services (on that blog), then the chances of conversion/sales will be higher. Because readers have attracted to your blog, then when you start selling products/services on that niche blog, of course, your loyal readers are better prepared to buy it.
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The Best Niche Blog Types.

Everybody's information needs are, of course, different. This is what makes more questions and information that people are looking for on Google search. Therefore, for those of you who already intend to create a niche blog, it is vital for you to find out the best type of niche blog that people often find. Please see the list below:

1. Health.

Health includes the most sought-after niche blogs. So please use this topic to create a niche blog. Today more and more people are starting to care about their health. Even simple health tips such as 'how to treat a cold' already searched for through Google.

But there are things you must note about the health niche. At present Google has set strict rules and supervision regarding health niche blogs. This means that Google's algorithm requires health blogs to be written by experts. In this case, the most expert about health is, of course, only a doctor.

So if your health blog is indicated by Google not written by an expert, then your blog could be threatened not to appear on Google search (de-index). Therefore, if you want to create a niche health blog, then you should be able to provide information that is medically and healthily appropriate.

Now, what if you are not a doctor? 

You can make a health blog if you have a brother or relative who is a doctor. So you can take material about health from your relatives. And you can ask to help check the contents of your article (before publishing).

The style of language used should be interactive and give an impression that is close to the reader. A health blog with good discussion will be able to attract the reader's attention. Especially if you are responsive in answering every question, the reader asks in the comments column. If this is the case, then the potential of your blog to become a popular health niche blog is just a matter of time.

Examples of discussions that can be used in writing in this blog are about diet or losing weight, illness or disorders of health, nutrition/food/ nutrition, and exercise. Those are a few examples of health topics that many people are looking for.

2. Parenting.

Every parent who has children will need knowledge about parenting. Moreover, every year, there are many couples who have just had children — coupled with the influence of modernization and globalization that often hurt children.

Therefore, information about parenting is vital today. Now, this opportunity can utilize by creating a parenting niche blog.

Not only about education, but parenting can also take the form of games that can train children's intelligence and creativity. There are many products or information that can be discussed in this parenting niche, so the discussion will never end.

3. Tutorial.

The tutorial is needed to be able to transfer knowledge quickly, which will significantly help the reader. Most people will find an instant and simple way to solve the problem. Examples of how to write well, or about how to create a blog. Can also write tutorials about SEO, gadgets, widgets, HTML or something else.

Or create a niche blog tutorial gadget that contains all information about smartphones. Like making a tutorial on how to install an application, or how to send a file (for example). Niche tutorials are one potential blogging niche because usually, the advertising cost-per-click (CPC) value is high.

4. Technology.

Technology is one of the things that has become everyone's needs. Along with the development and influence of globalization, the role of technology is vital. This can also be used as an opportunity to create a niche that many readers are interested in.

The information provided will always be the latest and most sought after. Examples of content regarding technology are such as mobile phones, PCs, internet, Android, and many others.

5. Money and Business.

Blog niche that discusses money and business will be very beneficial for people who are learning entrepreneurship. This niche will provide detailed knowledge about how to make money.

Of course, every person who will start a business will look for ways that are different from the others.
For that, money and business niche articles need to package attractively. Examples such as articles about tips and how to get money in a relatively fast time, to attract the attention of readers.

6. Self-development.

Niche blogs can also discuss topics regarding self-development. The aim is to increase awareness and self-identity. Such as improving the quality of life and developing talents and potential. Things that can be discussed in the niche of self-development blogs include; leadership, confidence, motivation, career development, and spirituality.

Blog self-development niches can help improve a person's quality of life. Or it can also help a person's ability to understand the test in life. So that someone can be wiser, and more mature in living his life.

Continued on part two. Coming soon.

Note: Part two will discuss tips on choosing a niche blog for beginners and how to monetize it.

Update!! The second article has written. Please read HERE

Author by Mr. izal.
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