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The Gembrong Market, One of A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta (Part 3)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hi friends. 😊

Finally, we arrive at the last part of this article series.

On the previous article series, I have written: Pasar Senen, A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta (#Part 2)

And for this third article series, I will review the Gembrong market. This a toy wholesale centre in corner Jakarta city. The located in the eastern part of Jakarta, namely along the roadside General Basuki Rahmat. This market is also often called the 'Prumpung' market.

The Gembrong market, One of A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta (#Part 3)
Gembrong Market

This Gembrong market is the most recent toy market (if compared to the Asemka and Senen market).

At the beginning (according to the stories of old people there), in the 60s the Gembrong market was a traditional vegetable market. Around the mid-70s, some stores began selling local traditional made in toys (a type of classic toy made of wood and zinc).

Then around the mid-'80s, there was happen a widening of the road which led to the eviction of vegetable traders. Including some traditional toy stores. Those on the roadside also evicted. After the road widening completed, some of the toy shops then built a shop on the new roadside and continued their toy business.

In the mid to late 90s, toys traders began to enter imported products from China.

The peak when in 1999 until the beginning of the 2000s there is an anticlimactic event, i.e. to more and more vegetable traders who switched professions to become toy traders. From time to time, this market has become more popular and continues to grow as a centre for favourite local toys (plastic and wood materials) until now.

Vegetable traders still exist in this market; it is just position has shifted far to the inside of the market. The strategic area (outside/roadside) has now changed to toy traders all.
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There is a striking difference between the Asemka / Senen market and the Gembrong market.

What is that?

If average traders in the Asemka and Senen market sells of large-sized toys and are expensive, then the Gembrong market quite the opposite. That meaning, on average most of the wholesale stores in the Gembrong market sell small-sized and inexpensive toys.

Or in other words, most of the wholesale toys sold are in the capital price range of Rp. 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 to a maximum capital of 50,000 Rupiah (about 4 US Dollar). (Note: Kurs 1 Dollar = 14.000 Rupiahs).

For you who have a business capital range of 10 million rupiahs (about 710 US Dollar), then it can already be used for initial capital to pioneer the toy business by shopping at this Gembrong market.

The capital range of 5 million to 10 million can already produce quite a large number of products for these small-scale toys.

Toy products like this usually sold by toy stalls and my friends-in-arms who often sell at the elementary school (Note: before opening a toy store business, I used to sell in the sidewalk booth - Author).

Also, traders who often sell out at the night market, many of them are shopping at this Gembrong market.

So for you who want to start a business, or start a small toy business (with minimal capital), then this is where the best wholesale shopping location.

It used to be around the beginning of the 2000s until mid-2007, me and family have often gone to this market. Yup! Me and my family. Namely: mother, myself and all of my younger siblings were former street vendors. We are used to 'hang out' aka selling in parking lot the PB Islamic elementary school foundation. Jenderal Soedirman Cijantung (East Jakarta). And the Gembrong market is where we used to shop for toy products. 😊

On the middle of 2007, my mother started pioneering to open a toy store. Then I also opened a toy store in 2010. And all (5 people) of my brother and sister also join. For opened business a toy store in the following years.

Toy products that we often buy in this market include:

- Wooden congklak toys. (One of Indonesia's traditional toys)
- Rubik.
- Wooden yoyo
- Uno card.
- Fireworks.
- Ball.
- Marbles.
- Toy picture.
- Toy stickers / sticky drawings.
- Paper posters with pictures or letters, and various other small toys.

Also, in this market, there are also selling various accessories for kindergarten and elementary school children's. Like hair clips, pins, wallets, rings, bracelets to necklaces made of plastic (there are also materials from stainless).

The Gembrong Market, One of A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta
Atmosphere of the Gembrong market when viewed from the pedestrian bridge.

Actually in the Gembrong market also sells large size toys and the price is high. Example: RC cars, RC helicopters, drones, car battery rides, and others. But most of the shops there do not sell these products wholesale, most of the traders there sell them in retail. Indeed, some of the big shops there sell these products wholesale. But if you want to shop for this type of product in large quantities, it is better to buy directly into Asemka. Because for this large product, Asemka's wholesale prices are cheaper than in the Gembrong market.
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In the Gembrong market, there is an RC toy (remote control) toy trader that he also has a specialist skill (expert) in repairing all types of toys. 

The name of the shop is 'Tagor Service'.

Tagor Service also provides various kinds of toy spare parts, especially remote control toy parts.

The majority of the top traders in the Gembrong market - if the want is repairing the toys, then they all use the Tagor Service.

Well, for you who have been confused in looking for a maintenance/repairing specialist to repair your favourite toy, this Tagor service is one of the alternatives.

To find out the place of this service Tagor, you can ask all the merchants there. Surely everyone trades in there knows about Tagor Service this.

The Gembrong Market opens at 8:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 p.m. 

To go to Gembrong market is very easy because the location is very strategic/easy to find. Market position close to Jatinegara station. So you can go to this market by train, public transportation or online transportation fleet like a motorcycle taxi.

If you want to shop here, it is better to choose by taking public transportation / online transportation. Because if you use a private vehicle, it's rather difficult to find a parking space.

Thus, finally, a series of articles about wholesale children's toys centre in Jakarta has been completed. 

I wish you good luck always to all of you. 😊

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