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Why Is Academic Achievement Not Guarantee Of Success?

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Maybe you have been 'surprised' ==> some of your friends drop out of campus, but in the future, he can be a successful person! 

There are those who succeed in becoming entrepreneurs, programmers.

And the other success in becoming musicians/actors/actresses, etc.

How did it happen?

There are also other friends who are successful with their unique skills. Example: becoming a well-known YouTuber, famous blogger, expert on creating applications, internet marketers, etc.

Another case example. 

Let's remember in school time when you are still in elementary, middle and high school when there is one of your friends who is always having trouble at school. He always subscribes to the teacher's punishment.

He often does not pay attention to the teacher who is explaining lessons in class. He always 'busy alone,' drawing various characters from his imagination.

Strangely, in the future, he became a successful person because of his drawing talent. His talent is extraordinary, and he continues to develop into a unique skill when he is an adult. His many comic works circulated in print and electronic media (online media).

Once there was a famous Japanese manga company was interested in his talent. And finally, offered him to work together. Students who 'had subscribed to being hit' at school, now to have successfully worked abroad. Great right? 😊

While you are a person who always diligently pay attention to the lesson carefully when in class. Yeah! You are a very diligent student for a dozen years. You are struggling with various curricula at school/campus so that you finally successfully graduate from college with a high GPA (Grade Point Average).


But the reality of life after being off campus was so bitter and not as beautiful as an achievement when you were in school. 

Even more poignant, it turns out you just become an ordinary person.

Unlike your friends above, whose career was so brilliant after being outside of school and campus.

While your career? Nothing special. You look just like the average person in general.

With all the odd facts above, it might make you often wonder in your heart: "What's wrong with me?" Why can such contradictions happen? " " Why can't achievements in school or academics guarantee my success? "

Now let us examine more deeply so that we can find the answer.

Before further a discussion, there are important things that we must understand here. Namely;

Education is essential!

Anyone, (especially in my country, Indonesia) must go to school to continue to college. So I emphasize that the matter of education is final. Mandatory for all people to study and obtain an education.

However, there are several wrong views about school, especially in my country.

That is:

# 1. Many goals of people going to school only want to get a high title (bachelor), so that later it is easy to get a job.

In reality, though success at school/campus is not necessarily success also in real life.

Most of us think the purpose of going to school is to get a prestigious title so that later they have a chance to get a good job (high salary).

But in reality, many scholars cannot get jobs that are in line with their academic majors. The number of new graduates continues to grow every year, while available jobs are very minimal.

With the facts above, what is the difference between you (which incidentally is classified and has a high GPA), with your friends who drop out/have an average GPA?

In other words, even though your academic achievements are as good as anything, your accomplishments cannot guarantee your success in the future.

I don't deny that a high GPA will facilitate you when applying for a job. Or the maximum can help you pass when participating in job review selection. It's a maximum role that can be given by the school/campus to you but cannot guarantee the success of your job.

What is the cause? 

Bitter facts in the field, how many people get jobs, but that work is nothing to do with the academic majors they have. So all knowledge from the campus suddenly 'gone' just like that. This is one of the factors why school and academic achievements cannot guarantee your success in the future.

A simple logic: how might you be able to succeed? While your work is not by your skill? Worse, many people experience this condition in Indonesia. And they have to accept this reality! Even though maybe in a half situation are forced to take it.

The reason classic: "Instead of not getting a job."

It is very different from the people who have been aware of their talents (passion) from an early age (school age). Then they continue to sharpen a skill. Until later to become successful.

People like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg can be a big success because they have been aware of their passion from the beginning. Even they are willing to drop out from campus, so they can focus more on developing their passion (potential/talent).

That is them, people who always look like have problems at school, are still in the trap of teachers, even drop out from the campus. They are as if 'ignored,' just because they want to focus on their passion (talent). Was ignored because of his passion for being 'out of the way' the curriculum and education system.

A question might arise: "Is it possible be made curriculum that prints someone into a unique figure according to they (talent/skill/passion)?

The answer: Almost 'can't.' (Except homeschooling, maybe it's a little different).

The problem is, a talents/passion is of course very diverse and different. It will be a very complicated task of a teacher if each student must be guided and explicitly educated. Therefore, the education system (in general) only teaches students based on a standard curriculum.

So your talents (potential/passion) ==> depend on yourself.

To what extent are you able to find your talents and passion?

And how far your creativity for honing your talents/passion?

All results depend on yourself (entirely). So it's not a school assignment, because the school can't possibly explore your potential (passion and talents) to such very detail.

# 2. The school system is only 'print' the students to be a 'good memorizer.' Not to be sharpening the ability to think and solve a problem.

This part is still related to point number # 1 above.

Instead of giving more attention to students who have specific talents, the school actually (as if) like eliminating them. Unconsciously, the school system becomes the killer of the creativity of their students.

The school system (in general) does not teach students to hone creativity, the ability to think and solve problems. The school system emphasizes the ability to memorize subjects for their students.

An example?

Of course, you all have ever been in school. I think you still remember the subjects taught by your teachers.

If you are a physics student, surely your teacher has ordered to memorize mathematical formulas, chemical formulas and, physical laws. And if you are a social student, plainly your teacher ever told you to learn economic theory.

Let's take one example for example on economic subjects.

When approaching the exam, surely one of the subject matter that your teacher is taught to memorize is about economic laws. Well, in general, a teacher only teaches the economic theory that is standard based on the curriculum.

Example: If there is a significant demand, while the stock is scarce, the price will automatically increase. That is one economic theory that has become standard teaching in the school curriculum.

But it is scarce an economics teacher teach his students to the details below:

"When goods are scarce and expensive in the market, how is the trick so that we can get goods/products more easily and capital prices are also relatively lower?"

Here's the secret: 

"One way is to 'entrust shopping for goods' (read it: import) to one of your business partners who is an importer. You can get lower prices because you don't need to pay excise taxes, give 'additional road costs' to that your friends".

"Yes! Because you get lower capital prices, of course, you will be superior when competing with competitors because you can resell the product at a low price. Other competitors tend to be less competitive because they get goods from markets whose capital is more expensive".

Teachings as above are very rarely taught by your teachers at school.

Except: if your teacher is not only an economics teacher, but he is also a genuine businessman. 😀

Because business knowledge as above, it can only be obtained when someone has 'jumped' directly into as a businessman/trader.

Therefore, school is fundamental as a means to add insight. But all the knowledge that you have obtained from the formal school must be 'upgraded' again with advanced knowledge that only exists in real life.

The bottom line: Be a dynamic and creative person, then success will be more comfortable to come over to you!


# 3. In the end, a bachelor's degree (academic) is not a determinant of your success (future), but rather is due to your level of creativity, tenacity, and hard work.

Real life on the field is very hard, friend! You must be ready to compete with thousands of other people who have the same diploma too (as you).

If you don't have a particular skill (unique) of the other scholars, then you will experience difficulties when competing with them.

The fact of life after school/college (read: adulthood) is also not always smooth.

As I have reviewed in the previous discussion above, ==> not all scholars are fortunate to be able to get jobs that are following their academic majors.

Of course, some people are lucky enough, because they get jobs that are per their basic knowledge. But they are very few, directly proportional to the increasingly difficult situations. Hopefully, you could be those lucky people.

But what if the luck is not for you?

Now that's why it's important to find and find your passion early on. Then hone your passion into a 'special skill,' (unique), and rarely owned by others. This is what then shapes yourself into a different person from other people. You are a special person and 'expensive'.

If you have a combination of academic achievement and 'special skills', then believe me:

Wherever the lifeline (fate) brings you 'stranded,' then you will surely be safe. Because you are always 'searched' and even 'contested' by people, because of the particular advantages you have. 😉

Good luck always for you.
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