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What's Your Passion? How Can Do You Found It? (That Passion)

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

After I publish motivational articles titled: KNOW YOURSELF, TO FIND YOUR PASSION (For Success), suddenly quite a lot who ask about what is the definition of passion? And how do I find it?

Before I answer the definition of passion, I want to have a brief discussion with you: 

What roughly your answer to some of these questions:
  • What things do you most enjoy doing, and you feel good while doing it?
  • What things when you're working on, you feel more excited and feel ' alive '?
  • What does when you do succeed, do you feel so happy? 
You don't care whether it will bring profit to you or not. You do it because to feel happy there.

Other questions:
  • What things do you do voluntarily, although sometimes you have to sacrifice?
  • Things are sometimes not successfully achieve (failing/not yet successfully). But you never give up, and still, want to try it over and over again?
  • You feel special in your job. And you are sure that you have more ability on there (compared to others). 
If you can find the answers to all the questions above, then that's your passion!


Here are some of the best examples of passion.

#1. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs. (Owner of Microsoft and Apple).

When at the beginning of designing and developing computer programs, all job be done because of a boost to their passion. They feel happy when they're experimenting. And they don't think (what they used to do when it is) would bring a profit or not. No matter!

They feel good doing it. Just that's it.

And because everything they do with sincere, the success finally it came as naturally to theirs. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs is listed as the richest man and most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

#2. Thomas Alfa Edison (Scientist).

Thomas Edison ever 9,998 failure when experimenting to create the incandescent bulbs. On the experiments to 9,999 times, he finally succeeded.

Imagine, she's willing to sacrifice time, cost and the significant effort to experimenting until thousands of times like that! What is the most logical explanation to explain things "beyond reason" that? Why so Thomas Edison was able to do all that?

Only one answer: Passion!

#3. My own (author).

Have you ever thought that I write on this blog, solely for expect money from Google Adsense?

Hmmmmh,,,.,,, Let me say honestly: no solely because it (the money), but because I like and enjoy for doing it.

For the moment, I became a blogger is still just for fun only (hobby). Because I feel my passion found here. And I seem to not unable be apart from him (feel restless if not open a blog, even if just in a day).

And somehow, each finished writing the latest articles, and there arises a kind of my happiness. I feel happy because it can share all the experience and knowledge that I have.

Moreover, if the articles that I have written were then widely read people, and subsequently in share to many times. I'm very so glad. 'yeah! 

The most minimal earning from Google Adsense per month in Indonesia (100 US dollars), almost equivalent to the net income of one of my toy shop (per day).

If compared in terms of the sacrifice of time and energy, income from the blogger is not worth (when compared to other types of businesses).

Example: in selling online I can get a profit of at least at least 3 millions rupiah's (around 215 USD) per month (note: I sell products on its own). While in writing an article, I took up to a day to complete. Sometimes it can take up to the 2-3 workday if the content of the article is very long and complete (3,000-4,000 words).

Well, as for the online store, I only take time 1-2 hours of work. And,.,, with a much larger income than earning my current blog!

For example: If I successfully sell a specific type of g*n airsoft unit (a much sought after), I can get a margin of up to 100%.

Well, surely you will think it is more profitable to sell online right? :-D

But why I still feel enjoy when becoming a blogger?


Because basically, I was already fond of writing (since high school). And I feel delighted with this my passion.
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So if you think money matters, then income I earn from the business of the toy shop is already much more than enough.

This blogging I'm doing it just for hobby only. At least for now. Maybe if later the income from this blog can reach thousands of dollars, then perhaps this hobby I will take the primary profession. ☺

From the explanation above at length, I'm sure you are getting has been the complete answer about passion definition.

The definition of the passion of each person can be so different.

Some people define passion as follows:
  • Something that can bring in happiness when our doing so.
  • Something that makes us feel particular/expert.
  • Something that makes us always wanted to do it. (passionate).
  • Something that always brings a high enthusiasm from within us.
  • Something that makes us never feel bored to continue to give it a try (though many times experienced a failure).
All the above definition it is true. Although the translation is a little different, the meaning remains the same.

So the definition of passion has been successfully answered completely.

But there is still one more question not yet answered, namely:

How do you find our passion?

To be able to find your passion, then there are a few things you should attention.

To wit:

~ When you find it much easier to be larn a specific skill compared to others


Example: of course you are familiar with the name the legend of Bruce Lee.

While still a teenager he ever learned kungfu on sifu Yip Man and Siu Hon Sung.

When practicing 30 kick Siu Hon Sung, Bruce Lee was able to master all that kick in only three days only. Whereas other people usually take up to 3 weeks to be able to learn all the punch. 

Since that's when Bruce Lee felt to find passion, and he kept practice. Until later he successfully transformed into a Superstar and the star of the famous Kung fu movies. 

Bruce Lee is one of the best figures for passion (talent) of Kungfu.

So when you try a particular skill (which you like), and it turns out you are more easily master it compared to others, that a sign you're talented. 

Well, try you think: What's your passion? Of course, you better know the answer. :-)

~ Try to follow the new trend because it could be your passion 'hidden' in there~

There is little regret in my mind: why I am to late be a blogger? 

I have just known to blog 1.5 years ago. Though blogging has gotten popular since ten years ago. If only I start to get to know and make the blog at that time, maybe my blog has been great right now. hehehe :-D 

But yeah, never mind. I am trying to borrow a slogan: "better late than never." :-D

So I mean, let just me to late and be 'warning' for you. Remember: "Don't be a 'late man' like me". :-)


Try to discover your passion for one of these options:
  • Be A Youtuber.
  • Become A Blogger.
  • Open An Online Store.
  • Create an Application (Admob).
  • Etc.
Try all the fields that are currently popular (like above), and find the choice most suitable with your passion.

How do you know your choice? Which the most appropriate with your passion? Yes! Of course with how to give it a try! If you need to try everything, like a blog, youtube, AdMob, etc. Later on, after you went through it, for sure, you will find the choice was the most suitable with your passion.

You might be asking: "How do I create blogs, youtube or AdMob Mr. izal?"

Now it's been a lot of available tutorials on the internet. You can search on google search and learn all step. Be patient when learning it; do not get easily bored. Because when beginning to learn, surely you will find many obstacles. And this is reasonable. There are no instant results. All surely need a process.

~ When you have managed to find your passion, then enjoy the process. Make the passion it as part of your life ~

Passion (hobbies, interests) is not always synonymous with success/wealthy, but that is one bridge that can carry one becomes rich. With a passion, that makes people always passionate live efforts. Due to the desire that makes someone want to keep trying and do not despair. And that passion into fuel as well as its driving force, so that it can eventually draw a person heading to the peak of his success. 

What about people who have a passion but not successful? (read: not rich).

Yeah, it's okay. As long as he feels good and glad about his passion. No problemo! He-he-he ☺☺☺

Although he was not successful in his career (rich), but he's happy with the passion. That's what counts. Don't forget one thing, that sustenance of every person is different. There are people who eventually become rich because of their passion, and there is some whose lives remain mediocre.

But in general, people who meant it when trying, for sure the Lord give way to ease for him to succeed. Therefore, keep struggling with persistent until you successfully! Spirit! 💪

See you in the next article.

Best regards.
Bang izal
Bang izal Saya Seorang Praktisi Bisnis Mainan. Sangat hobi menulis dan suka berdiskusi. Saya ingin sekali saling berbagi ilmu, dan pengalaman, dengan teman-teman semua melalui blog ini.

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