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The Loss Of Empathy For Pregnant Passengers On The Train (Part 1)


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

I intentionally used the photo above for this article. I got that photo from the Facebook homepage.

A few days ago I had uploaded that photo in one of my page facebook. In that post, I write a tickle caption:

"Can you find the oddity seen in this photo?".

Not long ago, it turned out that many comments emerged from Facebook users to those posts.

Their responses and comments vary after seeing that photo. Most of the comments were impressed defending some men who were sitting and seemed indifferent to that pregnant woman.

Someone commented: "maybe that pregnant woman is preparing to get off the train."

(Well, what do you think? Is it like preparing to get off the train? - author).

Some also said that the incident in the photo did not occur in Indonesia (my country).

Others say that people who seem to have no empathy (in the photo) are only a few people. There are still many other train users who have an understanding and are willing to yield priority seating for passengers.

Other comments reply: "it could be the case not as seen in the photo."

To end the polemic that occurred in the comment column, I finally answered:

"Is not about where the photo came from, or about where it happened, or about what happened in the picture."

"That's not the substance!"

That is not important!

But far more critical is the about nature of individualism which has undermined the conscience of modern society so that the sense of caring/empathy for others is increasingly gone. The term slang: "You're with your business ..." "I'm with my business."

This individualistic nature does not only happen to people in the city of Jakarta ... but also in many other countries, especially urban residents in developed countries. It's true; this cannot be generalized. We must judge fairly. Because, of course, there are still certain personal / individuals (even in developed countries) who still have concern and empathy for others.

But in general, usually urban communities (especially in big cities) have individualistic characteristics.

You may agree or not, but no one can deny that this individualistic nature has begun to 'infect' many modern (urban) communities in Indonesia ".

Indeed there are many possibilities that 'tell stories' in the photo above. And honestly, I did not know precisely what happened to the picture.

But if we see the image implicitly, then the contents of that photo show a pregnant woman is being left standing, and not given a place to sit by some young men (who are sitting) beside her.

Is not it?

Of course, there is a possibility.

Because, among all the options (possible events) that mentioned (by the commentators), then the condition of that pregnant woman is being ignored including one (possibility) of the options. That's right?

And in reality, the incident about the reluctance of some train users to give priority seats to passengers is indeed quite often occur.

I'm not talking nonsense because I had been an eyewitness and had seen the incident several times.

I have been the train user in Jakarta since 2010. Besides being a blogger, my primary profession is a children's toy businessman. And the supplier/importer center of toys is located in the Asemka area. Incidentally, this Asemka is located adjacent to the Jakarta city station. So every time in a week I use the train to get there.

Well, since 2010, I have often watched 'drama' fight over seats in the train.

For some reason, it seems so difficult for some passengers to share seats with others who are more in need. As if the train bench was a treasure that was very valuable and very hard to release.

I once saw a young man (around 30 years old) who was arguing with other passengers. The reason is that the young man felt angry when suddenly awakened by another passenger (who was standing).

At that time the position of the young man was indeed sleeping on a regular train seat (either pretending to sleep, I also did not know for sure).

Whether because he was upset or awakened, or because of another reason, he felt reluctant to give his seat to a middle-aged woman (around the age of 50) who was standing right in front of her. The middle-aged woman seemed to be exhausted standing between the crush of the crowded train passengers.

Incidentally, everyone who sat next to him was a woman. So, of course, the passengers would prefer and ask the man to stand up and give his seat to the middle-aged woman who was standing that.

There had been a momentary commotion between the passengers and the man. He still seemed reluctant to give his seat. The reason is that the position he occupies is not included in the priority seat for passengers.

Not long after the security arrived, and told the man to stand up, finally, the man to stand up and give a seat to the middle-aged woman. He grunted and looking cynically to the passengers around him.

That is one of the real events I have witnessed.

There are many other events that I have witnessed myself, since the span of 2010 until now. Of course with historical events that are different, but the causes are the same. That is how 'high' the value of a train bench, and about the feeling of empathy/conscience that began to disappear and die in some people of the city of Jakarta.

Am I just the only witness about how complicated incident was when fighting over a seat on the train? I am sure there are many other people (train users) who have also witnessed a similar case. The difference is: they never told about that to others.

Maybe because they don't know the right way to express it (in the form of criticism), or it could be because they are reluctant to polemic, and other reasons.

But there were also some people who dared to tell it. Here are a few:

In mid-October 2016, social media users in Indonesia were busy responding to a post on social media about low empathy. The Line account named Ahadi Pradana makes a post about the chronology of events on the Commuter Line train.

At that time there were two young women around the age of 20 who were sitting in priority seats. They seemed reluctant to stand up and did not want to offer priority seats to one of the old men who was standing right next to the young woman.

The incident began when Ahadi slowly rebuked the young woman. Ahadi explained to them that the old grandfather was more entitled to sit in the priority seat.

After hearing Ahadi's explanation, did the two young women then stand up and give their seats?

This is where it looks like 'the high value' of a priority seat. Instead of standing up, the young woman instead replied to Ahadi's request with cynical words.

"Sorry, bro, I'm a girl. So I'm a weak person and should be prioritized."

The woman's friend then said: "What the hell, bro? What right do you have to tell us to stand up? You are like a sissy man who likes to protest. Or maybe you are jealous of not getting a seat?"

Hearing the cynic sayings and stabbing the two young women, the old grandfather finally said: "Didn't matter if I had to stand up."

Other cases had also occurred in 2014. 

If the previous story was told by an eyewitness, the incident this time was determined by the perpetrator himself.

A Path account named Dinda made a post containing complaints about a pregnant woman who asked for her seat.

Here's the post:

"I very hate to pregnant women who suddenly ask for a seat. Yeah! I know you are pregnant, but please! You should go to work early! So you can get a place sitting down! I am willing to leave since morning so that I can get a seat. You are a typical does not want to be difficult, but it even troubles other people! If you don't want to be difficult on the train, go home! No need to go to work!! "


A shortly after, the screenshot from that posts was widespread on various social media and became viral. That Path account gets a netizens' comment attack. She was bullied all out because of his unsympathetic statement.

Because many people protest, Finally Dinda made an apology post on her Path account. But her apology still seems not sincere, because it is still 'peppered' with a defense.

Well,,,, Now what do you think? You already know how 'expensive' the value of a seat on the Commuter line train is not it? Hhhhhhh 😓

Especially in carriages for women. Their competition for seats is far more 'sadistic' and crazy!

Want to know the story is? It is coming soon to article part 2.

UPDATE!! I have written a part #2 article. Click Here
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