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What's The Fate Of People Who Balanced Between Evil Deeds And Good Deeds In The Hereafter?

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

For Muslims, of course, they already know, that a Muslim who is pious and more his good deeds will be into heaven.

And the wicked people of Islam will be put into hell (up to a specific time limit). If this evil person never does shirk (deny god), in the end, he will expel from hell (after being cleansed of all his sins).

Whereas in the unbelievers and hypocrites, there is a clear decision to them, that is will be immediately dragged and put into hell. Unbelievers and hypocrites will not undergo reckoning. They were directly told to pass the Sirat al mustaqim (the bridge between heaven and hell) court. When they had just started the walk, his body immediately slipped and plunged into the bottom of the fiery hell.


Among the two groups above, there are still other groups in the hereafter. Namely Muslims who when in the reckoning, it turns out balanced (equal weight) between the scales of good deeds and evil.

Well, maybe some of us have ever wondered:

"What is the fate of people like this? Are they put in heaven or hell?"

Ulama argues, for people who balanced between the value of good deeds and their evil deeds, then they will be placed in a location called Al-araf.

Note: Al-a'raf is a flat place, and located in a high location between heaven and hell. The residents of Al-araf can see the horrors of the torment of hell, and can also see the beauty of paradise.

The condition of that inhabitants, Allah Ta'ala has said (about Al-araf) in the following words (in Al-Quran):

And between them (the inhabitants of heaven and hell) there is a limit. Above the A'raf some people knew each of the two groups with their signs. And they called on the inhabitants of heaven: "Salaamun 'Alaikum." They did not enter into it (heaven), while they want to (enter it) immediately. And if their views diverted towards the inhabitants of hell, they say: "Our Lord, do not place us with those who do wrong." And those who were above A'raaf summoned some people (leaders of the infidels) whom they knew by their signs by saying: "The treasure that you have accumulated and what you have always boasted is of no benefit to you ." ( QS. Al A'raf 46-48)

These residents of Al-a'raf (also called Ashabul A'raf) will feel happy every time they look towards people who are in heaven. And they always hope that they can immediately enter it.

And each of his views is turned towards hell, they immediately beg for Allah's mercy and forgiveness. Hoping God has distanced them from the torment of hell. Their hearts were horrified when they saw the inhabitants of hell roar and scream in pain because it was so awesome the torment of hell.
Maybe the next question will arise in our minds:

"What is the fate of people who balanced between evil deeds and good deeds in the hereafter?"
"How long will the inhabitants of the Al-araf be there? And are they finally entered by God into heaven?"

Regarding the length of time, a'raf Ashabul is there not known with certainty because there is no text (proposition) that state how long will it take they been there. Both the theorems of the Qur'an and the hadith of the Prophet. So this includes the secret of God, and only He knows how long it will take.

But one a time they will finally certainly come out of that high place (Al-araf).

Well, the critical question:

"After they get out of there (Al-a'raf), then where is their next place?"

"Are they finally forgiven because of the intercession of the prophet Muhammad and for the mercy of Allah? So that only the good is left, and finally they are put into heaven?"

"Or are their sins not forgiven and finally put in hell?"

Ulama argued that finally the inhabitants of Al-a'raf were finally put into heaven because the blessings of Allah Ta'ala. As the word of God follows: "Come in to heaven! There is no concern for you and neither (nor) do you grieve." (Surah Al-A'raf: 49)

How does their condition in Al-araf finally end? Is after they got the syafa'at (Note: syafaat is some defense in court) from the Prophet Muhammad and blessings from Allah? The answer: Wallahu A'lam Bishawab. (Allah Almighty knows better).

But if judging from one of the narrated Ibn Mas'ud's that tells a story of the last person out of from hell, and most recently entered into heaven (thanks to Allah's grace), then the inhabitants of Al-araf are more likely come into heaven.

Because the last person to enter heaven is the most wicked of Islam and very many of his sins, while the good deeds is only very few. But that very little goodness finally put him into heaven.

While the inhabitants of Al-araf are people good and bad deeds, well, by chance when in the reckoning, the amount of crime is as hefty as its kindness, so when this sin of the inhabitants of Al-araf is finally forgiven by God, of course, he is more likely come to heaven.

Thus the article about the fate of people who balanced between good deeds and evil in the hereafter. May Allah Ta'ala always guide us. Hope we are kept away from the torments of hell and put into heaven with his mercy. Aammiin.
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