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Pasar Senen, A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta (Part 2)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hello friends. ☺

I had the opportunity to write a further topic (part 2)  - for the series of wholesale toy articles. In the first article series, I have reviewed one of the wholesale toys places in the West Jakarta area, namely: Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta #Part 1 (Asemka Market)
And now, I have a good time to write the second part series. 

In this part, I will review one of the other wholesale toys centers, that is; Pasar Senen. 

In the Dutch colonial era, this market was named 'Passer Snees.' And nowadays it is better known as 'Pasar Senen'. This market is the oldest market in Jakarta.

Pasar Senen, A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta (#Part 2)
The atmosphere of Pasar Senen; in the Dutch colonial era.

In the past, Dutch colonial gave the name 'Passer Snees' because of trading time in this market took place every Monday. (Note: Local language; 'Senen', British; Monday. Local language; 'Pasar, British; Market. It means literally the meaning of 'Pasar Senen' is' the market that opens every Monday - the author).

At that time this market was dominated by traders from the ethnic Chinese community. In its journey, the name of this market had changed to 'Vinck Passer' (referring to the architect of the developer Yustinus Vinck). Then changed its name again to Pasar Senen until now. This market is in the Central Jakarta area.

The toy wholesaler in the Pasar Senen is not as big as the Asemka market. In contrast to the Asemka morning market, where wholesaler of toys is distributed almost to all parts of the market, while toys wholesalers on the Pasar Senen are only available in one corner of the market.

Why is the toy wholesaler on the Pasar Senen only in one of the market corners? 

Here's the explanation;

This Pasar Senen has renovated on the instructions of the Indonesian president. This market consists of various traders. Ranging from textile traders, booksellers, used import clothing commercial centers, wholesale watches centers, and others. All of the traders I mentioned above, they occupy their respective locations/blocks in that market.

So the hour trader is in the location of block 1 (for example) so that the area is full of all hour traders. Book traders are in block two so that the location is full of people selling all books.

Well, so do toy wholesalers also occupy a separate block on that market, namely block IV, 1st floor and 2nd floor.

"How do I find the location by the respective block, Mr. izal?"

Well, this is a good question.

Because the Senen market is quite extensive because it consists of several blocks and four-story buildings, then it would be confusing for you who come to shop for toys there.

How to find it? It's simple; don't be shy about asking, because being embarrassed to ask will make us go astray on the road, uh! (A little joke). ☺

But what I said (the joke) above is true, if we want to find a location on the Pasar Senen, we have to ask people or traders there. Traders in there are quite cooperative, as long as we ask politely.

It could also be another way that is easier, which is delivered using the motorcycle taxi to the destination. But one thing is sure, if we arrive in there, don't be reluctant to ask.
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Maybe you ask me again; "What're the advantages buy a product from toy trader wholesalers in that Pasar Senen? If the toy products that in there are not as complete as those in the Asemka market, then what reasons should we go shopping there?"

Now here's another excellent question!

It is true, the toys wholesale in Pasar Senen are not as complete and as many in the Asemka morning market. BUT! On the Pasar Senen many types of toys that are not in the Asemka market. This is the reason! ☺ 

Pasar Senen, A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta (#Part 2)
Pasar Senen in the 70s.

So, shopping in the Pasar Senen is to complement the type of toys in your shop. For example; coloring book products for kindergarten children, in Pasar Senen is the wholesale center for that product, while in Asemka market is not available.

Other products that are not available in Asemka, but are available on the Pasar Senen are airsoft gun toys and various accessories (hobby toys).

The shop that sells various airsoft gun units and for hobby toys on the Pasar Senen include: 'Nest Toy' Hobby Shop. The location of this hobby toy store is on the ground floor of B3-12A, Pasar Senen.

For you who want to shop for locally made (Indonesian) toy products that are cheap, you can buy at 'AA-wholesale & retail stores'. 

Another toy shop that is quite complete with a unique type of toy is 'Kharisma Toys.' Located at Block IV, 1st floor C8 No 12 C, Pasar Senen.

Besides, if you traders eyeglasses and digital watches for children, then also available (complete) at this market.

Well, above is the lists of wholesale stores that sell unique products, and a different type with Asemka market.
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So, the conclusion:

Each wholesale centre has its characteristics on the products it sells. Depending on the market share and the target market they aim at.

Maybe someone asks again; "What do you mean Mr Izal?

Okay, here's the explanation.

So, there some various types of toy wholesalers.

There are wholesale stores that sell toy products that are large scale and expensive. Examples such as remote car toys, remote helicopters, drones, toy cars that can be climbed by children. This wholesale store includes; Hans Toys, Lucky Toys, Channel Toys, and Gaby Toys. (I have reviewed all these stores in the article before, part #1).

There is also a wholesale store that sells unique and particular types of toy products. Such as sports toy units shooting airsoft gun and various accessories, wholesale stores colouring books for kindergarten children, game wholesale stores, and wholesale shops for children's watches. All the products that I mentioned in the Pasar Senen this available more complete - than Asemka market.

Pasar Senen, A Children's Toys Wholesale Center In Jakarta (#Part 2)
Pasar Senen in todays.

On the other side, so do with retailers. Even the types more vary.

There are three types of retailers, namely:

#1. The kind of trader (retail store) that sells complete all types of toy products.

Toy shops like this are big toy retail stores (usually in the form of shophouses).

Usually sells a complete range of large and expensive toys such as battery powered cars, RC cars, RC helicopters, drones, to small toys and low prices such as balls and marbles.

#2. The type of toy store that sells local toy products.

Retail toy stores like this usually trade on market stalls which are 3 x 3 meters in size. In small kiosks like this, indeed it is more appropriate to sell locally toy made products (Indonesian) which are relatively cheap. Because small toy stalls like this have business capital still limited. They have not been able to provide expensive toy products such as RC cars, drones or RC helicopter toys.

Well, retail toy stores above usually shop (for their product stock) to the Pasar Senen.

In the Pasar Senen, wholesale stores that sell local products are 'AA-18 Wholesale & Retail Toy Stores'. Additional, in Asemka there is also a wholesale toy store that is especially selling locally made products, namely 'Sinar Mutiara Toys' (SMT). This SMT store includes a well-known local toy wholesale store. The average Indonesian toy business entrepreneur knows this shop.

#3. Types of toy traders on mobile carts and street vendors.

The last type is a toy trader who just started pioneering the toy business. Me (author), my mother, and my younger siblings are former this type.☺

Our family had struggled (from the basic) for about 17 years.

The pioneer it, was my mother. She started pioneering this toy business since the early 2000s. I have written the struggle of this great woman in an exclusive article, namely: My Mother, A Superwoman And The Very Persistent Merchant

At that time the toy products type we were selling were very cheap toys. Such as picture toys, balls, marbles, snake ladder toy, sticky drawings, yoyo toy, slender, and other small toys. We used to sell in elementary school street vendors.

Well ... where is the wholesale centre for these small toys?

Namely in the Gembrong market!

This Gembrong market located in Jalan Jenderal Basuki Rahmat, Cipinang Besar Jatinegara, East Jakarta. Well, this market is the last part of this article series. I will immediately write the article.

I am coming soon! ☺

UPDATE! The third part of the article is present. Please read Here
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