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Five Secret Keys to Success

Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

Hello, how are you, friends?

At this time I still want to discuss the topic with the theme of motivation.

Previously I had written an article The 5 Most Common Factors That Be Inhibiting Your Success., namely articles that contain criticism about the causes of someone having difficulty achieving success. So in this article, I will write some solution points. And as well as a complement to the previous section, namely; Five Secret Keys To Success.

Five Secret Keys to Success

The key to success is there are many, but I want to choose five vital points, as the main factor that plays an active role in one's success.

Among them are:

#1. Have emotional intelligence (EQ) since in youth.

As I have explained in detail in the previous article; self-management in adolescence is a determinant factor and the key to success. If someone has failed at this point (youth), usually points in other factors will also fail.

How come?

Yes! Because everything is interrelated, and in youth, is the primary key! It means..., In my opinion ----> a person's quality can be assessed/made a benchmark of; the extent to which he can control and control his youth which is full of temptations and turmoil.
When the majority of other young people were overwhelmed and lulled to waste time ----------> He knew when it was time to start thinking "I can't go on like this". 

When many other young people fall into bad things, even fall into using illicit substances ----> He knows when it's time to stop! He knows when the deadline is!
If someone from his youth can control himself, then he has a priority scale. They know when the learning and playing era (ages 13-17 years), and know when it's time to start thinking about the future (age 20 years and over). These are typical characteristics of young people who will be successful in the future.

If someone in his youth has been able to train himself to set aside, and save his money for long-term preparation in the future. This characteristic of young people who will achieve success!

When the young person has been able to filter out the evil influences of people around his environment, then, he knows the type of person who deserves to be a best friend. And also be can identifies the kind of person that is enough just as an ordinary acquaintance.

Well, young people with characteristics like this have the opportunity to succeed in the future.

But do not forget one thing,,,,, (that is usually) the type of young people like this number is very little (rare). It takes strong determination and maximum self-control so that these factors can be fulfilled in the personality of a young generation.

So for you all (who are in the category of young people). If you want to succeed, then you should be willing to fight bitterly with your self from the start, namely from youth!

Form your character as early as possible!

And it must be remembered, forming a character (emotional intelligence, EQ) in youth is not easy! Believe me!

It takes hard struggle and strong will from within ourselves because the most difficult thing for humans is controlling themselves!

Well, get started to fight (with your self) young man! ☺

#2. Always to try/not afraid to fail/dare to take risks.

For try something new, there must be a risk — example; when working something new in building a business.

The most significant risk is a failure.

That is a necessity, a common thing. But, did you know? Behind every failure, there is a lot of wisdom in it. You can learn a lot from failure, and it can be an introspection to be better in the future.

If we want never fail (this impossible), or fear experience failure, then where can we learn? What are we going to fix? If you never know where your shortcomings are? Then what would be corrected?

Logical right? ☺

Even babies who have not been able to think, he must have to fall repeatedly to stand up. But, because he keeps trying, finally he can walk and even run. The point is; all changes certainly need a process.

You all of course already know Thomas Alfa Edison. The great scientist has a story about extraordinary perseverance.

When experimenting to finding incandescent lights, Thomas failed and repeated the experiment even up to 9,998 times. Well, when the test to 9,999 times, he succeeded in creating an incandescent lamp that lit brightly.

Well,,,, The question is ... are we able to be as patient and unyielding as Thomas Alfa Edison in facing failure? It doesn't need must be like he is, if we can be one-tenth like him, that's already great! ☺

#3. Accustomed to saving.

People who used to saving usually he had management and proper planning. Because people who like to keep their money, they must have a reason for what they collect.

For example, someone who has the ambition to open a toy store, but his intention hampered because he did not have business capital. Open a toy store business requires significant money — namely, capital to rent a shop, product, and displays.

In my country (Indonesia) will not be enough money worth 25 or 30 million rupiahs to pioneer toy shop business. The minimum business capital for pioneering a toy store is 70,000,000 rupiahs (about 5.000 US Dollar).

Well, what about people who are constrained by capital problems? Do they also have the opportunity to set up a toy shop business?

How a way?


That is learning to save money.

To overcome the problem of lack of capital, learn early to get used to setting aside pocket money (for school children or those still in college).

Or for those who already have a small business (such as a street vendor) should be set aside every day the remaining money, from the net income of their business. Consistently stored is every day even if it's only 10,000 rupiahs (about 0,7 US Dollar)!

As the Indonesian saying goes: "Little by little, over time, it will become a hill". Likewise, if we are accustomed to saving every day, then over time (in a few years) the number will become a lot. And it can be in our future business capital!

Friend, I dare say this because I have practised it myself.

Before I opened a toy store, my job was as a tire repair shop mechanic in Padang city, with a daily salary of only 50,000 rupiahs (about 4 US Dollar) per day. Every day, the remainder of the daily wage, is consistent I saving, even though have 5,000 rupiahs left!

About three years later, my savings account worth 15,000,000 rupiahs (about 1100 US Dollar).

Coupled with the help of loans from mothers and younger brothers, finally, I was able to open a toy store in early 2010. And my business has continued to increase until now.

And I have repaid all of the loan money two years later. ☺

The stories have been I written entirely here: You Want to Succeed? Try To Go Wander!

#4. Have the spirit of work ethic (hard worker).

Work ethic and hard work are necessary at the start of starting a business (startup). Someone who has just begun pioneering and building a business, (some even) have to be willing to work up to 20 hours per day.

Why do you need extra effort at the start of business pioneering?

Because at the beginning of the pioneering (the initial 2-3 years of business) are the most vulnerable times, the business foundation is not yet stable. There are many obstacles and 'shocks' from both internal and external.

Internal obstacles; be lazy, bored and inconsistent (out of focus). External barriers can be in the form of ridicule from friends or relatives who see our business still not seen a result. Or 'manoeuvring' from business rivals (slamming prices, price war, etc.).


To keep encouraging the spirit from within us, as well as to ward off all temptations and obstacles from the outside, we must always cultivate and maintain the sense of the ethos of hard work.

Because once we let our spirit is loose, coupled with various 'manoeuvres' and outsider interference that relentlessly continues to hit the new business that has not been sturdy - it might immediately we business to be collapse and break in the middle of the road.

Lots of happened like this, impatient to go through the process and not be consistent, finally just able to open a shop for a year or two. And they are ending with being closed aka never being resumed. I often see this fact directly in reality.

#5. 'Merantau', British; 'Wandering'. (Note: Sorry, I'm a bit difficult to find the exact word or it means equivalent. 😁

You want to be more mature? And you want mentally tested + have a lot of experience in your life? Well, let's go 'wander!'

By wandering, we are trained to survive in life.

Friends, you ever see a situation where when someone in a pinched condition? So that creativity suddenly appears?

Or have you ever seen an incident in someone, when being chased by a fierce dog suddenly his running speed could almost match the speed of running of a national sprint athlete? Hehe 😁

That is the power of 'consequence' after being pressed.

Well, the situation is more or less the same as when you are wandering around to change your destiny.

By wandering/migrating, we inevitably 'forced' to think, 'forced' to want to try, 'forced' to be able to solve problems. That's where the process we become is trained, more experienced and becomes more mature.

Well, especially for those who have just undergone it, it feels very complicated.

Why can I say that?

The problem is based on personal experience when the first time I migrated/wandering. Hehe, ☺ Let me add one more article link, just for sharing experience, here it is: Wandering To The City Of Padang (My Story)

So you want to succeed? Well, let's feel and start to fight with your life!

Hopefully, it can be useful. See you again in the next article.

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