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The 5 Digital Business Concepts with Minimum Capital that Can Begin at Home

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hi, friend.

Become an entrepreneur; either as a freelancer or starting your own business - are two choices that you can rely on in pursuing a career. Both ways can be the first step to make yourself an independent person — both in terms of financial and professional.

But sometimes, you may feel heavy when you start. It's very natural if you feel hesitant and a little awkward when going through it. That's a regular thing, human. One of the causative factors is; because you don't know the most appropriate digital business concept (to choose).

But you should be grateful because; in today's modern era, there are many digital business ideas and concepts that you can choose. All digital businesses rely on internet technology so that making it more practical, comfortable and efficient.

The 5 Digital Business Concepts with Minimum Capital that Can Begin at Home
Digital Business

With the existence of internet technology, so that digital business and internet marketing can be done anywhere. And also provides opportunities for many people to start their business, without having to pour too much capital. You only need to have a website to run your digital marketing.

Is it expensive to buy hosting and domain?

You take it easy,,,,,

Now there are many cheap domains and hosting available because many hosting service providers are promoting their products. You are free to choose which hosting service you like the most. Of course, many hosting services are well-known and trusted. You can search the list of the best hosting providers on Google searches that you can access anytime and anywhere.

Well, the best choice in the field of digital business is:

#1. Become a Professional Blogger.

Why do I put this field of a blogger in place in the discussion of the first part? The reason because I (author) is a blogger (although still classified as amateur blogger hehehe), so I feel more interested in discussing it first.

Now, writing on a blog can open opportunities for you to start a business. Even though at first you can't get income directly through blogs, you can build an online portfolio as a blogger in your area of ​​expertise.

If you are an expert in the field of education, you can use blogs as an educational medium (regarding the update of the world of knowledge). Or if you are a businessman, then you can write your personal experience story. For example; a tale of the struggle in building your business, business tips, trading strategies, etc.

From the routine habit of writing on a blog, you can start offering yourself, to fill the class or to work with institutions or companies that are related to your blog's niche.

The same thing applies to bloggers in other fields, such as parenting, beauty, travel, and so on. So if you regularly write a blog, you also have the opportunity to do monetization.
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One other way to monetize your blog is by becoming a Google Adsense ad publisher. This is the easiest and most popular way of blog monetization. Well, which way will you take, of course, it's up to you? Choose the way to monetize the blog that you like the most.

But if you still feel that business capital is the main obstacle to getting started (for example you don't have enough money to buy hosting and blog domain), then you don't need to worry. There are some digital business concepts with minimum capital that can begin at home. Check out the digital business options section 2 to part 5 below.

#2. Online Writer and Translator.

If you see a lot of online business references, there seems to be nothing left to mention the idea of ​​being an online writer or translator. At present, the ability as a writer, editor and translator is vital. Large companies are starting to depend on writing services after understanding the high need for written content to promote their products.

Given the needs of online entrepreneurs who want to reach clients and customers up to the international realm, you can start opening services as writers and translators through your closest friends or relatives.

Also, you can try to get into the online translator platform like Lengoo, Pub Translator, Fast work, and so on. The more portfolios you have on these platforms, the more prospective clients will be interested in contacting you, namely to use your translation and writing services.

#3. Event Planner.

Having managerial skills is an "expensive" aspect if you know how to "sell it". One profession that requires high managerial skills is to become an event planner.

As an event planner, you need to take care of small, trivial, detailed but essential things and can not ignore. Why is it important to take care of it to detail? Even to the smallest part and seem trivial?

Yup! Even small and trivial things will be vital if you want the event held by your client to take place successfully and smoothly!

Not only managerial ability, but an event planner must also be fluent in communication - to make sure everything is by the wishes of the client. Many people are willing to pay an expensive event planner for important events such as birthdays, weddings, and gatherings. The goal is ==> in order to they no longer have to worry about matters related to communication that seem complicated and take up a lot of time.

#4. Social Media Consultant.

Like online writers and translators, more and more businesses are now in need of social media consultants. Because as we understand it, the digital world also makes entrepreneurs more intense in promoting.

Not only through websites, but also through social media. Seeing the intensity of the very high information flow through social media; online entrepreneurs will not be able to miss this platform as their marketing media.

In addition to writing skills, photography and design skills are also very much needed in this profession. Then, how to convince prospective clients if you have enough copywriting, photography and design skills for them to use?

The first step is to start with your social media first. Upload your photos via personal Instagram and provide interesting captions in the pictures. Then you can tag hits accounts that often repost pictures so that your work gets exposure.

#5. Cleaning Service.

At present there are many offices, residences, and restaurants that have the potential as customers; if you want to start cleaning service. You can even try marketing strategies by offering 'green cleaning' services, such as using organic floor cleaners, adding plants in areas that need reforestation, and so on.

This kind of service usually does not require a lot of advertising. In big cities where people are busy. Example; like in my country Indonesia (Jakarta, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, to Bali), many cleaning service services. So if you provide excellent service, word of mouth review is already effective enough to promote your business.

That's above the 5 Digital Business Concepts with Minimum Capital that Can Begin at Home.

So, are you still in doubt starting a minimal capital business from home? Let's start right from now on! ☺

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