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Stealing In A Den Of Thieves (Short Story)


Note: Tulisan ini adalah terjemahan Basa Enggres bebas dari artikel ini

There is a remote kingdom that had barely been touched by civilization.

Most of the people are still barbarian, and tribal wars often occur between them.

They were fond of robbing the travelers (who happened to be passing by in that remote kingdom).

They hard, rude, and cruel qualities. Only a handful was not rough, namely, people who worked as farmers. These farmers are often disturbed and oppressed by most of the kingdom official.

One night, atmosphere in the kingdom was suddenly noisy. 

The sound of batons is hit sounds loud. All the people of the kingdom suddenly woke up and got out of their house.

Shortly after that, a young man dragged by several kingdom security guards.

"Hey, Thief! You're a thief! Just put on the hanging right away!! Get hanging him to death!!!" Shouted the people towards the young man.

Along the way, various reproaches and insults continued to be directed towards the young man (who was accused of stealing). 

The young man seemed calm to face all the people.

This young man was the son of one of the farmers in the kingdom. The young man's parents were often bullied and blackmailed by Marduk, one of the most feared and wealthy figures, but was tyrannical in the kingdom.

This marduk is the prime minister of the kingdom. He was often assigned to attract tribute from poor and weak farmers in that kingdom. The young man family included those who were often persecuted by Marduk and King.

The persecution carried out by Marduk and the King has been going on for a long time, that is since the young man was still a child. And he is now growing up. So that the young man his grudge has reached its peak.

Until one day, the property of the young man's parents had run out, because continued be forced to pay tribute. Whereas at that time his mother was seriously ill so that he needed medical expenses that were not small.

The young man was thinking hard about how to be able to get large amounts of money, to treat his mother.

Suddenly a crazy idea arose in the young man's head.

That is==>robbing and stealing Marduk's or King property treasure. That plan is at once for 'pay' all their crimes all this time to that young man family.

After several considerations and plans, finally, the young man preferred to steal the treasured property of Marduk. The reason is, the King's palace is very difficult to penetrate because the guard is tremendous. In contrast to Marduk, who people guarded his was not like in the King's palace. So more was possible for the young man to sneak into it.

So on a night that has been carefully planned, finally the young man starts the action.

He sneaks and enters by climbing the roof behind the Marduk house. Then the young man slowly opened the shelter, then descended to the part near the kitchen and bathhouse. This location is undoubtedly tranquil when in the middle of the night, making it easier for the young man to slip into the storage area of the Marduk treasure.

Finally, the young man made it to the location of the treasure storage warehouse. He had a moment of silence and thought about what assets should be stolen.

Suddenly his eyes were crushed on one of the antique objects, namely a glass made of gold. The hunch of the young man said that this golden glass must have been the spoil property, which was forcibly taken from the passing caravan. They were victims of robbers in the village (the Marduk gang). Finally, he stole that glass. He chose it not without reason, but there were specific plans and tactics, and smart alibis that he had prepared carefully.

When he managed to get out through the back of the Marduk house, and was walking settling for a few tens of meters, suddenly there was a security guard who saw it.

The guard was suspicious because he saw the young man walking while carrying a package. The guard immediately ambushed him while shouting call for his other colleagues.

Realizing that he had been found out, the young man let all the security guards come and arrest him.
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At a royal hall, the young man began to be tried.

A judge then asked: "Where is the proof?"

A kingdom official then advanced and brought a package. "Here, sir!"

Meanwhile, it appears from outside the royal hall hundreds of people continued to shout:

"Law of hanging! Brush! Finish!!"

Suddenly all the screaming sounded silent when the judge began to open the package.

"Hmm, what is this?" Asked the judge to the young man.

The young man answered softly in half whispering: "That's a golden glass, sir!"

Then the judge opened the package and lifted the object inside. An object made of gold appeared and resembled a sizeable antique glass.

The gold glass is indeed not an arbitrary item. And all the people knew that the object was not from that kingdom. From the patterns and carvings of the golden glass, it was characterized as a royal inheritance opposite the town.

The kingdom across from that one had existed and had triumphed hundreds of years ago. But then it collapsed because of various civil war. Now only the ruins and royal descendants are left. They are often victims of robbers if they happen to be passing by in the village of the young man.

Residents gathered at the royal hall were so amazed by that evidence. Their eyes kept glaring at that is objects made of gold. 

"Where did you get this thing?" Asked the judge next.

"That's a secret matter!" Replied the young man spontaneously.

"Why is that?" Asked the judge again.

"Because there are still many more gold-made objects in there," said the young man.

"Then why don't you just say it? If you don't want to tell, you will be sentenced to a hanging right away!" Snapped the judge.

"Go ahead!" Replied the young man calmly.

For a moment the judge began to feel wavering. "Okay ... how so that we can also find out where the gold is?" Asked the diplomatic judge.

The young man pretended to think hard. Shortly after that, he said:

"Free me for three days, so that I can take care my mother who is seriously ill." Later after my mother recovered, I will tell you where all the gold is. As a guarantee, hold and hold this golden glass.

Hearing the young man's words, all the people present simultaneously shouted: "Huuuu!"

To avoid the noise and calm the people, the judge decided that on that day the young man must stay in jail.

At night the young man was stunned because it turned out that the judge suddenly had been in front of him. He was rather shocked. "Judge ??" he exclaimed spontaneously.

"I will release you tomorrow from all lawsuits. With the provision of you willing to notify where the location of the gold is, "said the judge half whispered.

"Hmmmh," suddenly another voice heard. The prison security chief suddenly appears behind the judge. "It won't be easy! Because I will be a witness that can be burdensome for you two! "Said the prison security chief threateningly.

The judge began to think.

"Hmmm ..., Alright! What if all three of us work together? "Said the judge was half whispering into the head of the security.

"Agree!" Replied the security chief.

Suddenly, a person rushed into the prison location. It turned out that he was a royal apparatus which had come to deliver a letter.
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The contents of the letter stated that the King wanted to meet immediately with the young man that same night. One-on-one conversation!

Arriving at the King's palace, the young man was welcomed and treated extraordinarily. A big smile broke out on the lips of the King. His face looked very happy.

"Do not worry! I guarantee will give you freedom!" Said the King to the young man.

Besides the King, looked was sitting the Marduk. The King believed in the words of the young man because Marduk stated that he also had an object like a golden glass. He got by the spoils treasure belonging to the descendants of the kingdom across.

The meeting at the King's palace continued with dinner.

After finishing eating, then (while winking) the King and Marduk whisper to the young man:

"So, where is the item ... ??"

Just now King and Marduk finished his whisper, suddenly tens of thousands of people came to the king's palace. They were people who rebuked, cheered and demanded that the young man is punished (at a court in the royal hall some time ago). Now everything came back, but this time to demand that the young man be released immediately.

Some of them carried machetes, pieces of iron, logs, and stones.

They all shouted:

"Free it immediately the young man !!

Free the young man immediately !!

He is innocent !!!"

Others cheered:

"Show us where the gold is located !!!"

When seeing the behavior of the King, officials and all the people in his country, the young man just smiled wryly. "You all are greedy and truly despicable people!" (He said in his heart).

As per the request of the young man, that he would only show the location of the gold is if permitted to take treat his mother for three days. The King, Marduk, apparatus, and all people in the kingdom also met the young man's request.

Arriving at home, the young man immediately take care his mother.

On the first day, some guards were watching his house. On the second day, the young man was still treating his mother, and only three people were left watching the house. On the third day finally, no one was watching his home, because the King, Marduk, and all the people were sure that the young man was treating his mother.

When the third night arrived, the young man began to act to realize all the plans that had been planned long ago. 

When it came at midnight, he and his parents moved slowly away from his house — tracing the path to the different country, namely kingdom in the opposite country.

Finally, in the afternoon (the next day), the young man, his mother, and father safely arrived (in the land opposite).

With a smile, he said to his father and mother: "Mom, Dad, I have succeeded in 'stealing' this kingdom inheritance gem ring from the treasury warehouse of Marduk. I will also use this ring as a guarantee to ask for political asylum in this kingdom. So we don't need again back to our lousy home country." 

The young man's father and mother then smiled and laughed wide. They said: 

"So that golden glass you stole, you show it intentionally as a strategy to outwit the people in our country? Don't tell me that you also deliberately designed yourself to be caught?" 😏

Yes, right father, mother ...,,,, 😁 

I provoked them by showing the golden glass. And for their attention to be distracted, so that they did not examine the small bag in my pants that contained this gem ring.

And I designed so that they did not inspect Marduk's treasury warehouse, because their way of thinking has been distracted by the recognition of my golden source.

Finally, the young man and his parents were accepted as guests of honor in the sovereign country opposite it. And they ended up living quietly and peacefully there. 

They were leaving the King, Marbuk, judge, royal apparatus, and all people in that remote kingdom. 

He was leaving them with cursing endlessly. They all felt cheated (cleverly tricked) by that intelligent young man. 😁 

The end.
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