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People Sin That Eventualy Enters Heaven And People Are Diligent In Worship That Ultimately Goes To Hell


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Maybe there are some lay Muslims who think that because the charity of worship is what will make him into heaven. And stamping people who are immoral experts will go to hell.

This view is not right, because actually, we enter heaven because of the Grace of God. For if we are considered to go to heaven, because of the practice of our worship, it really will not be enough to pay for the enjoyment of heaven, which is as wide as the universe.

After all, how long have we been able to worship in the world? If the average age of Muslims is between 60 - 70 years, (it is estimated) began to obey worship after are 40 years and above.

For example death finally comes at the age of 70 years, meaning that for 30 years we have begun to obey worship. Now, is enough charity for 30 years to pay for eternal heaven forever? The answer is clear: Impossible will pay off!

Therefore, the Apostle said, that a person can enter heaven is not because of his deeds but is due to the blessing of Grace from Allah Ta'ala.

We also cannot judge people who are immoral (read: bad people) experts who will surely go to hell. Because, of course, we do not know how the end of the sinful expert's life. It could be that at the end of his life he would repent sincerely to Allah. And because of that sincerity, it finally became the eraser of all his past sins.

And vice versa, if an expert of worship does not try to set his heart and feel proud of his deeds, then he can slip by temptation and very subtle demonic tricks (talbis iblis). So that he is trapped by the nature of ujub (feeling holy) because of his worship, feels nobler than others. And finally, the expert of religion died in a state of su'ul khatimah (bad death) and threatened go to hell because of his ujub.

The above incident might seem paradoxical because how come there is worship expert who enters heaven and sin/immoral expert who go to hell? It turns out that the key is in a sincere intention and heart.

A worship expert can go to hell if his worship is not sincere (Riya '/ ujub; feeling holy). Whereas a sinner and an immoral can be forgiven of all his sins (even though his crimes are as wide as heaven and earth) if he sincerely repents to Allah Ta'ala.
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The Prophet once told of a prostitute among the Israelites who was forgiven by Allah for all his sins (because was caused by sincerity to help a dog that almost died of thirst). 

One time in the middle of a sweltering day, the prostitute was sheltering under a date tree. Not far from the date palm tree is an old well. Suddenly her attention turned to a dog who is circling that well. Feeling curious, finally, she has approached that dog.

After approaching, then the prostitute knew what caused the dog to continue circling the well. The dog was very thirsty, it could be marked from his panting breath, and her tongue kept sticking out. The dog continued to spin, because that dog saw the source of water in the well, but did not know how to take it.

Seeing this, the prostitute immediately opened her shoes and quickly went down to the well.

It is not an easy thing for a woman to go down into the old well because she goes down while carrying her shoes (which will be used as a tool for scooping up water). And usually, wells located in dry areas and often experience long droughts is a deep well, because the well is often dug to get water sources.

However, because her intention was heartfelt, she wanted to help the dog who had almost died of thirst. Finally, the hard work was willing to do.

While leaning on the rope, she slowly descends into the well to take a bowl of water with her shoes. Several times she went down to bring water into the well until the dog was no longer thirsty. The dog then left, accompanied by a happy look and smile from the prostitute because she had succeeded in helping the dog.

Because of her sincerity in helping the dog, God finally forgives all the sins of the woman and puts her in heaven. Some scholars argue that the cause of the sins of the woman was forgiven because, from the time the dog was helped, Grace and Hidayah (guidance) fell from God to him. So that since then he repented Nasuha and became a good and virtuous woman.

Thus, indeed Allah is Almighty to turns the hearts of people. So we should never judge an immoral expert must go to hell because it could be that at the end of his life he becomes a person who repents.
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There is another story, which is about experts in worship among the Israelites who eventually go to hell. The reason is that he is impatient in advising and directly judging others (the wicked) will be to hell.

This story is told in a hadith which is narrated by Abu Dawud and Ahmad.

Before Islam arrived, there were two brothers and sisters from Israel. One of them is a worship expert, while his brother is an expert on immorality.

The worship expert is always every day to reprimand his brother, to abandon all immoral acts.

He said: Stop immediately!!

His brother just ignored the criticism. And the wicked deeds to continued.

The worship expert to get annoyed and again rebuked his brother: "Stop!!!"

But the criticism was still ignored by his brother. He just said: "Leave me with the decision of my Lord, are you sent to watch over me?"

Finally, the resentment of the worship expert peaked, and he then said: "By Allah! Surely Allah will not forgive you, and He will not put you into heaven!

The hadith from Abu Dawud and Ahmad's history then continues his story:

When the two brothers died, and in the hereafter, both were faced with Allah the Exalted, then Allah said to the worship expert:

"Why did you dare say that to your brother first? Did you know about Me? Have you felt you have the ability to decide what is in My Grasp?"

Then Allah Ta'ala said to the immoral: "Go and enter into heaven with My mercy. And to the worship expert, it says:" O angel, drag and leads him to hell!

Thus, the worship expert finally goes to hell because he feels right (ujub) and humbles/judges others.

Hopefully this story can be a lesson for all of us, and hopefully, God will always provide guidance and guidance to us, Aammin.

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