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Seven Characteristics of Quality Content and Favored by Google

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

What are the characteristics of a high-quality article?

Below are some of the characteristics:

#1. Rich in useful information.

Let's think for a moment: what is the main reason for someone to open Google search?

Majority because they want to find and get the information they need!

Therefore, Google likes a site or blog that can provide content that contains complete and comprehensive information.

In other words, that site writes a topic, then reviews in depth (detail). Then solve the core problem, so that can provide the best solution at the conclusion at the end of the article. Has result, after reading the content, users (readers) can immediately take advantages from that article. Blog and article that have characteristics like this, usually are very popular with Google (has a good user experience element).

#2. High-quality content.

What are characteristic features from high-quality content that according to Google standards? This is important to think about because you might feel you have written a high-quality article, even though it isn't necessarily qualified according to Google.

High-quality content according to Google is content that is specific, unique and has a good user experience.

Specific and unique; because Google likes a blog that discusses a topic deeply and accurately. 

For example, a blog about food recipes: the author (who owns the blog) can write about of secret methods to the detail part, namely about a spice that is not widely known by other people. This is what makes that blog specific and unique. And blogs with content like this are also very popular with Google.

Note: User experience means having a good user response. Namely; a blog that can make loyal readers feel comfortable lingering on every page per page of the blog's content.
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Seven Characteristics of Quality Content and Favored by Google

#3. Original.

Original content intended by Google; is genuinely original material out of your thinking (not obtained from the results of plagiarism).

There are a few things I want to emphasize first. Google indeed very hates the act of plagiarism. But if the writings of others inspire you, so that their thinking and writing style influence you, then this is normal and permissible.

Indeed cannot be denied, of course as humans we will not be able to escape the influence of various kinds of thoughts and results of writing other people.

If a blogger often reads on Google search, undoubtedly he will be affected by the writing style and thoughts of the other blog site. The concrete example is my blog content!

Take a look, how to compose paragraphs and writing styles in almost all of my content/articles. You will see, that my style in creating and writing content is significantly affected by the writing style of Dharmawan. He is the owner of a blog That blog is famous for internet marketing niches. If you don't believe it, try to see the writing style on that blog, surely the style of writing is the same as my blog. Honestly, I learned a lot from that blog and one of my inspiration in creating a blog. 

So, even though the writing style/the content PanduanIM blog are very influenced me, but the idea and the development of the concept of my blog articles remained based on my thinking. 

Well, more or less like that the definition of original content intended by Google. 

Google does not deny the influence, idol, and writing style from another blog. That is fine. But still, the originality of the contents of the content must be based for our thinking.

#4. Your content is more valuable than other sites/blogs.

It means this:

If you have a blog with a niche automotive, then you must be able to create content that is review and writing content using different techniques and perspectives from other blogs (with the same niche).

Discuss and unloading all things about the automotive world in your blog, ranging from engine problems, modification techniques to the latest trend in the automotive field. Thus, your blog and content will have more and different values. 

Although there are very many automotive niche blogs scattered on the internet, your blog has its distinctive features and distinctions. And Google can immediately 'fall in love' with blogs like this. ☺

#5. Content that can provide useful lessons to readers.

Content that can provide excellent and useful lessons is; for example material that contains tutorials, motivations, or content that explains in full how to make this, an article that explains the definition of something, and so on.

Why does Google like this content so much? Because material like this makes good user experience. Yes, it means that the content can make readers feel at home to keep reading from part of one the article to the other parts of the article! 

Why do readers feel at home? 

Because content like this usually contains all the information that is needed!

#6. Content with a simple language (easy to understand).

Make content that all people can quickly understand it. In the meaning; use standard language (a language which often used in society).

So, don't use too many "high languages" (academic language). Except, if indeed the niche blog and your content are primarily aimed at particular groups, such as academics and people who have intellectual and high educational backgrounds. But if your niche blog is intended for the public, it is highly recommended to use standard language only. Also, the method of presentation must easily be understood by all people.

#7. Content that has a proper sentence structure, paragraph, and font size.

This last point is no less important, friends.

Why is that?

Because, even though all the points number 1 to number 6 above have fulfilled, but if the techniques in writing and compiling the paragraph are in shambles, yes it is still in vain too.

It's useless that your writing is excellent and quality, but the font size is too small. Torturing readers and making their eyes hurt. Also, if you are writing paragraphs/sentences too long and tight, it can make your audience eyes tired.

Google doesn't like content like this, even though the quality is good but the reader's comfort must always be prioritized.

I have written an article that discusses in full about proper writing techniques. If you have free time, please read this article: Tips On How To Write Good Articles And Liked By Google

Thus seven characteristics of quality content and favored by Google.

Hopefully, this article can be useful for you all. 

Yunita Saya seorang ibu rumah tangga yang gemar menulis.

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