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Which Do You Choose? Become A Blogger Or YouTubers?


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

This time article may include a 'light' topic. However, although it is light, this topic is interesting to discuss. What is the cause? Because this topic concerns our interests, talents, and passion.

What's that topic?

Namely: If you were told to choose, then you decide which one? Become a Blogger or YouTuber?

The answer? Of course, you better know which is best between the two options. Usually, the last choice will be determined by experience (after living it).

For those of you who are still beginners and have never played Blogger and Youtube, then you may try both.

Later after trying and running both, usually, you will be able to 'feel' and find the field that best suits you.

If you can manage both at once, of course perfect, especially if any of you can focus, even successful in Blogger and YouTuber, then I will give appreciation three thumbs for you! ☺.

Why I give appreciation three thumbs up?

Because to be able to focus and succeed at once in both, it's very difficult.

Among 1000 people, maybe only one person can achieve it. Hopefully, you are one of them. :)

But what if you have not been able to focus on both (Blogger and YouTuber)?

I suggest choosing one field only.

So you want to choose Blogger or Youtuber?

Before you make sure to answer it then below will discuss some basic requirements, so you can succeed to become a Blogger or Youtuber.

In this first part, we will discuss Blogger first.
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To be successful, a blogger should be able to meet some of the following criteria, including:

#1. Mastering the basic techniques of journalism and has a broad insight.

This is the most critical part and should be owned by a Blogger.


Because, as a weapon, that's where the ammunition!

As a motor vehicle, that's where the fuel source!

Why is a blogger highly recommended to have a broad insight?

Because if a blogger has limited insight, it is tough for him to be able to develop new ideas into each of his writings.

Therefore, it is advisable for a blogger to continue to add and develop his insights.

How to?

That is by growing reading habits. If bloggers diligently read, then from any information he learned it would be absorbed into the memory of his brain. And all the information that has been consumed is then the source of reference for each writing.

It is recommended to read all the sources of science, so that information and references get more and more.

Well, after the various sources of science have succeeded in absorbing (over time) to us, then in the next stage we can pursue again to be more specific. That is with more focus to deepen certain knowledge that suits our interests and passion. So general science is enough we know, and science in particular fields we have also mastered in more depth.

Well, all the sources of science (reference) that we have mastered that will be a 'fuel' on each of our writing, to produce quality content!

A great writer must have a characteristic, i.e., careful reading!

A blogger should also have writing skills (the basics of journalism). It means, be good at composing words and mastering the style of language so that every result of his writing feels compelling and easy to read by the users.

#2. Understand the basics of coding (CSS, Html, Javascript, and others).

This is the second mandatory requirement that must be mastered by a blogger.

To be able to design a blog, a blogger is required to understand the basics of coding. Because to be able to set and beautify the look of a blog, you must  follow the 'language code' Html.

Html editing cannot be done carelessly and requires high accuracy.

What is the cause?

Because if you misplaced, or placed less of code (e.g., a dot or comma), then the edits would be error!.

Well, the other hand, the factors that are not less important and must be had, i.e., PATIENCE!

If you do not have a lot of patience, then it will be relatively difficult for you to become a successful blogger. Because to be able to master the basic science of codings, inevitably you should be able to be patient to learn it.

What I said above is not nonsense. Based on personal experience, I often have to stay up until dawn because I have not succeeded in getting the right code when editing Html, or to customize a particular widget.

And even then, after I stayed up until morning, still has not been successful editing! Each time the code is installed, the result is always error continues! Hhhhhhhhh 😢

After repeatedly I try and learn how from various tutorials that exist (in Google), a month later finally I find the right code for that Html code. And ultimately is successfully appropriately installed on my blog.

Suppose I can not afford to be patient, maybe this blogging activity for a long time have I be left! 😂

#3. Understand SEO techniques well.

There are pros and cons among bloggers.

Some blogger thinks that SEO is not necessary; the most important is the original content and quality.

If high-quality content and many re-share, it will automatically get a natural backlink. That's the main factor that will deliver the article to the ranked top of the Google SERP. That is their opinion.

There is also some blogger who argue: the most important is SEO. So this 'faction' focuses and struggling for SEO.

And some other blogger implementing SEO that is 'brave enough.' That does the buildup of keywords in their articles, link farm, and so forth.

There are also some of them are more extreme, i.e., uses blackhat SEO techniques are very at risk of sanctions and penalties from Google.

What is the opinion of this 'faction' about content quality?

The quality of the content (inclined) is less of a concern for them. This can happen because they are too focused on SEO, so the ideas to create fresh and unique writing to be forgotten. (If you know what I mean) :)

Well, which one will we choose between the two camps above?

In my opinion, it is best to unite the two, which are writing quality articles and also pay attention to the matter of SEO. (But more emphasizing the quality of the content).

So SEO function is as a tool supporting the article that has been qualified earlier, for so much easier to get to the rank of 1 (one) Google search page.

Therefore, we should continue to learn SEO techniques, as long as these SEO techniques do not violate Google's rules guidelines. ☺

Well, if a blogger has mastered the science of SEO well, and the content of the article is also qualified, then the blog he is building will have a chance to become a successful blog!

Thus all above is the basics of blogging you should master if you want to become a successful professional blogger.

What if you want to become a professional YouTubers? And to be a success? What are the requirements that must be mastered?
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Well, let's discuss one by one.

#1. Fluent speaking style and natural gesture (not rigid) in front of the camera.

This the 'most essential capital' that must be owned by a YouTuber.

If a blogger is required to have expertise in the field of writing, then a YouTuber is must be able to appear convincing in front of the camera.

In addition, a YouTuber must also have a characteristic that distinguishes it from other YouTuber. Suppose you are a person who has a humorous talent, then you can make funny video content and able to entertain the audience. Of course with your own characteristics.

And all that will not be possible fulfilled if you are a person who has a shy, quiet and rigid nature.

If you are a shy, quiet person, and always feel nervous in front of the camera, well, then you are not suitable to be a YouTuber. :)

And, a YouTubers must be able to manage every gesture, tone and all his behavior in front of the camera, so that the video content becomes exciting and ready to entertain the audience.

Try watching successful world-class YouTubers like PewDiePie, Dude Perfect, CrazyPt, Ryan Higa, and more. They are all very creative Youtubers with their 'gimmick'.

They know what to do when in front of the camera.

And they are also a very master of intonation speaking, smart set face and gesture, and a very flexible style in front of the camera.

The point is they are very good at improvising in front of the camera!

Theoretically, before filming, a YouTuber will usually write scenarios, plots, and storylines first — approximately almost the same as when someone makes a movie scenario.

But when the shooting started, and the YouTuber was 'in action' in front of the camera, usually who have been professional did more improvisation.

How do they improvise?

Approximately as follows:

The storyline and scenario must be retained (so the story remains focused). But, they develop every of the scene in the manner and characteristics of their own (read: 'not must according' to the contents of the scenario).

So the resulting video does not seem stiff, and the scene flows spontaneously/creatively. That is one of the characteristics of professional YouTuber.

Can a beginner Youtuber do the way as above? Oh, of course, you can! Provided you have talent and want to keep practicing.

Indeed, for get to the professional level will require a long process. But remember one a rule: "Something great, definitely needs an unusual way." That is, if you want to succeed, then you must be willing to work hard and persistent in achieving it!

But it can not be denied, that you must have talent in this field because without having the skill, it is a bit difficult to 'survive' because of competition in the world YouTuber increasingly stricter.

Once again I affirm: does not mean people that have no talent cannot be a Youtuber. They still CAN; it's just that they need a more strenuous effort to change their native characters. I.e., the innate character that is inhibiting the path to becoming a successful Youtuber.

What is the meaning of an innate character?

This I have mentioned above (the opening of this article). Namely the nature of: shy, quiet, not good at expression/speak in front of the camera, and others.

So, if you include people who have nature congenital above, then relatively a bit difficult to become a YouTuber. I suggest better be a blogger just. 😁

#2. Mastering video editing skills.

Skill in this field must also be owned by a YouTubers.

If the 'king' on the blogger is quality article content, then the 'trigger' of the YouTube channel is interesting video content, and ability to entertain the audience. Well, it's impossible that high-quality video content can be generated if a YouTubers does not master the skill of video editing.

If you are presenting a video content with no edits to the audience, it like you serving a meal without salt to your guests. Feels tasteless! Surely they (your guests) feel not served well by the host. As a result, the next time, they do not want to come to revisit your home.

The above description is just an example/illustration. But know! The viewers deserve to be treated as honored guests on your youtube channel! So, give the best satisfaction and 'dish' to them, that is by serving interesting, quality and entertaining video content!

If they (the audience) have been satisfied with your video content, then in the next time, surely they will visit again your youtube channel is.

Well, the question is: do you already have a good video editing skill? Of course, only you who know better the answer. ☺

#3. Being a YouTuber (especially for professional YouTubers) needs a costly operational tool.

Among is:

- Camera.

Being a YouTuber requires a lot more basic capital than being a blogger. When a blogger use the operational equipment of a laptop (even can be done only by using a smartphone device). And of course the internet quota.

So different to be a YouTuber, you must have a camera of good quality. At least use the Go Pro camera with the power of 5 MP lens (note: this is a minimal standard camera for YouTubers in developing countries like Indonesia). And for the YouTubers in developed countries, maybe they almost did not know this camera type. 😁

Go pro camera with the power of 5 MP lens is only available on the second camera, because this type of camera are not in production anymore. In Indonesia the market price this camera about 2 million rupiahs (about 150 US Dollar).

That is the necessary capital for the cost of buying the most minimal camera for beginner YouTuber in Indonesia. And the famous YouTubers in Indonesia such as Raditya Dika, Bayu Skak, Agung hapsah, they cost wort it 30 to 50 million rupiahs for one camera!

What about other countries?

This will vary by each country, as it is influenced by the economic rate and the size of the currency in each country. And because I am an Indonesian, then, of course, I use the standards that apply in my country. 😊

- Computer / Laptop / Microphone.

The role of computer/laptop and microphone is also vital as a means of supporting a YouTuber because it will not be possible to do video editing without a computer/laptop.

The price of a standard computer for a beginner (in Indonesia) at least 3 million rupiahs. Because to be able to store video programming applications require high computer RAM. Even famous YouTuber (who I've mentioned above) must be willing to dredge a more deep fill his wallet contents of up to 30 million rupiahs just for one computer only.

Surely a product that is expensive (is not an ordinary computer). They deliberately ordered explicitly to support all means of editing the video with high-level technology.

- Internet

This part is must be fulfilled. 

Because when you will upload a video to youtube, of course, require the internet connection.

Well, for beginner YouTuber in Indonesia should at least subscribe to internet packages costing 300 thousand to 500 thousand rupiahs per month. Well if the professional YouTuber (according to info I've heard), they can spend up to millions of rupiahs per month (unlimited internet package).

Well, based on the description I explain in very detail above, would you like to choose which one? Want to become a blogger or YouTuber?

Still confused? 😁

All right, please allow me to give you some advice.
If you are a quiet person, shy, and less able to express visually, but on the other hand you are a person who likes to read, and expert pours opinions in the form of writing, then you are very suitable to become a blogger!

Conversely, if you are a person who enjoys expression, has a characteristic (gimmick), experts in regulating body gestures and facial gestures in front of the camera (to produce a cheerful, funny and entertaining atmosphere) then you are very suitable----> to be a YouTuber!

Maybe some of you say: "If I have the ability and the 'specifications' to become a blogger and at the same time become a YouTuber, how in your opinion, brother Izal?"

Wow !! Yes if it can be like that, you are very 'great! hehehe 😁👍

Especially if you can also succeed in both fields! It was amazing! 😉

However, sometimes there are situational conditions that 'force' we have to choose one of them.

Just information, before I became a blogger, actually I was a YouTuber (amateur).

Try it you type in google or youtube search with keyword: Bang Izal Toys. Then definitely will appear my youtube channel!

However, because swamped taking care of my toy store business, then it is tough for me to make a new video. Finally, I decided to move and focus on being a blogger. Because writing activities can still be done on the sidelines handle of my toy store.

Thus friends, the choice to become a blogger or become a Youtuber is dependent on your interests, characters, and passion!

So, would choose to become a blogger or Youtuber? It's up to you! 😉

Such is the writing with a reasonably light topic on this occasion. At other times, I will write another article with more hot and exciting issues.

Good luck always for you all.

If you feel this article is useful, then share it. Hopefully, it can be helpful for your other colleagues.

Best regards.
Bang izal
Bang izal Saya Seorang Praktisi Bisnis Mainan. Sangat hobi menulis dan suka berdiskusi. Saya ingin sekali saling berbagi ilmu, dan pengalaman, dengan teman-teman semua melalui blog ini.

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