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Seven Valuable Tips, For Successful Online Auction Process on Facebook

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres dari artikel ini

For this time, I want to discuss the world of online business, especially online auctions on Facebook.

This online auction on Facebook is an online business activity that sells by certain auction products (usually hobby product / rare items). The seller usually opens the initial price, after which the bid price (bid increase) set at a certain value limit.

After the auction process is carried out (multiples by multiples of bids), then if there is a buyer who finally offers at the highest price, he is the one who wins the auction process and has the right to get the product.

Well, I will give some valuable tips so that the auction process can run smoothly on Facebook.

Seven Valuable Tips, For Successful Online Auction Process on Facebook

In this paper, I will discuss essential tips on the auction process of die-cast products, especially Hot wheels.

Some of these tips are very important in preparation and supporting factors for the success of the auction process.

Tips are containing steps arranged regularly and neatly (organized). If all the steps we have appropriately managed, then God willing, from the auction process to the delivery of goods will run smoothly.

A professional online businessperson will prepare all the best steps. And adjust anticipatory steps to the most detailed part to minimize failures during the auction process in Facebook.
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Well, here are the best steps that must consider:

#1. The information and explanation of the product auctioned must be written in detail (not ambiguous and confusing). This is mandatory and important! 

Why is this important?

Because if the product information is unclear and confusing, what will be bothered is not only the buyer. The seller (auctioneer) also will hassles. If the information on the product is not clear/ambiguous, it will make prospective buyers repeatedly ask, whereas prospective buyers in the auctioned online not only one or two people. Potential buyers can be tens or even hundreds of people. Especially; in online stores that are already big and famous. This condition is going to be troublesome for the seller himself!

Therefore I say again; it is vital (obligatory) to provide clear information in each product auctioned!

#2. Make sure there are no errors in calculating the shipping cost of the product.

This section is also vital to note.


Because if the seller set the wrong shipping costs, then a seller is like being 'hit by a double-edged knife' (an Indonesian say). The excess postage is incorrect, lack of postage is also wrong.

If the excess set postage, then will make the buyer protest. Indeed, we can return the money by transferring (for example), but it will be waste our time.

Conversely, if the seller incorrectly determines the shipping rate (so the cost insufficient), then, of course, the seller will fulfill that cost of postage.

Yeah, hopefully, the buyer is a good and honest person. So he is willing to be a little troublesome to transfer the shortage of postage costs. But how if the buyer is don't want to bother? Because he thinks that is because of the seller's fault for example?

Never mind ... give it up. Because indeed it happened because of our own mistakes (not being careful). 
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#3. For the beginner online businesses, start trying to auction off as many as 50 to 100 pieces.

As a beginner who is indeed not experienced in online business, it is recommended to do a small number of auctions first.

This is a means of training, trial and error. To find the right auction method. From that small number of auctions, we can learn what the shortcomings of the process (in terms of technique, management, skills, human resources, etc.). After that, then we refine that auction method so that it can be better.

All prominent online businessmen who in one auction can reach thousands of pieces of Hotwheels, at first also crawling from small first. As I have told in the previous article; about one of my friends Faisal Adlan, with his online store (icalToys).

Surely Hotwheels fans (in Indonesia) are no stranger to the names. He is one of the 'Kings' in the field of online business, unusually Hotwheels.

Faisal Adlan in one auction can reach 10.000 - 15.000 pieces Hotwheels!

But at the beginning of pioneering as a Hotwheels trader, Faisal Adlan started by selling some of his collections, which only numbered dozens of items. So everything has to start from the bottom. I have written the full story of Faisal Adlan in the following article: The Story of Faisal Adlan (icalToys Hotwheels), A Successful Online Businessman in Indonesia (Part #1)

#4. It is highly recommended to have an assistant/employee to support your operations.

Online business is one type of business that is extraordinarily busy, friends!

Very busy and troublesome!

What's the cause?


We must work, serve, and take care of things that are not easy. This jobs takes a lot of energy and time. The most challenging part and requires high patience is customer service, sorting and packing of goods.

Not to mention the product photo section, synchronizing bank account transfers, address printing, delivering packages that have packed to shipping service agents, recapitulating auction results, invoicing, billing auction results, and submitting receipts to buyers.

All that is almost impossible for one person to do!

You have to have at least 1-2 assistants, in large online businesses such as Faisal Adlan, the assistant reaches 7-9 people!

Why is this assistant important?

Because the auction carried out simultaneously in one process (one steps). With Hotwheels items that number hundreds (even thousands). If the number of support teams in the online shop is lacking, then the effect; a slow response (delayed). And this late response is the worst thing and abstinence in online business!

Don't a slow response! Because you will be crushed by other online businesses, who continue to race to provide the fastest and best service!

Online business is 'hard,' friend! ☺

#5. Strategy in dealing with the 'naughty' bidder.

On the internet, it consists of various people with thousands of different characters. There is a cool bidder (polite and friendly). There is also a bidder who makes you peeve. This type of bidder is always in trouble.

Now, we as an online businessman must be able to remain calm to face them.

The principle==> Let the prospective buyers be bid unnaturally, nagged, and sometimes make you peeve; it's okay, no problem! Provided he bid by responsible. (That means: if the bidding is final / agreed, that bidder does not 'run'). So, when conducting an online auction, be patient when dealing with the behavior of the bidders. The critical thing finally is the money (a bidder) can go into your bank account! Right? Hehe.☺

But, if the bidder always nagged, always make your peeve, talking too much, and after bidding final (with a deal), uh, he's running away aka Bid and Run. Well. Now please; prepare the best place for him: Blacklist!

So, the principle is simple. If you face such a lousy bidder, then, enter it directly to blacklist (or permanently banned). You don't need to use emotion in serving them, because it will only waste your energy so that making you not focus on serve other buyers (who are serious about buying).

#6. Prepare the stamina, time, and the best mood.

As I said above, auction activities are a process of extraordinarily busy and 'troublesome work!

Therefore, when you decide to hold an auction, choose the best time. Namely leisure time, holiday/weekend or time between national holidays.

If your mind is relaxed and relaxed, it will undoubtedly affect the smooth running of the auction process. Don't do auctions when you're having a hard problem, because the effect will make all messy. The mood is a significant influence on any business. So choose to hold an auction when stamina is fit and the best spirit.
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#7. Look for a shipping agent that is closest to you.

It's important because it will further accelerate and streamline the process of sending all auction results. If the agent/courier is too far away, then it will undoubtedly make the process longer especially if the path to the location of the expedition service is a road that is often jammed, oh no!

Therefore, to speed up the shipping process, find a shipping agent in the nearest location.

Or, if necessary, request service from the shipping service to pick up your shipment. So you can focus more on working on the other parts. The average expedition service (usually) is willing to pick up goods (to your place) because this includes part of customer service (to each of their customers).

Thus seven valuable tips, for successful online auction process on Facebook.

These tips, God willing, are useful. Because online business practitioners famous in Indonesia like Faisal Adlan also always apply the method above.

Why can I know? Because Faisal Adlan themselves that often tell stories in various online business forums. ☺

Hopefully, it's useful and successful for you all.

See you again.

Yunita Saya seorang ibu rumah tangga yang gemar menulis.

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